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Photo courtesy of The Shining Wizards Podcast.

*Courtesy of The Shining Wizards Podcast*


First and foremost, The Shining Wizards: Matt, Kevin, Eddie & Tony would like to send our most positive thoughts and prayers to Jim Ross and his family.

On the uncomfortable Paige story: “You just try not to put yourself in those positions and it’s really unfortunate, the whole Paige stuff. I think people need to understand that she’s a human being, and one, she didn’t have any control over those things being put online, from everything I undertand. All WWE superstars have sex. I hate to break the news to everyone out there. All the guys have a penis and all the girls have a vagina and they do human being things. It absolutely sucks and whoever is responsible for that should be put in prison for even remotely sharing that with anybody. It’s just one of those things. We’re all human beings and we work hard and we all had a goal and we all accomplished it, and I think people get caught up watching people on their television screens and think they’re all of a sudden untouchable or larger than life. No, we’re all human beings and we all experience the same things everybody else experiences. It’s just that our lives are captured on TV at different moments. I think this is going to be a wakeup call for alot of people to not keep things on their phones maybe, where people are able to hack in there if that was the case. It’s no fault of her own. She did nothing wrong in this entire thing. Xavier Woods did nothing wrong. Everyone can form their opinion on this and that. They’re just human beings having sex and it’s no big deal. I thought WWE played it well with Xavier Woods last night (Monday) and move on from it. It’s what humans do. But it sucks that it had to happen to her.”

Conversation With The Big Guy: “It was something that was part of the whole grand scheme of things from the very beginning when I made the decision to leave WWE. I had started planning for that years in advance. Its from listening to different audio books on all the car rides and I’m really big on self-help books, but books on becoming an entrepreneur in business. I have a very oriented business mindset. Branding yourself, and everything I’m doing ties in together and the podcast was a way for me to have a platform to communicate with my fans outside of social media and just realizing how important podcasting is right now and moving forward in the future. And not only to promote everything I got going on, It gives me a voice and allows me to control the perception of how I want my fans to hear and see me. Where as I don’t have someone telling me we want you to do this and that, because this is how we want people to view you and see you. And we don’t want to give you this opportunity because we don’t want people to see how you are in this situation. Now, there’s nobody telling me no anymore. I have 100% control on the podcast and Pat (Buck) talk about this all the time and is our greatest asset with everything we got going on. It’s the most fun I have each and every week doing that with Pat. It’s a conversation that we have and we can talk every day and I told him that I think we need to do this and he agreed and we’ve grown every week and we’re approaching 70,00 listens a week. Hopefully we’ll break 100,000 here really quickly and just continue to grow. The biggest satisfaction I get from this is actually…wrestling is great and giving people entertainment through wrestling is great, but actually being able to provide real life help for people in their lives…There’s nothing…no better feeling than that.”

Finish Of His Mark Henry Match At WrestleMania 29 And More: “No, it didn’t make any sense to me and it bothers me to this day that I even let that happen. And I talked about it with my whole ankle situation. It was one of those things, and that was kind of Vince’s nail in the coffin to try and really bury the Ryback babyface character before they turned me heel the next night with Cena, which was the loudest reaction I got up to that point. It was 7 months of straight losses on Pay Per Views and that was running red hot and they took that momentum and transfered it over to The Shield with no payoff for me. I spoke with Vince for 30 minutes before the Wrestlemania PPV with the understanding that I was going over that night before the heel turn with Cena which would have made sense from a booking standpoint. One, picking Mark Henry up in the way I pick guys up for the Shell Shock, is no easy task. He’s such a large human being, and I not only had to pick him up once, I had to pick him up once and then fall on my face. Essentially they wanted me to look like I f*cked up my own finishing move. If you don’t belive what I’m saying about all these past incidents, just look at that one night. Logically from a creative standpoint with a have a babyface as hot as I was in that period… just imagine them booking Roman Reigns to embarrass himself, ya know what I mean? He’s red hot in a babyface role, or a Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins to look like they f*cked up on their own. All the guys, I remember, the guys that I’m close with up there go “you should not do this” and I was like what do you want me to do? I’ve already voiced my concern and he told me, “this is gonna be your first excuse as a heel that you couldn’t cut it. And it was just him lying. It was what it was. And luckily, if you look at that next night at RAW when I turned on Cena, the crowd was with me more than ever after 7 horrible months of booking in a top position. It sucked. I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t bother me to this day. Because I know how hard I worked for everything and stuff like that doesn’t come along all that often. We had something really special. But I’m still the same guy. My work ethic is still the same. That’s why I chose to ultimately leave.”



Ryback discusses Feed Me More Nutrition, His book available on Amazon and now on, WrestleCon & WrestlePro, plus so much more: Episode 303: Feed Me More Janela Spring Break

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