Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling 12/29/16: Honor And Prestige

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/29/16)

Honor And Prestige 

– This episodes highlights Episodes #73-78 and the majority focused on AML Wrestling’s Prestige Championship Tournament, set up similarly to Lucha Underground’s Battle Of The Bulls. Four separate Fatal Four-Ways where each winner would face off in their own Fatal Four-Way with that winner being the new Prestige Champion. It’s hard to tell right away where the belt falls on the talent spectrum, but it appears to be the upper midcard. Not a bad idea, since we could use more gold around these parts. The AML Wrestling Prestige Championship Tournament Qualifying match between Matt Sigmon, Elliott Russell, Sean Denny and Brandon Scott had a cool angle of seeing The Heatseekers compete against each other while you also had Scott of Team Axcellence and Denny from The Geordie Bulldogs, who were in a feud with The Heatseekers. Backstage promos came from Team Axellence (who pushed being in the Tourney together and how one was better than the other), The Heatseekers (who also spoke about the Tourney, as Sigmon was unaware that Russell was also in it) and GB (as Mark Denny thought he was in the Tournament instead of his partner) in a nice mix. They made plenty use of the “Tag Team Flavor.” Rightfully so. We liked how Sigmon tried to intimidate Mark Denny before the bell as he asked how his neck was, a direct reference to The Heatseekers’ attack. The match’s tag-in format killed a little buzz for us, since you had to know that The Heatseekers would obviously stick together. Formulaic action until we got a standoff between The Heatseekers, as Russell shoved Sigmon, but then hugged him, an obvious “troll” moment. The hug set up Denny’s flawless double missile dropkick. Scott hit the Scottbuster on Russell for a near-fall. In the end, Denny spit mist into Rusell’s eyes and scooped him up in a school boy to pin him. Denny’s advancement brings some tag team legitimacy to the Finals. The magic came with The Heatseekers’ brutal chair attack on Denny’s ankle as they slammed his ankle in between the chair numerous times. Denny sold the injuries brilliantly as he covered his face and even sped his breathing up, while other officials and even Owner Tracy Myers checked on him. Logical way to advance the GB-Heatseekers feud and one has to question Denny’s condition and perhaps the scenario where Mark steps in for him. Mark’s post-match promo was great, as he kept it serious (as opposed to his jokey self) and professed revenge for his brother and wanted the AML Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

– The AML Wrestling Prestige Championship Tournament Qualifying match between Joe Keys, Caleb Konley, Axton Ray and Jordan Kage began with backstage promos from The Dixon Line (we get the southern reference, but odd to have a tag team in 2016 named after that, as Ken Dixon sent a message to Brutal Bob Evans that he was fine without him), Konley (as he stood out from the rest trying to intimidate one another, he wanted to let his abilities speak for themselves and wouldn’t settle for second anymore) and Kage (who continued his cocky “Picture Perfect” persona and definitely settled into his character as he called himself prestigious too) for a decent hype. Kage certainly came off like the “Hollywood” type during his entrance. Konley was an early favorite with the crowd. Okay action, though we were confused as to why Ray distracted the Referee while Konley was double teamed by the heel duo. Kage hit an Overdrive on Konley to get a close two-count. That was the first sign, as he hit a Fuzzy 8 x 10 on Ray to get the pin and advance. Smart call, as this will only elevate Kage in better company. Good post-match Kage promo as he picked on the loud fans and pushed himself as a “soon-to-be picture perfect Champion.”

– The AML Wrestling Championship match between Champion King Shane Williams and Wildman Kongo was another test for the resilient Williams, who proved himself a fighting Champion. Kongo debuted in AML and had a World Title match already set up. How did that happen? Somebody like Cedric Alexander could certainly use that as fuel for a future heel promo. Kongo’s backstage promo made him come off like a mix of WWE’s Bray Wyatt (look) and King Kong Bundy (size). He screamed a lot and slapped himself twice. Williams’ backstage promo pushed his new agenda, as he claimed he put down Global Force Wrestling and now had his eyes on Ring Of Honor. Kongo came from ROH, though we don’t remember. We liked that he mentioned that even though he came from Nashville, Tennessee, he lived in North Carolina now to get a feel for the territory. He brought up past monsters who criticized him and called Kongo someone who he’d later piledrive. Kongo’s attire was a throwback to the late Umaga based off his singlet and half-face paint. Different dynamic as Shane was forced to change his style to combat the big man and opted for dropkicks early and often. It cleared Kongo out of the ring, but he never left his feet. Kongo downed Shane with a Samoan Drop and eyed his Queen at ringside and followed her around. She eventually slapped him, which turned him around into an enziguiri, two stinger splashes, four big right fists, powerslam, leaping elbow and then a big fist from the top rope. Hot damn. Kongo countered the piledriver attempt, but fell back into it and took some damage. Williams didn’t get all of it due to Kongo’s size perhaps, but they covered it well as they had Kongo put his arms under the ropes when Williams pinned him. In a nice tease, Kongo hit a sit-down shoulder breaker for a near-fall. Williams recovered and hit a more effective piledriver for the win. A general Williams post-match promo that echoed his earlier one, but we got the message that the Champ was on a roll and couldn’t be stopped.

– The Evans-Dixon match was the weakest of the bunch, but still a good effort on both ends. They replayed the Dixon Line promo from earlier that was the match’s basis. Dixon refused to “Hang With Bob” and believed he was better off without him. Evans’ mic work was good as he hyped the match well and threatened Keys not to get involved. Most of the action felt like a brawl and some of it even went outside the ring. Dixon played off the crowd nicely and dominated Evans for a good portion. Just when Evans sparked a comeback, Keys came out for a distraction purpose. Evans fought him off and turned back around into Dixon’s Flapjack finisher to lose the match. Dixon’s post-match promo fed his ego some more as he bragged about his “brutal” beating of Evans. Evans’ post-match promo saw him be a humbled loser in his debut and hoped to get revenge.

– The AML Wrestling Prestige Championship Tournament Qualifying match between Caprice Coleman, Jason Kincaid, Joseph Black and Jaxton James began with backstage promos from Coleman (who pushed his eagerness for the opportunity and put over his endurance skills), Black (who didn’t want to call himself a surefire winner, but was only a realist, yeahhhh what?) and Kincaid (who was only there to make history and win belts, not make friends or be loved by the fans, that’s about right) and nothing from James, one half of Jenny’s Last Chance. A good mix given the styles of the unorthodox Kincaid and the flashy Coleman. Funny start as Kincaid sat down Indian style to begin, as Black also sat like that across him and stared at him while he laid on his stomach. Just when Black and Kincaid contested in a battle of physics, they were pulled out of the ring by the other two opponents. Nice action highlighted by the triple German Suplex spot, which actually led to the finish. Since Coleman pulled himself out of being caught in it, he used it to hit the Sky Splitter to get the pin. Smart move to have Coleman in there, since he already was an experienced company Champion. Coleman’s post-match promo wasn’t anything fancy, but encouraged the fans to continue to support him, because he needed it.

– The AML Wrestling Prestige Championship Tournament Qualifying match between Alexander, Timmy Lou Retton, Raphael King and Rayo seemed like a no-brainer on paper. Alexander was one of the company’s top heels and we got more magic with his manager THE Timmy Thomas in the backstage promo, as Alexander mentioned how he was the best wrestler out of everyone and how even WWE wanted him for the Cruiserweight Classic. We wondered how long they’d wait to use that, given that this was filmed back in June 2016. Retton’s backstage promo was decent, as the Big E lookalike talked about how he was professional wrestling’s only professional gymnast and defined the word “prestige.” King’s backstage promo talked him up as a jungle fighter of sorts (whatever that meant) who wouldn’t leave until he had that belt. Rayo’s backstage promo was strangest as he was a mix of martial artist/soccer player and carried a big black ball as he shouted “GOAL!” at the end. Great mic work from Thomas before the bell, as he trashed the fans and told them why men, women and other wrestlers should be jealous of Alexander. He also bullied the cameraman into the ring and forced him to zoom in on his client. We liked Retton’s “Mr. 500” nickname, which came off being #500 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s 500 Best Wrestlers list. Alexander used the “Best In The World” chants as a reason to pander to the crowd and bullied his opponents separately. Rayo and Retton had some cool exchanges, before Rayo left the ring to obtain Retton’s baton and snapped it in half to some boos. Guess he’s a tweener? Alexander took out Rayo and didn’t see King from behind, as they fought it out next. Rayo performed a modified shattered dreams as he performed a running dropkick in the corner where Retton held the ball by his groin. Alexander called for Retton to work with him and it backfired. A highlight was Alexander’s springboard plancha which took out two opponents and parts of the first row. Good action to the end as we saw Alexander almost get pinned by King, only stopped when Thomas dragged the Referee out of the ring before he could count three and blamed the fans. Alexander took advantage and scooped King by the tights and got the win. Typical heel fashion with babyface tendencies, Alexander’s cocky persona’s certainly justified. Hopefully he can be like this in WWE in the future instead of Alicia Fox’s boy toy. Good post-match promo from the Thomas/Alexander duo, as Alexander again reminded us of the CWC and claimed he owned North Carolina, soon to own the Prestige Title too. All in all, the Prestige Championship match will feature Alexander, Kage, Coleman and Sean Denny. Not shabby.






Quick Results

  • AML Wrestling Prestige Championship Tournament Qualifying Match – Sean Denny (w/Mark Denny) def. Matt Sigmon, Elliott Russell and Brandon Scott via pinfall to advance to next round 
  • AML Wrestling Prestige Championship Tournament Qualifying Match – Jordan Kage def. Joe Keys, Caleb Konley and Axton Ray via pinfall to advance to next round 
  • AML Wrestling Championship – King Shane Williams (Champion) (w/Queen Taylor) def. Wildman Kongo via pinfall to retain 
  • Ken Dixon def. Brutal Bob Evans via pinfall 
  • AML Wrestling Prestige Championship Tournament Qualifying Match – Caprice Coleman def. Jason Kincaid, Joseph Black and Jaxton James via pinfall to advance to next round 
  • AML Wrestling Prestige Championship Tournament Qualifying Match – Cedric Alexander (w/THE Tommy Thomas) def. Timmy Lou Retton, Rayo and Raphael King via pinfall to advance to next round 

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