Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 1/18/17: Rebellious Mediocrity (Of Excellence)

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 1/18/17)

Rebellious Mediocrity (Of Excellence) 

– The Six-Man Tag between The Rebellion and Donovan Dijak/Jay White/Lio Rush was a clever followup to a previous angle where Dijak/White saved Rush when he upset Caprice Coleman in one-on-one action. Rush/White continue to impress with their athleticism. Dijak’s finally in a position where he’s free to do more in the ring as a babyface, not tied down to that senseless association with Prince Nana. Dijak easily tossed Coleman out of the ring, while it was noted that Rush wore kinesio tape to sell the left shoulder injury. Fast action on both ends as Rush avoided Rebellion’s onslaught to get a tag in to White. Rush delivered missile-like suicide dives on opposite ends of the ring. The babyface trio then did simultaneous dives to the outside on each side of the ring. Decent finish as we saw Rush hit a frog splash off Dijak’s shoulders (he’s tall so it works) followed by Dijak’s moonsault to pin Coleman. The post-match angle was more of the same, as Rebellion beat down White and teased the same to Coleman before they set him down gently (another tease for him to be recruited) before The Motor City Machine Guns came down to patrol.

– The ROH World Television Champion Marty Scurll hype video was shown in black-and-white with “an eye towards the wickedness” as he described. Essentially the walking human form of “Spy Vs. Spy,” it was everything that matched his character. Deranged yet lovable, we got a glimpse of his methodical form in the ring mixed with his swift haunting music. He was advertised for next week. Sweetness.

– The Cody-Steve Corino match was a way to kill two birds with one stone. We had Cody’s followup appearance to his heel turn at Final Battle when he low-blowed Jay Lethal and caused a generally dishonorable ruckus at ringside that ended when he shoved Corino to the floor. Cody’s promo was well-done as he went heel on the indy crowd and knew how to press the right buttons per se. He even put down a heckler for mentioning his wife Brandi’s name. Once Corino came into the picture, our eyes rolled a little as Commentator Kevin Kelly rambled on about how “it all became clear.” Apparently, this was the “sacrifice” that “The Father” Kevin Sullivan previously mentioned and that sacrifice was Cody. In easier terms, we got the old-school brawler Corino if not for 10 minutes. We almost forgot he wrestled for a second. They tied in the longtime Rhodes-Corino rivalry as they spoke about the late Dusty Rhodes and his influence on both of them, for different ideological purposes. Cody was upset at how Corino once spoke down to his father 19 years back, while Corino saw Dusty as a legend. Yab-yabs aside, let’s get to the action. Corino beat down on him at ringside, before Cody got the advantage back inside and showed off a cartwheel. He spit water in Corino’s face and chop blocked his surgically repaired knee. Oh, how dastardly. Corino paid tribute to Dusty with his own “flip flop fly” and then a vintage package piledriver. That Kevin Steen guy has to be happy somewhere. Enter the nonsense, as Corino went to ringside to retrieve that outlandish golden spike from a black box and approached Cody. When it got confiscated by the Referee, Cody hit another low blow, springboard dropkick and bionic elbow to win. Classified as another cheap victory, we couldn’t argue that one. At least they got something going with this. Post-match saw an angle where Lethal came down to attack Cody in revenge, which led to a promo that insulted Cody for coming to ROH for believing it was “mediocre” and he wanted so badly to win the Decade Of Excellence Tournament so he could get that World Title shot he so desperately craved. Logical stuff.

– The Decade Of Excellence Tournament First Round match between Lethal and Jushin “Thunder” Liger was an acceptable television main event, as anything with Liger’s generally well-received for that nostalgic factor. Liger’s ageless in the ring and there was more of that mat magic here. Displayed as friendly competition, the two battled it out. Lethal hit his three suicide dives, which then led to the “10” chant spreading its way to ROH as Liger got to the ring. A giveaway here might’ve been that the winner would advance to face Jay Briscoe in the next round. Briscoe-Lethal have more history and since Liger’s on an per-appearance schedule, it was unlikely that he’d win this. Liger did the tumbleweed senton off the apron which is always a fun treat. His top rope huracanrana was a buyable near-fall, but it all gave way to the Lethal Injection that saw Lethal advance. The show of respect after the bell fit Lethal’s character and it was on to next week’s hype train. Announced was a three-way with Dragon Lee-Will Ospreay/Kushida (yes) and the Tourney Semifinals where Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin would square off. Props there for making us want to tune in.






Quick Results

  • Six-Man Tag – Donovan Dijak/Lio Rush/Jay White def. The Rebellion via pinfall 
  • Cody def. Steve Corino (w/Kevin Sullivan, BJ Whitmer, Punishment Martinez) via pinfall
  • ROH Decade Of Excellence Tournament – First Round – Jay Lethal def. Jushin “Thunder” Liger via pinfall to advance 

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