Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 1/4/17: Land Down Under

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 1/4/17)

Land Down Under 

– The Revival-Riddick Moss/Tino Sabbatelli match was interesting (yet awkward) for heel-heel interactions alone, but we’ll leave it at that. Being that this was the Melbourne, Australia portion of NXT’s December global tour, this was a house show-esque effort. We guess it makes for filler television when needed, but that’s not always good. The Steel Cage match for the NXT Championship between Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe headlined the episode, though they showed it a few weeks back. Check out our review of that match here. Luckily, anything with Revival written on it will generate fan response and the Australians were eager to chant for them. Moss/Sabbatelli have light momentum charisma-wise, but still need to hone their in-ring skills to get anywhere. A little strange when Commentator Corey Graves actually compared Moss/Sabbatelli to WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro/Sheamus. Not much action besides for Revival’s usual “isolate and destroy” style on display. Moss pulled off a few decent spots, namely where he caught Scott Dawson on a high crossbody attempt and countered with a fallaway slam. Nevertheless, the fans showed no interest for Moss and a “Revival” chant actually broke out. Revival’s classic rule bending also garnered a pop in select moments, where Dawson raked Moss’ eyes and they both worked him over in the corner. The crowd booed Sabbatelli’s hot tag sequence, which only meant the Shatter Machine was imminent. Couldn’t come at a better time. Revival win and keep momentum for their rematch next week on NXT when they face NXT Tag Team Champions #DIY for the belts. Yes.

– The Elias Samson/Bobby Roode-Tye Dillinger/Buddy Murphy match was an obvious way to put the hometown boy Murphy over with the ever-popular Dillinger. On the other end, we imagine they put Samson with Roode to justify the “go away” heat he regularly gets. Samson’s pre-match “concert” promo was better mic work, as he seems to have comfortably settled into the role of an antagonistic rock star who played off the fans’ strong boos. The “Glorious” entrance practically saved things. The crowd made a lot work for this match. They liked Murphy and even gave him “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, 10, 10, 10!” chants, which was funny. They advanced the Dillinger-Roode feud some more with their interactions, which revolved around Roode’s early unsuccessful attempts to avoid Dillinger. Crowd funnily chanted “One” at Roode’s corner punches, which set up a wholly of a superkick from Dillinger for a near-fall. Murphy butchered a huracanrana on Roode, but followed up with a worthy plancha. That in turn, set up the Tye Breaker on Samson for the win. Logical, but not much to rave about honestly aside from the crowd chants.

– The Triple-Threat match between Liv Morgan, Ember Moon and Billie Kay was the easiest thing to do with the Women’s Division, which we always call a “work in progress.” These three were probably the most over, so why not put them together in Kay’s home country? Kay had a big pop, but didn’t pander. In fact, she managed to draw strong heat as she acted appalled by the crowd. It began a fun dynamic, as they purposely antagonized her with chants. She played the coward heel to a tee early on, as she let Moon and Morgan battle it out. Unique spot where Moon and Kay each popped Morgan off of them at one when she tried to go for pins. Morgan actually went back and forth between the two like a convoluted game of ping pong. With all the one-counts, it inadvertently sparked more “10” chants, which we guess was good. Needless to say, the most dangerous spot was Morgan’s spill to the outside via a Kay back toss as she hit the apron on the way down with her lower back. Kay failed to pin Morgan on a sit-out powerbomb, as Morgan kicked Kay up to a standing position to get caught with The Eclipse. Just like that, Moon won. Also makes sense, as Moon remains the shining light of hope. With NXT Women’s Champion Asuka set to appear on next week’s return to Full Sail University, it’ll give us a good idea of where the Division’s headed forward.

– The NXT Tag Team Championship match between TM61 and Champions #DIY was probably something they itched to do upon their Australian arrival. The great thing about this NXT roster is that it bleeds diversity and you can actually create genuine moments when you hold shows in different countries. TM61 easily had the most to benefit with this crowd and they didn’t disappoint. One could also picture the ample athleticism. Shane Thorne and Tommaso Ciampa began with a quick-paced exchange. TM61 furthered their momentum with brainbusters, planchas and such. Great near-fall where Thorne gave up his own body for the powerbomb portion of a Tower Of Doom spot on Ciampa. Yup, Nick Miller was the one who powerbombed him, all for the gold. Johnny Gargano pushed Miller onto the pinfall attempt to break it up. Ciampa hit Thorne with a big backbreaker, for Miller to save the match at the last second. Miller hit Ciampa with a spinning sit-out powerbomb for another close near-fall, as the crowd groaned. It wasn’t long before the Champs sucked momentum right back with their Meeting In The Middle finisher on Miller to end the contest. #DIY rolled on as they retained for the second match in a row, after they did so in Osaka, Japan against Akira Tozawa/Tajiri. This was easily the best thing on the show and perhaps TM61’s most inspired effort. Seeing how TM61 in still on the verge of finding themselves, this certainly helped. The post-match sportsmanship was the classy way to go of course.






Quick Results

  • The Revival def. Riddick Moss/Tino Sabbatelli via pinfall 
  • Tye Dillinger/Buddy Murphy def. Bobby Roode/Elias Samson via pinfall 
  • Triple-Threat – Ember Moon def. Liv Morgan and Billie Kay via pinfall 
  • NXT Tag Team Championship – #DIY (Champions) def. TM61 via pinfall to retain 

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