Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 12/29/16: Hardy New Year

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/29/16)

Hardy New Year 

– 2016 was a year for plenty, but for TNA, it was the Hardys’ resurgence upon their “Broken Universe.” In longterm storytelling at its finest, we saw a bold transformation from their classic selves to what we know them as today. This episode looked back on all the big moments that we’ll point you towards – The Last Man Standing match, the “I Quit” match, The Final Deletion, Delete Or Decay, The Great War and Total Nonstop Deletion. The Senor Benjamin/Reby/Broken Matt Hardy/Vanguard 1 cutscene in the Hardy living room set the show’s premise. Reby played a holiday jingle on the piano as Benjamin/Vanguard 1 sipped on “Benjamin’s Famous Coquitos.” Matt even sang a rendition of “The 12 Days Of Deletion.” He was hit with another “pree-muh-nee-shun” that at any given moment, the seven deities would reveal his next child’s gender. Yes. A clip show with purpose.

– The Matt/King Maxel/Benjamin/Vanguard 1 cutscene followed the first, as Matt told his son about the sibling on the way and sought Brother Nero’s input. He summoned Benjamin/Vanguard 1 to follow him to the infamous “Dome Of Deletion.” Hilariously, Matt detected alcohol on Vanguard 1 before he fainted (as he hid from him that he downed eight coquitos) and Benjamin told the drone to keep it together.

– The Matt/Benjamin/Vanguard 1/Itchweeed cutscene was all about the search for Nero. They stood outside his house to no answer, as Matt commanded Vanguard 1 to “sweep the area.” Vanguard 1 hovered by a window in the vicinity, where Willow could be seen doing… Willow things. Once Matt/Benjamin came to the window and called for Nero, they were answered by Itchweed, who claimed he’d get Nero for them. Woo hoo.

– The Matt/Nero cutscene was a nostalgic step forward in the Hardy realm, so to speak. They revisited the Dome Of Deletion, as they looked at the infamous sideways table where Matt one time gave Nero a Twist Of Fate through off the ring apron to break. Matt reminded Jeff of this moment and said that was when he took his soul, but it allowed the events of rapid changes that led to him being an obsolete mule that was stronger than ever. To end it, Matt told Nero to place the “unorthodox table” onto his back, as he’d lead the way.

– The Matt/Nero cutscene in the woods was newsworthy for those keeping score of their actual storyline. Matt told Nero to set the tabletop upon a pile of rubbish and told him about how Nero struggled with his own broken brilliance and had many identities trapped within him, but he fulfilled his odyssey when they reclaimed “The Tag Team Championships Of The World” and saved the line of deletion. With that, he’d give Nero back his soul, spirit and intellectual property. He gave him his blessings to be the “Charismatic Enigma” once more. To act upon that, he called Vanguard 1 over and commanded the seven deities to restore Nero. Lots of electricity and stuff in a moment where Nero’s soul was returned from Vanguard 1. Remember that he saved Vanguard 1 with Nero’s soul when he was destroyed by Rosemary. Points for continuity. On top of it, Matt commanded the table to be deleted and then lit ablaze with his own power. A great inferno came across the screen as the brothers watched on. That would’ve been a fit ending right there.

– The Matt/Nero cutscene hyped what was soon to come, as he told Nero the seven deities would reveal the next offspring’s gender. Nero mentioned the pros of each scenario (Boy = another King/new generation of “Hardy Boys,” Girl = King/Queen) as Matt said if it was a boy, the new generation wouldn’t grow up to be spot monkeys like the “Bucks Of Youth.”

– The Reby/Nero/Matt/Vanguard 1 final cutscene provided the big moment. Matt had another premonition that the gender would be revealed at the volcano, as he urged Nero to take out a video device and record the moment. Just when we wondered how on Earth they’d use a volcano to reveal a gender, blue smoke erupted, which meant one thing. It’s a boy. Another King will reign the Hardy household. Vanguard 1 was appointed the new son’s godparent. Only in the Broken Universe, but it worked so well we can’t even criticize it. This had a feel-good moment, like the end of most Toy Story movies. Yesssssssss. How exquisite.

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