Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 1/4/17: Always Bet On Mack

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/4/17)

Always Bet On Mack 

– The opening video highlighted ongoing storylines – The Mack’s Battle Of The Bulls Tournament victory which guaranteed him a future Lucha Underground Championship match, Paul London got jiggy with his Rabbit Tribe, Sexy Star and Mariposa were destined to meet again and Kobra Moon also had Drago hostage in her Dragon Chamber Of Doom or something like that.

– The Mil Muertes/Jeremiah Crane/Catrina cutscene was an eye-opener, but a smart way to advance the Muertes-Puma feud. They took this from the heel logic, as Muertes questioned how Puma was alive when he buried him in a casket. Catrina blamed Vampiro and told him to get to Puma, they’d have to target Vampiro first. The Catrina-Crane interaction was okay as it felt like he pleaded for Catrina to recognize his accomplishments last week, but for us, it was quickly forgotten.

– The Mariposa-Sexy Star match was billed going in as an “old-fashioned beating,” perhaps to mask the idea that it wouldn’t live up to their epic “No Mas!” encounter. The match was a small part in Sexy’s storyline to find who had been leaving spiders in her locker. Even though no signs of evidence pointed to Mariposa, there was no getting past Sexy on that one. She was determined that Mariposa was responsible and after she confronted her backstage, we found ourselves here. Thanks to their history, there was a lot of animosity to play up on and they did that even before the bell rang, as they itched to get at one another. Sexy was vicious, as she tossed Mariposa around by her own pigtails. She followed up with a solid middle rope suicide dive. Mariposa continued to get support from the “Believers” and believe it or not, there was actually a split down the middle in chants. Mariposa grabbed Sexy by the legs and whipped her numerous times into the announce table, as a “Holy Shit!” chant commenced. Afterwards, she applied a modified Indian Death Lock on Sexy with added kicks for effect, only for Sexy to get to the ropes at the last possible moment. In her signature resilience, Sexy fought back and managed to get Mariposa in a position for a double stomp to her mid-section to end it. A good match in the end. The post-match angle saw Marty “The Moth” Martinez turn on his sister with a chokeslam. Is Mariposa’s face turn official? Will they do a sibling rivalry storyline? Did LUG call an audible based on the reactions that Mariposa got as of late? Guess we’ll see, but smart to strike while the iron is hot.

– The Mascarita Sagrada/Rabbit Tribe cutscene was intriguing, yet confusing. Probably by design. They approached Sagrada as he lifted weights backstage and embraced him as “The White Rabbit,” in other words, their god. London’s request for him to join them at ringside went unsuccessful as Sagrada called them “crazy.”

– The Trios match between The Rabbit Tribe and Vivora/Pindar/Drago was the imminent battle of tribes between dragons and rabbits. Only in LUG. The biggest visual here was Drago being held captive at Moon’s demands while commentary put Pindar over as a “dark fortress.” Moon forced Drago to take her place in the match, while we were forced to an array of horrendous stoner and reptile puns. RT’s crazed antics were over with the crowd, most notably Mala Suerte, who reminds us of Vampiro for some reason. Their dancing circles of confusion got good reactions. They poked fun at Vivora (“Luchasaurus”) only to get scared off. Vivora wiped London’s face clean with a vicious boot. The more we think of it, London comes off as a stoned Elvis Presley impersonator. Vivora executed the Tombstone Piledriver on London, while Moon commanded Drago get in there and end things. Drago eliminated Saltador with a whip around stunner to get the win. We could tell this wasn’t the normal Drago, but Moon’s new aggressive pet project of sorts. The post-match angle where Drago’s Lucha Underground Trios Champions partners in AeroStar and Fenix saved him and cleared the heels from the ring was fine for what it was. We wished they didn’t jump the gun and immediately have Drago stand with his old partners so quick. They started on the right track by having him not recognize his former partners, but ended it right there. Guess we’ll see where it all goes.

– The Mack/Sexy cutscene was a fun tie to their interaction when Sexy didn’t want Mack out there for her Title shot against Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo. This time, the roles reversed as he didn’t want her out there. They performed a wicked friendship handshake all best friends should have.

– The Dario Cueto/Mack cutscene in Cueto’s office gave us a worthy glimpse into the future in Cueto’s classic powerful booking. Cueto informed Mack that this match with Mundo wasn’t for the Title, but that the winner would get to pick the stipulation for when they would meet with the Title on the line. Mack dropped a funny line to “Always Bet On Mack.”

– The Mundo-Mack main event where the winner would get to pick the stipulation for their next Title match was good for the most part. Mundo’s heel antics were prominent at the start, as he poked Mack in the eye and lured him outside so he could do more damage. Eventually, the people willed Mack back into action, as he performed The People’s Elbow and dabbed afterwards. Fancy. Mundo kicked out of Mack’s standing moonsault and again at his pop-up forearm. Mundo began to sell his shoulder when he shoved Mack into the Referee, which deterred him from counting to three when Mack hit his sit-down powerbomb. It wasn’t long before Mundo’s Worldwide Underground mates came out, as PJ Black and Jack Evans distracted Mack. Mundo hit him with a low blow and scooped him up for the pin. The post-match angle was hot as Mundo berated Mack as fat and useless since he couldn’t hang 10 minutes with the Champ and in turn, made their stipulation an “All Night Long” encounter. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of match they come up with. With next week as the mid-season finale, it appears we’ll get this match in the later months. Mundo/Black/Evans hit a triple curb stomp on Mack to lay him out. Muertes/Catrina hit the ringside area, as the heels cleared out. Staying true to their mission stated earlier, Muertes mauled Vampiro at the announce table and dragged him into the ring. Puma came down and stood on the apron, though Vampiro told him not to come in. Muertes delivered a Flatliner on Vampiro and Puma was enraged. Great way to advance that feud as a showdown’s imminent.






Quick Results

  • Sexy Star def. Mariposa via pinfall 
  • Trios Match – Vivora/Pindar/Drago (w/Kobra Moon) def. The Rabbit Tribe via pinfall 
  • Winner Gets To Choose Stipulation For The Lucha Underground Championship Match – Johnny Mundo def. The Mack via pinfall 

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