Notes In Observance – WWE 205 Live 1/24/17: Hostilities Renewed

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 1/24/17)

Hostilities Renewed 

– The opening video replayed the last interaction between WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann and Neville from Raw. The Champ challenged Neville to come down and the heel tried to get away, but was briefly caught when Swann landed a suicide dive. Neville did squirm away, as this was all buildup to their Royal Rumble encounter.

– Neville’s backstage promo hyped his main event match with Cedric Alexander, as he also spoke about Swann’s “lack of common sense.” New Neville’s superb. Even better – we didn’t get any anti-America schtick.

– The TJ Perkins-Tony Nese match was a good clash on paper and it worked out that way in real life. Props to Commentator Austin Aries, who was on a roll with his one-liners and mocked Commentator Mauro Ranallo’s “Holy Toledo” line from SmackDown Live earlier. With Nese on some upward momentum and gimmick catching on, this was in combination with Perkin’s need of direction. Maybe they’d cancel each other out. A fast pace was dictated early as Perkins executed a huracanrana into a bridge. Perkins spun around into the octopus submission popularized by WWE Hall Of Famer Antonio Inoki. In a cool spot, Nese countered a tornado DDT into a brainbuster. Nese set Perkins on the top, kicked him hard in the ribs and landed a gutbuster for a near-fall. Perkins hit the Detonation Kick that sent Nese out of the ring. Perkins attempted a suicide dive, but was met with a lariat. Before Nese could do any more, he was caught and pinned with a rolling crucifix. The post-match angle was good since it focused on Nese’s cheap attacks, with replay emphasis on the running corner knee after a German suplex. Clearly, Nese’s getting more settled with his character. Maybe this will actually spark a feud with the two?

– Another Akira Tozawa hype video aired as this time, Sami Zayn (who rocked a shiner in his left eye) put him over as an “animal.” This was all good since Tozawa was debuting next week. Can’t wait.

– The Brian Kendrick-Tripp Bradshaw match seemed to happen to keep Kendrick hot for whatever feud he transitions into. He had things set with Tajiri before he was injured. This was basically him beating up and taunting a local talent. Perhaps this “Dream Snuffer” talk’s a new gimmick? It works. He promised to get revenge on Tajiri upon his return. As for Bradshaw, he had a moment where he laid fists on Kendrick, but that was about it. The Captain’s Hook was all she wrote for Bradshaw and he even held it in for five more seconds after the bell. So cold and harsh.

– The Alexander/Swann backstage segment showed their friendship along with commonality of the same enemy. Swann offered advice to just believe in himself and that “The King Wasn’t Unbeatable.” It was what it was.

– The Alexander-Neville match combined Neville’s heel momentum tear with Alexander’s new solo act minus Alicia Fox. Though Alexander recently butted heads with Noam Dar, Neville probably wouldn’t lose this, so it made sense for Dar/Fox to get involved somehow to give Alexander the out. As far as both men’s styles, this catered directly to them. Alexander landed a stiff kick while running on the apron. Neville retaliated as he tossed Alexander into the barricade on both sides of the ring. Neville dominated with a rest hold, before Alexander got back into it with a handspring back elbow, sharp elbow strike and a tope con hilo. A springboard clothesline bought him a two. Another close call on a flawless standing spanish fly by Alexander. Intense exchange down the stretch. In a “wow” moment, Alexander attempted a sunset flip powerbomb, only for Neville to flip back over and land on his feet. With Neville down, Alexander sought a golden opportunity, but that was thwarted when Dar tried to intervene. Alexander took him out on the outside and came back to the apron. He slipped on the ropes as he attempted another springboard clothesline and that was enough for Neville to lock in a scissored armbar to get the win. Great match there. The post-match angle revolved around big brawls for Alexander-Dar and Swann-Neville apiece. With Royal Rumble close, this was the “personal edge” we needed.






Quick Results

  • TJ Perkins def. Tony Nese via pinfall 
  • Brian Kendrick def. Tripp Bradshaw via  submission 
  • Neville def. Cedric Alexander via submission 

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