Notes In Observance – WWE 205 Live 1/10/17: What Does The Fox Say?

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez 


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(Aired 1/10/17)

What Does The Fox Say? 

– The opening video showcased the awkward love triangle between Cedric Alexander, his girlfriend Alicia Fox and the cunningly creepy Noam Dar. You see, Dar has been infatuated with Fox and likes to extend her last name with his Scottish accent so it sounds like a different word. We literally think this is the main reason for the feud. Anyways, Dar continued his pursuance of Fox as he dedicated matches to her and got turned on by her slaps to his face. Fox also negatively affected Alexander’s career, as she has distracted him and cost him two matches. Things took a twist on last night’s Raw when she kissed Dar to prove a point Alexander made that Dar couldn’t handle a real woman. Dar seemed to love it though. Here we were, with the two set to battle it out. Would this be the ultimate payoff or would Fox eventually call Dar her new lover?

– The Alexander-Dar match going on this early was a shock, especially with all the hype. Figured this would end the show, but it was what it was. Of course, we got a Dar promo to start it off that mainly confused everyone aside from another opportunity to say Fox’s name again. Nice personal edge to not have the handshake prior. Alexander had the advantage early as he struck forearms and uppercuts to Dar’s lips. Makes sense since Dar has talked himself into this corner. Some stiff shots there too. Dar had the handspring back elbow scouted and countered with a kick to the sternum. It was ironic that commentary openly referred to Dar as a “Southpaw.” Dar had the advantage now as he savagely targeted Alexander’s arms and hands. He even used the steel steps and apron to help his dastardly cause, much to Fox’s chagrin, as she physically shielded Alexander from Dar. After some near-fall exchanges, the finish came when Alexander went for a Moonsault but missed when Fox pulled Dar out of the way. Say what? Dar rose up and hit the Psycho Knee to get the pinfall. Fox had this dumb look like she was shocked at what she just did. We were just confused. If this was the moment where Fox solidified a heel turn and sided with Dar, that would’ve been fine. She didn’t even sell it as an accident or slip of judgment. She just stood there. Post-match, Fox slapped Dar and tried to assure Alexander everything was okay. He wasn’t pleased. Overall, excellent match as far as ring psychology and all that jazz, but that finish nearly ruined everything for us.

– The Akira Tozawa hype video was okay, as it was mainly Kalisto speaking of how terrifying he worked in the ring as they mixed in some highlights from the Cruiserweight Classic. Kalisto rightfully called him a dragon. Tozawa kicks ass anyway, so we can’t wait for when it finally happens.

– The Brian Kendrick-Sean Maluta match seemed to further the story of a possible Tajiri-Kendrick feud, with Maluta stuck in the middle as a see-saw jobber. It made sense for Kendrick to be angry with Tajiri for last week’s mist attack when he tried to congratulate him and promised Maluta he wouldn’t last 30 seconds with him. They sold the idea that Kendrick was still partially blind from the mist, which was effective yet still comical to a degree. The “Sneaky Sneak” line was an eye-roller though. As far as the match, we saw Maluta work in some nice spots like a sunset flip baseball dropkick and an apron dive somersault senton. Outside of that, Kendrick came back strong and countered a missed Maluta Frog Splash into a Captain’s Hook and Maluta tapped out. Nice way to keep Kendrick on the winning side. Guess this feud with Tajiri will be long-term stuff.

– The Fox/Alexander backstage segment confirmed their breakup as Alexander was angry that Fox instead helped Dar to win and told her she could slap him around all he wanted because they were done. Nice nice. Then we got to the bad part. Fox went ballistic after Fox walked away and the horrifically bad acting kicked in. She went down to the floor screaming like a defeated cartoon super villain. Oh, it was not pretty.

– The “Extraordinary Gentleman” Jack Gallagher-Ariya Daivari in-ring segment was hyped headed in as a parley, in other words, a friendly contract signing. Decent promo exchange as Gallagher wanted to end things and Daivari wouldn’t rest until he was a “pasty white smear under his boot.” In the end, the match agreed to was an “I Forfeit” match which was a more gentlemanly “I Quit”match as this would settle everything once and for all. The crowd was tame for the mic work, but they got into the brawl that happened afterwards. Safe to say that might’ve been Gallagher’s most vicious behavior yet. Still felt slightly underwhelming after the end. Maybe Gallagher’s charm has worn off a little bit based on the ho-hum reaction to him the past two shows?

– The WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann-Tony Nese match revolved around Swann’s return to action after Neville sidelined him. Where we last left off with the two, it was Swann who upstaged Neville on Raw and threw hands with the “King Of The Cruiserweights.” Funny comments by Commentator Austin Aries on Nese’s appearance making him look like a “cleaner, less angrier Neville.” He also added that Kendrick’s blindness made him confuse Nese for Neville backstage. The early action was decent, as Nese dropped Swann rib cage first onto the barricade. An old throwback to Chris Beniot as Swann ran sternum-first into the corner. Nese missed a springboard moonsault, but connected with a double stomp to the ribs. Swann got a two-count on the Tiger Bomb, but got the pinfall on the spinning heel kick. Sort of a flat finish in that there was no buildup, but Nese got in a lot of pretty offense. As far as the post-match promo exchange between Neville and Swann that set up their official Royal Rumble Title match, it could’ve been better. Swann resorted to kiddy insults about Neville’s “dumbo ears” and tried to be charismatic, but came up short. The jokes took away from the serious effect he had going for him on the previous night’s Raw. Neville was his usual angry “Anti-American” self who didn’t want to go down to the ring like Swann requested, which wasn’t anything new. Sure, we got the match announcement, but we already figured that matchup headed in to the show. They’ve got time to make us care and the ring work of both men can more than make up for it, but keep Swann more serious here. Against Neville, it’s a better plan.






Quick Results 

  • Noam Dar def. Cedric Alexander (w/Alicia Fox) via pinfall 
  • Brian Kendrick def. Sean Maluta via submission 
  • Rich Swann def. Tony Nese via pinfall 

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