Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 1/11/17: Bleacher Creatures

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/11/17)

Bleacher Creatures 

– The opening video gave us a recap of ongoing storylines with talent we’d see on the episode – El Dragon Azteca Jr. wanting to prove his own legacy to Rey Mysterio Jr., Captain Vasquez’s new “Luchador” mission for Officer Reyes to go back into the Temple with a mask to continue his infiltration of Dario Cueto from the inside, Famous B’s proposal to guide Texano and Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo’s goal to take The Mack (his newest challenger) to “Slam Town,” since we last found out that they’d go at it for the belt in an “All Night Long” bout.

– The cutscene in Cueto’s office with Councilman Delgado, Cueto and DAJ was instrumental for the main event and showed us more about Cueto’s relationship with Delgado. This was the first time that Delgado was seen in the Temple interacting with one of Cueto’s employees. Granted, DAJ bursted into the room, but still. DAJ was straight-forward in his request for a Death Match against Matanza. We were shocked that Cueto was so open to the idea, but maybe that was because he was confident that DAJ stood no chance. This all made sense and had sleek cinematic elements as always. It was official.

– The Texano-Joey Ryan match was fresh in that this was one of the few times lately that we’ve seen Texano not involved in a bout with Cage. Going off this, we also had the intrigue of Texano and Famous B’s proposal. Beforehand, Commentator Vampiro sent a message to Mil Muertes that “his time would come.” Interested to see how that unfolds in the future. Ryan was his classic greased-up self. Some nice insight from commentary as they pointed out Texano’s tendencies to follow his father’s footsteps in ringside strategy. Ryan followed the footsteps of shock value as he pulled a hairy lollipop out of his tights and sucked on it. Yeah, that happened. Not sure it was worth the “This is awesome!” chants that followed, but hey, this is wrestling in 2017. Anything sparks that chant nowadays. It didn’t take long before the Famous One and Brenda were ringside clad in western-themed attire cheering Texano on. It was as if they were Woody/Jessie from Toy Story. To add to the effect, Famous B even used the word, “Partner!” and we wanted to die inside. Funny spot where Ryan scouted a Texano suicide dive and instead of getting out of the way, cowered close to the floor. Texano instead opted for a flying double axe handle off the apron to catch Ryan off-guard. The finish is where things get murky for us. Technically, Texano accepted help, but it was Brenda’s. He took the horseshoe she slipped into the ring as Famous B prevented Ryan from using Texano’s bull rope. One whack later and it was victory time for Texano. The post-match angle will tell us that Famous B will have his work cut out for him to gain Texano’s trust, but it was obvious that Texano was attracted to Brenda to see degree. Not really sure where this is all going, as Texano did nothing heel-like. Confusing booking if you ask us, as Texano slapped hands with fans on the way backstage, but we’ll see how it unfolds we guess.

– The Mundo/PJ Black/Jack Evans/Mack in-ring segment was strong and worked wonders in terms of making the “All Night Long” encounter sound even bigger. Ring promos are actually rare in LUG, so when they use them sparingly, it can be hit or miss. Luckily, Mundo had Evans/Black chilling in the corners and a cocky attitude to play off the crowd’s heat. It all worked. Mundo proved his credibility with wins over time against the likes of Fenix, Killshot, Big Ryck and others. We even liked that “Upstart Fight Club” line he used to describe LUG. His verbal attacks on Mack consisted of fat jokes, which we guess was easy. As for the rest of it, once Mack came out in street clothes and attacked the Champ, it actually went over well. Black/Evans came back out to outnumber Mack, but were met with Stunners. In fact, Security was called out by Mundo and most of them were either Stunned or cleared from the ring. Was this LUG’s paying homage to those old Stone Cold Steve Austin segments of the Attitude Era? Hard to tell, but they built up Mack the way they needed to. It remains to be seen if Mack-Mundo can carry a whole episode in the ring, but the build has been good thus far.

– The Cage-Veneno match was the debut of Cage’s new shiny iron fist toy. While he gave up a cartoonish amount of offense to the spider-themed jobber, he came back in full stride and hit his finisher to win. It should be noted that Cage wrestled without the fist on. He put it back on after the bell and shoved the Referee down. Whatever that implies. Kind of silly if you think about it, but it’s LUG. It could be much worse. As for the post-match angle with Sexy Star, it was great though confusing. It revealed that Veneno was the one leaving Sexy Star spiders in the locker room. Then again, she blamed Mariposa too and look how that turned out. We like the idea that Veneno was a random jobber and is now an intricate part of the Sexy Star spider storyline. Some chaotic storyline progression going on here.

– The Catrina/Prince Puma cutscene was a cool homage to death and voices. An intensely focused Puma trained with sticks and a punching bag with Konnan’s voice in his head as he told him to remember his words that in the business, there was only one friend. Also overheard was his challenge to Muertes for Grave Consequences, where he’d eventually be buried. Catrina swooped in as she recalled that she could hear voices in her head too. Puma claimed he had the image of blood and pain – Muertes’. Catrina responded that her vision saw the same, but saw Pumas’. Cool exchange. To end things, Catrina disappeared and Puma showed his apparent backflip, punching bag-killing skills.

– The Death Match main event between DAJ and Matanza had the benefit of continuing their storyline while masking their limitations in the ring with a more “hardcore” theme. It worked out well. This might’ve been the best we’d seen Matanza. He hit a couple of cool moves like a pop-up whirling fallaway slam. DAJ had his own aura of brutality, as he used a chair to kick into Matanza’s face and even tossed it at him. DAJ followed with a nice plancha that got some serious mileage as he used the chair for a stepping stone. From this point, it was all about the buildup to the big spot. Matanza carried DAJ up the stairs and dropped him onto the railing. DAJ whipped up some Spider-Man moves as he clung to the ceiling and dropped a lariat onto Matanza. He followed with a huracanarana that took the former LUG Champion to the barricade near the steps. For visual effects, DAJ had a few welts on his lower back. Matanza put an end to things as he chokeslammed DAJ through the bleachers and to the exposed concrete below. A nice “Holy shit!” moment as the Referee called for the belt. Looked cool, even though our view was a little obscured, maybe on purpose to look more dramatic. The post-match brawl between Mysterio and Matanza was well-done to build to a later fight. Matanza cleared through fans (we assume some plants) to get to Mysterio in the bleachers as they brawled. After some teases, Matanza slammed Mysterio’s head into the steel wall of the upper cage as he caught a huracanrana attempt. Matanza charged at Mysterio leaning on the railing and was back tossed over to crash through the roof of Cueto’s office. That poor man. Cueto rang the bell and wanted the Temple to clear out immediately. In the madness, Mysterio checked on DAJ in the bleacher hole.

– The Ring Announcer Melissa Santos/Mariposa/Marty “The Moth” Martinez final cutscene was a nostalgic accomplishment. We furthered the Mariposa-Moth feud, as it was apparent that Mariposa abducted her brother as he openly stalked Santos signing autographs for fans outside the Temple. She had him wrapped in a rope like a cocoon and punched him as he laughed manically while claiming he “did good.” A nod to how Moth had Sexy Star tied up at the beginning of Season two. Moth was tasting his own medicine evidently. Thus, that ends the first portion of season three. With things scheduled to resume May 31, you can come to us for all your lovely Lucha coverage.





Quick Results

  • Texano def. Joey Ryan via pinfall 
  • Cage def. Veneno via pinfall 
  • Death Match – Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto) def. Dragon Azteca Jr. 

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