Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 1/19/17: Race For The Case

Photo courtesy of Inside Pulse.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/19/17)

Race For The Case 

– The opening video chronicled Lashley’s World Title contention resurgence as he defeated (barely) Ethan Carter III in a Last Man Standing match to earn a future shot. Some focus was also paid to it being another heartbreaking loss for the “Ass-Kicking Machine.”

– The Race For The Case match between Mahabali Shera, Jessie Godderz, TNA World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys, Trevor Lee, Crazzy Steve, Tyrus, Eli Drake, Kingston, Bram and The Miracle was basically “Feast Or Fired 2017,” minus the silly fired part. This time, the competitors would reach for colored cases that also contained numbers from 1-4 inside. Nothing specific as far as Title shots, but they had the right idea. Commentator Josh Mathews’ explanation got on the right track, but got more confusing as he went on about numbers and colors. He actually said at one point, “Stay with us, we’ll get you through it.” Never a good thing to have your play-by-play guy say on your TV show. Logical loophole aside, we liked the idea that managers/acquaintances weren’t allowed at ringside like James Storm or Maria. They also hyped the return of Open Fight Night (2012 must be proud) in two weeks. This was a silly spotfest designed to build drama for whoever would get the case and then leave once they did. Drake captured red and Lee captured blue, before he tossed it on the ramp and cross dived onto four men off the top rope. Next week was also apparently Genesis. Throwing a lot at us here, guys. Matt had a “Pree-Muh-Nee-Shun” about the green briefcase, which was a dead giveaway that it’d end up with them, so the drama provided to tease different was okay, but at least it was Jeff that ended up with it. Bram/Kingston performed a spike piledriver on Steve, before Bram captured the gold case when he caught it out of Godderz’s loose grip in the ring caused by a low blow from Kingston.

– Drew Galloway’s backstage promo stuck to his recent heel switch, as he spoke about how much the TNA Impact Grand Championship meant to him and put over how it was “designed for him” and negated current Champion Moose’s accomplishments.

– Lashley’s backstage promo hyped a “proposition” for TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards. Maybe this is about that coming Title shot?

– The Lashley/Edwards in-ring segment was another whimsical war of wits. Edwards was in street clothes and stood more confident this time around, which met Lashley’s natural intensity perfectly. The story was that Lashley fought his way back and wanted Edwards without anybody “helping him out,” so he proposed a 30-Minute Iron Man match. Edwards accepted and dropped a “bitch” insult, which only means that Lashley will attack you afterwards. Davey Richards came down with a chair for the equalizer as we got a little heel tease that maybe he’d strike Edwards with it, but not to be. Another excellent set-up segment for a big main event we’ll assume is for Genesis.

– The Maria/Brooke backstage segment was a fine reintroduction for Brooke as she interacted with the devious Maria. We also got a glimpse into what Maria’s intentions would be with one Braxton Sutter later on. Maria spoke down to her and Brooke had none of it. Now, that’s how a three-time Knockouts Champion should retaliate.

– The Deonna Purrazzo-Brooke match with Madison Rayne on commentary was all about Brooke’s Impact Zone return as the crowd warmed up to her easily. We assumed this would be a buffer bout to keep the return momentum going. Good choice for Purrazzo as the opponent too, since she tends to make everybody look good in the ring. Surprised she hasn’t been pushed more. They tried to establish a story that dated back three years when Brooke gave Purrazzo one of her first career matches. For whatever reason, it was also noted that Don West was back and selling things. Good for West. Nothing fancy, but the atomic face buster landed Brooke the victory. Post-match, Sienna came down and feigned an early offensive flurry from Brooke only to take her out with the Silencer. Obviously, that was Maria’s doing.

– The Maria/Sutter backstage segment was classic Maria. She used her power to convince Sutter to no longer train Allie, as she apparently had something over him/her. Sutter insulted Maria’s personality to her face. That didn’t go over well with her and she brought Laurel Van Ness’ name into the mix. Interested to see where it leads.

– The Fact Of Life segment with Drake, Tyrus, Jeff, DCC and Lee was a different take on things as we got the case reveals. Tyrus actually led most of the segment on the mic as a comedic host of sorts. Drake played up his emotions by face and the “Dummy, Yeah!” button. Drake revealed his own case to be number four, something you didn’t want. Tyrus repeatedly assured him throughout that “it was fine.” Some comedy went to DCC as they couldn’t decide who’d talk and which way to pass the case to have it opened. Their case was revealed to be two. That left Lee, as Tyrus suggested a case trade, but that didn’t work. Lee actually spoke well here and could work as a funny southern redneck character down the road. He turned out to be number three, which meant Jeff was obviously one. What on Earth does that set up? Your guess is as good as ours.

– The Sutter/Allie backstage segment followed things up as Sutter had to drop the news that he and Allie needed to take time away from each other. Sutter’s pouted expressions amongst Allie’s confusion and shock sold enough that he was also devastated. Liked the way he shoved the camera there towards the end as we could tell it was definitely not what he wanted.

– The Rockstar Spud/Aron Rex-Robbie E/Swoggle match was a continuation of several angles. This was the second instance we saw the flamboyant Spud/Rex duo, as Spud wore his Sergeant Pepper outfit and wrestled in ballerina-like tights. Before the bell, Robbie made an insult towards the heel Rex for wearing lipstick. Careful in 2017, guys. That kind of thing’s acceptable actually. Anyways, Swoggle was revealed as Robbie’s backup since he defeated Spud recently. We will say Rex plays his character well as we were cracking up at the way he tagged himself in and bragged on the microphone how everyone wanted him, only to cry for Spud when Swoggle hugged his legs. Swoggle hit the GTS on Spud (a true sight to see) and the faces double-teamed the heels. Swoggle even gave Spud a stink face. Can’t make this stuff up. The finish was alright, as Spud used a foreign object on Swoggle, which Rex took care of with a pin. Wonder what happens to this duo down the line.

– Hyped for Genesis next week was the Edwards-Lashley 30-Miniute Iron Man Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the Monster’s Ball for the TNA Knockouts Championship between Champion Rosemary and Jade. Sounds packed enough.

– The LVN/Sutter backstage segment advanced things enough where it was apparent that LVN was making him drive her around against his ideas. We could tell he wasn’t comfortable. Dude rolled his eyes. We’ll see where that all goes. Anything with Maria is usually a gem and how could you hate Allie?

– The TNA Impact Grand Championship main event between Champion Moose and Galloway was well-hyped throughout the show as we got a look at career highlights for both men. We also got a nice video package with input from both men about what the bout stood for them. Galloway mentioned how he defeated Edwards in the Semifinals before being injured, but did everything for the “greater good.” Moose talked about how he won the belt in 45 seconds and matched Galloway’s attributes point for point. Good stuff. Early on, Galloway flashed the finger as the first round featured an exchange of wild chops. It went to Galloway. Round two saw Galloway hit a Death Valley driver on the apron before Moose apron powerbombed him. He followed that up with a pop-up powerbomb and a senton before he missed a moonsault. Galloway took over as he locked in the Iron Maiden for the remaining 45 seconds as Moose held on. The round went to Moose, as we loved how the announcers disagreed with that decision from the go. Moose hit a dropkick to a mid-air Galloway. Afterwards, Galloway low blowed Moose in plain sight of the official, which made him stop the bout for a moment and requested the judges to deduct a point off Galloway’s score. That didn’t matter, as Moose called for the continuation immediately and couldn’t guard himself for the Claymore Kick that gave Galloway the belt. Clever ending there, as they chalked up Moose’s loss to a lack of judgment. Galloway’s post-match antics of shoving the belt in the Judge’s faces was about right. Good enough main event.






Quick Results

  • Race For The Case – Jeff Hardy, Trevor Lee, DCC and Eli Drake each retrieve respective cases 
  • Brooke def. Deonna Purrazzo via pinfall 
  • Rockstar Spud/Aron Rex def. Swoggle/Robbie E via pinfall 
  • TNA Impact Grand Championship – Drew Galloway def. Moose (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 

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