Notes In Observance – WCWC 1/7/17: Heavenly Surprises

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 1/7/17)

Heavenly Surprises 

– The Heavenly Bodies-Northwest Express match opened 2017’s first telecast (as commentary made it known throughout the opening minutes) with HB’s debut. The good thing was that they hyped this out from about two to three weeks prior. It probably also helped us that we remember HB from Pro Wrestling Syndicate where they tore it down as associates of “Shining” Edward Jackson. Gosh, was it really that long ago? It was also good to see that they’ve decided to stick with Phlex Walker/Marcus Malone as a team, despite their matching color scheme looking a little Men On A Mission-esque. The heels garnered immediate heat even before the match as they prepared to lock up, only to leave the ring and jaw with fans. Disappointingly, the first commercial break came before we saw anything more than collar-and-elbow tie-ups and arm rest holds. We also loved how commentary played up on the fact that it’s hard to tell off the bat who was Desirable Dustin and Gigolo Justin before they pointed it out. The heels tried to evacuate the premises mid-match, which was met with chops galore. Justin hit a nice rolling lariat off the apron onto Walker before he shoved him into the steel steps. Both HB members were in the ring as Malone got the hot tag. A collision course spot sent the HB bumping into each other headfirst. As NE geared up for some sort of variation of the Doomsday Device, Justin put a stop to that and set up the team’s sick finisher, The Pearly Gates. The wheelbarrow cutter double-team was more than enough for them to score the pin. A nice dip in the water and it made us want more.

– HB’s backstage promo was a good followup of what we saw and they declared they wanted the WCWC Tag Team Championships next, which meant a warning towards current Champions, Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi. Straight-forward stuff.

– The Julian Whyt-Ian Sutton match was a whole lot of gimmick. It was noted that Mr. Tubbs carried a new cane because his original one was broken in Salem, Oregon. Nice cover-up by Commentator Kris Kloss as he mentioned that this was their first time facing each other in the new year, as he mistakenly implied that they never fought before when they actually did. As always, we got a kick out of the back-and-forth banter between Commentator Morty Lipschitz and Kloss. It was particularly the moment where Lipschitz defended that he never saw anyone cheat, just as the cameras showed Tubbs’ striking Sutton with his cane. Perfect timing for irony. He attacked with the cane at least two more times as a distraction to a bout with rather uninspired action. Sutton shaped up a comeback, but we wish it was more than a punch and a kick. An actual buildup to the Hillbilly Hangover would’ve been a better finish, but hey, at least Sutton got a decisive victory there. If it also counted for anything, the people were into Sutton’s wild bluegrass throw downs.

– The Gangrel/Bodhi backstage promo directly answered HB’s statements earlier. Apparently, they were down to defend their gold. Gosh, that was awfully quick. Figured they’d go the slow route and have HB plow through a few teams before getting to Gangrel/Bodhi. Hopefully it’s a good sign. We know HB have the talent to get to the gold, so why waste any time? Also liked that Gangrel/Bodhi referenced that the HB name wasn’t exactly original.

– The King Khash-“Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right match was an easy face-heel alignment that booked itself. Was it us or was Khash’s theme song catchier than usual? We also wonder how Tubbs and Khash communicate on the regular without a translator present. Lipschitz hilariously referenced his disdain for Right, which stemmed from when he tried Granny Right’s magic tonic. It didn’t seem like babyface behavior for Right to bow down in prayer to his opponent only to sucker Khash into a punch, but Right has the pizazz to pull it off and get the fans behind him. Tubbs and his trusty cane were again a physical factor early on. Right’s mustached acquaintance came out again and watched from the ramp, as he applauded when Right was getting hurt. While that all went down, we had to suffer plenty of bad “Right” puns. Right turned things around and locked in the airplane spin followed by the patented sleeper hold that won him the match. The post-match promo exchange between Mr. Mustache (we’ll call him that until he gets a name) and Right advanced their storyline. Mustache claimed that Right could never get the job done and turned down a physical challenge from Right to get in the ring. Eager to see where this one leads.

– The Jeremy Blanchard/WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Grappler III backstage promo hyped up the main event, as they had a surprise for Alexander Hammerstone. The curtain behind them shook and we heard barking noises like a dog. Perhaps they had a Rottweiler present or Lassie went full heel?

– Hammerstone’s backstage promo was last-minute main event hype as he was ready for whatever The Wrecking Crew had planned for him. Vintage Hammerstone.

– The Hammerstone-Gallo main event match revolved around the angle that Gallo was revealed to be The Wrecking Crew’s newest member. We wish more would’ve been explained about Gallo’s past and why his addition to The Wrecking Crew was a big shock. We kind of just nodded along with it without understanding too much. Commentary talked it up as “two giants going at it,” but Gallo’s mannerisms were a little too much like Rick Steiner’s “woof woof” gimmick. For some reason, Hammerstone’s current babyface run rivals WWE’s Seth Rollins in that fans like him and want to cheer him, but haven’t been given too much of a reason to because we’ve yet to get that “moment” that makes his chase to glory all worth it. Okay action overall that showcased Gallo’s power while Kloss gushed over him. Once Hammerstone put in some offense, G3 stood on the apron to cause a distraction only to get knocked off. Gallo followed with a chain attack to cause a disqualification. The post-match developments were good, as the heels beat down Hammerstone and Caleb Konley joined the fray. It all ended when Mikey O’Shea came out to “even the odds.” We’ll guess there’s a multi-man tag in the near future. Yay.






Quick Results

  • The Heavenly Bodies def. The Northwest Express via pinfall 
  • Ian Sutton def. Julian Whyt (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall 
  • Ian Sutton def. King Khash (w/Mr. Tubbs) via submission 
  • Alexander Hammerstone def. Gallo (w/Jeremy Blanchard, Grappler III) via DQ 

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