Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 1/11/17: Droned In

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/11/17)

Droned In 

– Christopher Daniels’ hype video promo did a good job of showing his refocused goal of his “destiny to become Champion” in the midst of the Decade Of Excellence Tournament that he was a part of. He defeated Mark Briscoe last week to advance to the second round. He spoke about how he made a name for himself in 2002 and they wisely played back footage of those classic Murphy Rec Center days when he denied handshakes and broke the mold as the face of The Prophecy, despite never holding the ROH World Championship. They flashed back to now, to where he gives those handshakes and obeys the Code Of Honor, a presumed changed man. With this kind of package, we could tell this next push was set to be a serious one. It also helps to get more passionate promos like this one, because that’s what Daniels does best these days.

– The Decade Of Excellence Tournament First Round match between Jay Briscoe and BJ Whitmer certainly fit the Tourney’s theme and could’ve been good in 2005. In 2017 however, with this kooky Dungeon Of Doom-esque stable Whitmer is entangled in with Kevin Sullivan/Damien Martinez, there was no chance of that. We got a solid Briscoe pre-taped promo that put over his tenure with the company since day one (a true fact indeed) and was hyped to go all the way. Unsurprisingly, there was no Code Of Honor followed before the match and we were underway. Whitmer fit in an early eye poke as he incorporated Sullivan’s Singapore teachings. There were some instances of outside interference on the heel side, as Sullivan yanked Briscoe’s foot from the apron and Martinez also pulled him into the post with his legs spread out. Whitmer threw Briscoe into the barricade twice to lead into the break. Briscoe let out a ruthless suicide dive as he may had landed on his elbow on the unprotected part of the floor. Commentary was smart to bring up his bad landing as a reminder of his neck issues that dated back four years. Whitmer put in some okay spots, that culminated with an exploder suplex. Then we got to the lame part, as Sullivan screamed to Whitmer not to worry about the win, but instead “sacrifice.” Ugh. The crowd was sure to boo as Whitmer was handed that kooky golden spike and was about to go in on Briscoe’s cranium. Mark Briscoe made the save as he distracted Whitmer and hit a suicide dive to take out the others temporarily. Jay used the chance to hit the Jay Driller to get the pin and advance. Well thank god for that. As for Whitmer’s post-match promo that said “one must be sacrificed” and “next week, we need to finish this,” well, the crowd’s boos should fit right in with our thoughts. Looks like a Briscoes-DOD17 (Dungeon Of Doom 2017) match will be in our future. Joy.

– The Silas Young/Beer City Bruiser-Jon Silver/Alex Reynolds match appeared to be a squash for the manly heels on the search for that third man for a chance to make a run at the Six-Man Tag Team Championships. Of course, we were familiar with Reynolds from his time with Pro Wrestling Syndicate and knew that his skills were solid. Needless to say, we had our doubts at all about a victory for him. Surprisingly, Reynolds got to show a little aerial assault on Young and tagged in Silver to lead to a solid double-team maneuver. Commentary used the match to hype that BCB would be a contender in this year’s Top Prospect Tournament. Interesting. A nice clothesline/German suplex combo got a near-fall on Reynolds. The heels were aggressive in the corner and that fit their styles. Young works stiff and BCB’s fat. That’s their offense basically. Silver got to impress in his own right and he tossed Young around and hit a suplex on BCB that got a great reaction. Perhaps this wasn’t the squash match we originally thought. The faces followed with an awesome codebreaker/German suplex bridge combo for a near-fall on Young. Unfortunately, that meant the finish was close by. The heels met Silver in the corner, as BCB flattened him with a splash from the top rope. Young’s jackknife-styled pin got the win. The post-match promo angle with Bull James was alright for a swerve. They teased that James was the third man and Young hyped him up as a no-nonsense hard striker with a knack for beers. That was before they declared he wasn’t the third man and he was attacked by the heel duo and ate a BCB frog splash. Cool seeing the former Bull Dempsey in ROH and hopefully he gets a better chance to show what he’s capable of. Can’t say that was the best start for him though. Introducing him and having him laid out was kind of what he was doing on NXT. For now, he’s still the sad man in a singlet.

– The Six-Man Tag between Will Ferrara/Joey Diesel Daddiego/Cheeseburger and ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Kingdom led off the Champs’ inaugural victory at Final Battle. No COH as Vinny Marseglia attacked CB at the first chance. Honestly, this was fast-paced but not much going on with these characters. The Kingdom’s entrance was longer than the match. Daddiego has charisma, but too many names. CB was way over like you’d expect and that honestly got us through the match. A brief comedy moment as Kingdom huddled at ringside and yelled at the “Melvins.” Eventually, the action dwindled down to the finish as Taven pinned CB with a frog splash. Lots of frog splashes on this show lately. That was met with a flat reaction as Kingdom continues to get this big push. Can they take that ticking clock sound out of their music? Feels like a rip-off of TNA’s DCC. Also, can they stop reminding us that this group is “rebuilt in Taven’s image”? We’ve known that for months now since they brought up the idea of a new Kingdom.

– ROH World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks’ in-ring promo was a nice yet delayed followup to Broken Matt Hardy’s challenge against them at Final Battle. Luckily, that was one of 2016’s most surprising moments so even more than a month later, the idea was still fresh. YB never appeared on Total Nonstop Deletion as originally rumored, so they’ve yet to be in the same ring together as of press time. The big announcement to come of this was YB’s signing of a lucrative contract and that was met with strong “Thanks for staying!” chants. They put over their win over the Briscoes and responded to Matt as they said “the spot monkeys couldn’t be broken nor deleted.” Just when that appeared to be it, the lights went out and a drone was shown flying over the ring. It didn’t take much for fans to make the connection to Vanguard 1, so a big chant for that broke out. YB had their little moment as they double superkicked the drone and sent it to the floor. Never thought that’d happen in an ROH ring. How will Broken Matt respond to the drone’s casualty? Color us hooked.

– The Decade Of Excellence First Round match between Colt Cabana and Chris Sabin with Alex Shelley on commentary saw a nice continuation of Cabana’s new smug heel character as his heel antics led the match. He smiled like he used to, but with undertones of condescending facial expressions. The COH was followed as we got a nice chain wrestling exchange. Cabana had a near-fall early with a huracanrana. Shelley came off well on commentary as he spoke about the tournament’s importance and how Cabana had changed. Perhaps it was because Shelley sounds identical to one CM Punk in terms of delivery. Cabana bent the rules wherever possible to fit in a cheap shot and occasional eye poke. During the break, they even showed Cabana mocking Shelley’s commentary and calling himself great. Best comedy spot of the night as Cabana had Sabin in an extended rest hold and shouted at fans to take a good picture and announced his Instagram handle. Ha. It seemed like Cabana had wanted to break out this side of him for the longest time. He actually appeared to be having fun with this instead of going through the motions like he was at one point as a face. Cabana channeled WWE’s Naomi with a Rear End for a two-count. Things led to the finish, which meant that things weren’t over with Dalton Castle/The Boys and Cabana. The Boys came down to “cheer” Cabana on, to merely distract him so that Sabin could pin him with a tornado small package. Good stuff, which also sets up the next round’s match of Daniels-Sabin. Given their former alliance, that should be an interesting story to tell. Cabana walked off furiously to go after The Boys, or we assume. To also help things for next week, Jay Lethal-Jushin “Thunder” Liger was hyped. Looks good so far.






Quick Results

  • Decade Of Excellence Tournament – First Round – Jay Briscoe def. BJ Whitmer (w/Kevin Sullivan, Damien Martinez) via pinfall to advance 
  • Silas Young/The Beer City Bruiser def. Jon Silver/Alex Reynolds via pinfall 
  • Six-Man Tag – The Kingdom def. Joey Diesel Daddiego/Cheeseburger/Will Ferrara via pinfall 
  • Decade Of Excellence Tournament – First Round – Chris Sabin def. Colt Cabana via pinfall to advance 

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