TNA One Night Only: Live! 2017 Reaction

Photo courtesy of YouTube.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


Genrally, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s “One Night Only” Pay-Per-View specials are reminiscent of themed filler with a few marquee matchups, but ultimately nothing special.

Last year, we made an exception to cover a “Live!” edition of the show which featured The Miracle/Maria’s debut and Beer Money’s return.

A year later, Beer Money’s gone, but Miracle/Maria remain. They half-heartedly pushed the show on the previous night’s Impact Wrestling, so with this now an apparent tradition and with the company under new ownership, we figured why not see what happens?

The thing with TNA so far in 2017 was that we had fears of major changes, but two shows in, it’s apparent they’ve retained a lot of 2016’s flavor, which was fine with us because that was probably the company’s best creative year.





(Aired 1/6/17)

The Breakdown 

– The Lashley-Davey Richards match was something we figured they’d save for next week’s Impact, but we guess it was fine to do it here too. After all, Lashley should’ve been irate at being cost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by the returning Richards on behalf of his Wolves partner, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards. If we had the chance to get revenge, it’d damn well be the next night. Lashley’s pre-match promo did a fine job of heeling on the crowd as he used logic to suggest that The Wolves committed a robbery and everyone thought it was okay. An immediate beginning as Lashley mauled Richards as he had his back turned on the top rope as he pandered to the many fans with “Wolves Nation” signs. Richards answered back as he charged at Lashley with a running boot at the barricade. Once Lashley got back in control, commentary played up Richards’ longtime absence from the ring. Lashley did the brainbuster as he played to the crowd with his free hand and flexed. A big highlight here was Richards’ three consecutive Suicide Dives, the first two that were headfirst and the last one where he nearly landed on his back. Richards hit a double stomp for a near-fall before he suffered a powerslam onto the apron. Cringe. Richards hit a superplex and held on for another suplex. After Lashley kicked out, Richards applied an ankle lock. He was kicked forward towards the corner and prime picking for a spear. Lashley’s injuries played a factor and he couldn’t get the running charge as desired. Richards hit a big kick for another two-count. Lashley almost tapped out to the ankle lock, but countered in time to apply a kneebar. That did the trick, as Richards submitted. A good match considering all that occurred and they worked in a lot of twists and turns, but was it the best thing to have the returning Richards tattooed with a loss in his first match? This match gave us hope that we’d see some more worthy stuff.

– TNA X-Division Champion DJZ’s backstage promo hyped his upcoming defense in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination match against Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Braxton Sutter. He had a new ridiculous haircut that was somewhere between cornrows and a man-bun. Along with the idea that we’ve seen this kind of match countless times, perhaps DJZ probably shouldn’t had wrote off his opponents seeing as it was “nothing new.” That basically echoed our sentiments before.

– The TNA X-Division Championship Fatal Four-Way Elimination match between Lee, Sutter, Everett and Champion DJZ was the latest installment of “X-Division Hell,” where the reruns are nonstop. Yup, to quote DJZ, “Nothing new.” We won’t knock the actual ring work of everyone involved, as they’re quite polished indeed, but how many versions of this do we have to sit through before they try something different? Hell, DJZ comes off as a relative to WWE’s TJ Perkins. Not so bad of a strategy to start as the babyfaces and heels worked together respectively. Everett went for a mid-air splash off the top rope and landed on DJZ’s kneecap. He was then thwon out of the ring and hit his neck on the apron on the landing. Ouch. Sutter and DJZ took it upon themselves to ensue in friendly battle before they were rudely interrupted by Lee. Fast-paced aerials then took over, as we’ve come to know with these four. Everett was first to go when DJZ pinned him on a rollup. Lee hit a double stomp on Sutter, but didn’t quite get all of that. Lee followed up as he eliminated Sutter with pulled tights. It came down to DJZ and Lee, hey, just like Bound For Glory. Surprisingly blah action to end things, as we waited for the ZDT to finish off Lee. DJZ retains, absolutely anticlimactic.

– The Wolves’ backstage segment followed up the opener, as Richards was angry at what happened. He felt he was a “sidekick” as Edwards told him to calm down because it was a new beginning and he had something in mind for them. Maybe this was light foreshadowing.

– The Robbie E-Bram match was ultimately useless filler. Don’t know how many times they’re going to say “new beginning,” but it’s already growing tiresome. As per Robbie E’s pre-match promo, apparently he’s “crazy” now. Um, okay. We actually thought this was a half-hearted transition to a match between him and Crazzy Steve because you know, crazy, but apparently not. He mentioned an open challenge to anyone who wanted to fight, before he mentioned that he targeted the DCC directly. That’s not exactly an “open challenge,” Robbie. Whatevs, bro. You’re crazy. Bram was the one to answer (as you can tell) and he officially declared Robbie “either brave or stupid.” He teased walking away before Robbie jumped off the top rope and landed on top of him. Bram completely dominated after that point and we were just meh to the whole thing. If it was any relief, none of Bram’s DCC counterparts were out there with him, so no immediate shenanigans. We did slightly doze off though, before Robbie began to make a speedy comeback, until that was sidelined by Bram’s clothesline. To Robbie’s credit, he did kick out of a pop up powerbomb/clothesline combo and did hit the Boom Drop (if that’s his finisher?) to feel like he had a slight chance. A low blow and Brighter Side Of Suffering later though and it was history. Bram wins and this show’s falling off the grid.

– Miracle/Maria’s backstage promo hyped Miracle’s upcoming No Holds Barred match with TNA Impact Grand Champion Moose, which was set up on Impact the night before. Miracle used the whole, “I’m your TNA father and I brought you in and can take you out” schtick, but it worked with his keen delivery. He even got to call Moose a “whiny little bitch,” surely words he wouldn’t possibly eat later on. Good promo though.

– The No Holds Barred match between Miracle and Moose was presumably their payoff to their semi-personal feud. As weird as it sounded, their feud actually got better with every match. It’s helping both men on the card. With no judges or rounds to hinder things, this was just a fun, competitive hardcore styled match. True to his heel style, Miracle started with an attack on Moose from behind as he made his entrance. Miracle introduced weapons like ladders and chairs, but it backfired when Moose used them on him. Moose teased a plancha dive onto a ladder below, but Maria moved Miracle out of the way. Moose picked Miracle up and dropped him face-first onto the ladder, as he went for the plancha again. This time, he missed and landed only on the ladder. Ouch. Gotta respect Moose for flying around and taking bumps. Makes him a more versatile competitor. With Miracle on the top rope with a chair, Moose dropkicked the chair into his face. He followed suit with a moonsault (can we call it a “Moose-sault” just because?) and attempted to go for the Game Changer, but Miracle had it scouted. Miracle almost hit his cutter but when that didn’t work, he settled for two piledrivers, the second one on a chair. Miracle then kicked out of Go To Hell. Moose brought in the ladder as he hit a back body drop that sent Miracle onto the ladder in a bump of his own. Miracle stood on the steel steps as he positioned himself for a powerbomb off them and through a table below. Moose saw it coming and hit a back body drop that sent Miracle through it instead. When he appeared out, Miracle came right back into it, as he answered a top rope dive by Moose with a cutter through a table. Even though Moose almost lost his footing before coming down to take the move, they recovered well. We also liked how the camera zoomed in on Miracle’s welts on his lower back, one would assume came from the table bump. It added to the hardcore feel. As a last heel resort, Moose hit the Game Changer, but Maria physically stopped the count herself. Awesome finish as Miracle geared up for a spear but missed Moose and hit his wife instead. Another Game Changer later and Moose was the winner. Best thing on the show thus far. Started out a little slow, but really came together well towards the end there.

– The Eli Drake/Tyrus backstage promo hyped up Drake/Tyrus’ upcoming match against TNA World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys, the first match advertised for the live special. Drake’s angle was that he’d choose his own partner and decided to pay up enough to get Tyrus’ help. A big factor of what made this entertaining was Drake’s continued catchphrase trolling on the fans.

– The Mahabali Shera-Marshe Rockett match was easily the show’s worst thing. Firstly, Rockett was good on the mic, but this “jive turkey” nonsense made him come off as a desperate Caprice Coleman knockoff. We do like the “Mr. M80” nickname though. We wish it would’ve been anybody else other than Shera to answer the call. Commentary pushed the fact that Shera was a regular attendee of Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy and they’ve teamed up in the past before, but the ring work here left much to be desired. The Sky High to pin Rockett came literally five minutes too late. Yawn.

– TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary’s backstage promo had us in this questioning phase as far as Decay’s babyface/heel status. Judging by the previous night where Decay fought The Helms Dynasty and interacted with DCC, we’d guess faces. Rosemary’s promo spoke about a “We” and how sickness was brought to the division and Sienna would decay. Decay. DECAY. Not bad.

– The TNA Knockouts Championship match between Champion Rosemary and Sienna with Madison Rayne on commentary followed a decent segment with Gail Kim and the KO Champ. Kim mentioned her career wasn’t over despite Rosemary’s words and she’d get back her Title when the time was right. Rosemary seemed to slide back into heel mode as she rumored that perhaps Kim’s soul was poisoned. Or something like that. A little brawl went down before Referees separated them. In no way would people cheer Sienna, so this began that awkward heel-heel contest, but at least it was physical and unique for it even happening. Wish they’d replace Rayne on commentary for someone different. Mainly, Rayne comments how “her moves are so painful and you don’t want to be in the ring with her.” Just insert that for any woman in the match. She’s boring and adds nothing. Things started on the ramp before they exchanged submissions. Rosemary began a fast comeback before Sienna hit the Silencer, but Rosemary fell out of the ring as Sienna tried to hold on to her. She brought her back in the ring before she argued with Referee Earl Hebner to the point where she shoved him down. Rosemary used the moment to blind Sienna with purple mist to hit the Red Wedding and retain. It was different, we’ll give it that. We think fans could respond well to a Rosemary face turn, but with this Kim feud, that doesn’t seem to be the case anytime soon.

– Jessie Godderz’s backstage promo hyped up his match with James Storm. He was actually insightful here as he spoke about how he/Storm were similar as each former Tag Team Champions and on singles endeavors, but that Storm needed to hide behind a group because he lacked confidence. He also didn’t sound dumb in that he already knew DCC’s tricks and was expecting to deal with all three of them out there.

– The Godderz-Storm match thankfully began with new singles music for Godderz, which hopefully means that they’ve dropped that whole Bro-Mans reunion thing. It was doomed from the start. Sorry, Raquel. The story was an easy one as Godderz valiantly fought while he had to also deal with Kingston/Bram on the outside. Every time he mounted offense, the shenanigans kicked in. Points in example, Godderz had the Adonis Crab locked in, but had to drop the hold because Bram distracted him. Kingston stood on the apron soon after and Godderz confronted him directly. Storm tried to take advantage and almost got pinned right there. Storm hit Eye Of The Storm for a near-fall. Godderz was taken outside and fought off Kingston/Bram before they could beat on him. Godderz hit a springboard forearm for a close call. With the DCC members laid out on the outside and the Adonis Crab locked in, this was Godderz’s best chance yet. The crowd was super into it too. As Kingston/Bram tried to intervene, Godderz got rid of them separately and turned towards Storm only to get met with the Last Call to end the match. Hot damn. Seems like they’re pushing DCC for some angle. That said, the loss actually did well for Godderz, who already had insurmountable odds headed in. One of the show’s better matches. The post-match attack angle by Crazzy Steve/Abyss was fine with us for the way it mirrored DCC’s blackout attack on them the night before. It might take some work to get the crowd fully invested though, since they chanted more for the fact they wanted power more than anyone actually in the ring. They sprayed DCC with mist and Abyss chokeslammed Kingston.

– Ethan Carter III’s backstage promo was worthy hype for his main event World Title shot, as he spoke about how good his 2016 was, but that he never regained the Title as he wanted to. He admitted his back was a little cranky, but mentioned that he wouldn’t refer to Edwards as his friend on this night because it was about the Title here. Good promo as always that showed a little more edge to EC3’s character, which can get cutesy sometimes.

– The TNA World Tag Team Championship match between Champions The Broken Hardys and Drake/Tyrus was a “marquee bout” headed in, but lacked in the action department sadly. The Broken gimmick was quite over, so the pre-match promo was good for what it was. The biggest development was that Matt let Nero “be Jeff Hardy, the charismatic enigma.” Yup, yup. They were still on their quest to be the best tag team in time/space and why not start here? As far as what Tyrus brought to the table, we were more intrigued by his interactions with Commentator Pope (throwing his shirt in his face) before the match than anything he did during it. Its like you just knew the Hardys would go over, but still had to sit through the match to get there. Some light highlights included Matt dining on Drake’s pointer finger. Yummy. Eventful, yet filler action ended as Tyrus was subdued outside and Drake was downed with two Twists Of Fates and a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy. Hardys retain. The world is round. Some things never change.

– Edwards’ backstage promo was last-minute main event hype, but this promo again felt a little forced. He spoke about how this was a “crazy start” to the year with last night and his partner’s return. He also described said “craziness” as a reason why he was World Champion. He hyped the match up as no controversy and that EC3 got the chance he asked for. A bold statement to end things as he said “Mr. AIP” was bigger than EC3.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship main event between EC3 and Edwards was already off to a interesting start as Lashley interrupted the introductions and sat on a chair up on stage. Pretty even start as they felt each other out. Commentary also did the smart thing as they questioned how many more times EC3 could possibly challenge for the Title and lose. It has happened a lot unfortunately. Either give him a run or give him something else to do. Early highlight as EC3 hit a running dropkick off the apron and exclaimed, “Dropkick City, bitch!” which the crowd loved of course. Lashley inched his way closer to the ring as he grabbed a literal ringside seat. He teased getting in once both men were laid out, but thought better of it. Edwards kicked out of the TK3 before both men exchanged clotheslines. Edwards hit a top rope codebreaker/Chin Checker for a near fall. Edwards prepped for the Boston Knee Party before Lashley swiped his ankle from outside. The Ref went outside the ring to confront Lashley and Edwards took it upon himself to deliver a suicide dive to take them both out. With no Referee, of course this was when EC3 hit the One Percenter and a TK3 from the top rope. Lashley hit the ring with the chair and gave it to EC3 as he wanted him to hit Edwards. EC3 gave him the finger instead and got speared for his troubles. As Lashley prepared to hit Edwards with the chair, Richards came down again to take it away from him. Chair in hand, Richards accidentally hit EC3 with it and escaped. Edwards followed up with the Boston Knee Party to finally get the three-count to retain. We get why a lot of that went on, but damn, that was classic TNA overbooking. If anything, this will likely cause a rift between EC3 and The Wolves. That’ll be fun to see if it plays out that way. It’s also cool to see how they are already showing chinks in The Wolves’ armor, as Richards admitted he feels like a sidekick. In due time, that belt will be what breaks them apart. It’s just a matter of when they actually pull the trigger on it.







  • Lashley def. Davey Richards via pinfall 
  • TNA X-Division Championship – Fatal Four-Way Elimination – DJZ (Champion) def. Trevor Lee, Braxton Sutter and Andrew Everett to retain 
  • Bram def. Robbie E via pinfall 
  • No Holds Barred – Moose def. The Miracle (w/Maria) via pinfall 
  • Mahabali Shera def. Marshe Rockett via pinfall 
  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Rosemary (Champion) def. Sienna via pinfall to retain 
  • James Storm (w/Bram, Kingston) def. Jessie Godderz via pinfall 
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship – The Broken Hardys (Champions) def. Eli Drake/Tyrus via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Eddie Edwards (Champion) def. Ethan Carter III via pinfall to retain 

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