Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 1/11/17: Chaos And Pain

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/11/17)

Chaos And Pain 

– The opening video hyped the big NXT Tag Team Championship rematch between Champions #DIY and The Revival. If their TakeOver: Brooklyn II or TakeOver: Toronto bouts were any indications, this should be close to flawless. Tag wrestling about as good as it gets. No complaints.

– The parking lot attack segment by Billie Kay/Peyton Royce (Aussie Mean Girls/Femme Fatales) on NXT Women’s Champion Asuka fit their lowbrow profiles, as NXT struggles to position equals to the dominant Champ. The ambush was straight-to-the-point and downright cruel. On top of ramming her head into a nearby van, they took the opportunity to pour a cup of water (we’ll assume cold) over her head. Had to laugh out loud at the nearby guy who yelled out, “Hey! Let’s get a doctor!” Yes, and a couple of napkins will do.

– The Royce/Kay-Macey Evans/Sarah Bridges match was an obvious enhancement bout to showcase AMG who just convincingly beat down the Champ before. We’ll give credit where it’s due. Royce’s spinning kick looked vicious, yet artful. Evans avoided a second attempt and tagged in Bridges, who had her way with AMG. She had local recognition and got the crowd behind her. Kay gouged her eyes behind the Referee’s back. Royce drove Bridges into Kay’s knee for the victory. That’s about right. The post-match angle with Asuka and Nikki Cross went over well at the time they needed to most. We got the AMG gloating heel promo, a valiant revenge run-in from the scorned Champ and a supposed “save” from Cross. We’ll never know what her true intentions were because it could be seen as Cross defending herself because she hit the Missile Dropkick on Asuka when the Champ made a running charge. We’ll assume a Fatal Four-Way is in the works. Granted, they could’ve had Asuka deal with AMG and then Cross later on, but why not just put those together and see what works better and run with that?

– Sanity’s backstage promo followed things up on Cross’ side, as she promised to take the Title, with Eric Young backing her up. Alexander Wolfe nodded along because why not, before we saw Damo stalk them from a distance. Nice.

– The Elias Samson-Jonathan Cruz match was yet another squash victory for “The Drifter” as whatever he does continues to be irrelevant for the Full Sail crowd. If anything, Samson seems to have settled into the role well, but that’s about it. Cruz’s offense consisted of several pinfall attempts and a huracanrana before a clothesline wiped him out. As the match went on, we got the notion that Samson looks more and more like Seth Rollins’ angry homeless cousin. Samson used the ring post to further damage and ended things with the spinning neckbreaker after a big boot. Impactful, but we’ve seen it before.

– The Andrade “Cien” Almas-Oney Lorcan match was fun on paper, as it’d probably be a win back for Almas. Don’t forget, these two battled in Osaka where Lorcan upset Almas. This was a fun little feud brewing that did good for both men. Almas is still finding himself as a confident heel (with some “laid-back” gimmick similarities to New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito) as Lorcan is endearing himself to the NXT fans with each performance. To start, Lorcan threw Almas to the canvas, where Almas struck his “Tranquilo” pose. He did it again in the ropes before Lorcan kicked him out of the ring and followed with a blockbuster from the apron to the floor. Add to that a slap to Almas’ throat and the former Biff Busick was way over. Nice back-and-forth action as Lorcan had the momentum. Good heel logic as Almas hung in the ropes to make Lorcan distance himself, which gave him a chance to strike with the Hammerlock DDT to get the win. Good stuff, but ultimately shorter than we would’ve liked. Almas’ post-match promo was good as he played off the crowd’s boos and told them to shut up. Found it interesting that he labeled Roderick Strong as “the first” and Lorcan as “the second.”

– The Exclusive Sit-Down Interview segment with NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura was an alright attempt to draw importance upon his eventual defense against Bobby Roode at TakeOver: San Antonio. He expressed that he was happy to get through Samoa Joe and that Roode was “well-dressed, but never king.” His English was actually decent, but nothing earthshaking here. We did like the hook of Roode giving him his ticket to last year’s TakeOver: Dallas event where he sat in the crowd for Nakamura’s debut. With next week having a contract signing, that should be one of the focal points.

– The NXT Tag Team Championship rematch between The Revival and Champions #DIY received great hype throughout the night with highlights of their last two bouts. We already knew this would be great, we just had to wait for that moment. An early highlight involved Scott Dawson’s stiff uppercut on Johnny Gargano. DIY cleared the heels from the ring to lead into the break. Dash Wilder chop blocked Gragano’s knee as he sneakily made himself legal. Gargano was dragged knee-first into the corner and punched by Dawson. In classic Revival fashion, they targeted the leg and mocked DIY. They clobbered Gargano in the corner simultaneously, bending the rules wherever possible to fit in cheap shots. There was a hope spot where Gargano had the pin, but the Referee was distracted. Dawson tackled Gargano before he could get to Ciampa. A Revival leg drop combo got a near-fall. Cool. Tommaso Ciampa was finally tagged in as Gargano snuck under Dawson who blocked his path. Ciampa hit a big knee in the corner, three German Suplexes on Dawson, while also back tossing Wilder. Nice spot where Ciampa had the armbar locked in as Gargano tried to hold off Dawson, but got pushed onto the submission to break it. Also a smooth clothesline/sunset flip powerbomb bridge pin spot by the heels. After another near-fall for the Champs, they took to the air. Gargano hit a suicide dive that took him through Dawson and the barricade. Ciampa dove off the apron to take out Wilder and the timekeeper stand. It all built up nicely to the Meet In The Middle finish as the Champs hit both heels at the same time to retain. As expected, another fun, high-octane styled bout. Of course, their biggest fun came from Brooklyn and Toronto respectively, but without those, it was hard to appreciate this as much. The post-match attack by The Authors Of Pain on the Champs was fine as far as what was next for the Tag Title scene. The Powerbomb Collision spot was a little flimsy, but the message was still clear. Also liked the image of Paul Ellering nodding in approval on the stage.

– The General Manager William Regal/Asuka backstage segment in his office was a cool way to end the show, mainly thanks to Asuka’s wild mascara-running facial expressions. Regal also officially announced AOP as DIY’s next challengers and hyped the Roode-Nakamura contract signing next week.






Quick Results 

  • Billie Kay/Peyton Royce def. Macey Evans/Sarah Bridges via pinfall 
  • Elias Samson def. Jonathan Cruz via pinfall 
  • Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Oney Lorcan via pinfall 
  • NXT Tag Team Championship – #DIY (Champions) def. The Revival via pinfall to retain 

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