Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 12/28/16: Reach For The Sky

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/28/16)

Reach For The Sky 

– The opening video replayed highlights from Ring Of Honor’s United Kingdom “Reach For The Sky” tour, with flips to go around. Given that this was ROH’s first time in the UK after a decade, it was good to see them highlight British Pro Wrestling’s best. More on that below. This was a “Best Of” episode, but was first-run material that featured Will Ospreay’s TV debut, as he fought three times in three nights.

– The ROH World Television Championship match between Champion Bobby Fish and Ospreay already sounded tasty on paper, given their clash of in-ring styles. Although we already knew the results (the ROH World Television Championship match at Final Battle was set up by the belt changing hands twice over the tour), it was still a fantastic match. Fish was more of a heel, as he played mind games. Ospreay stuck to his aerial tendencies, as he performed a sick plancha early on. Fish brings an aura to strategy to his matches, which makes the viewer look at things differently. To be able to assert damage on Ospreay’s knee, he “played possum” to catch him off-guard and took a few punches to get in that position. Fish controlled Ospreay as he tried to squirm out of his grasp and went into his kneebar. Ospreay managed to take the momentum and pin Fish’s shoulders to the mat to become new Champion. Ospreay is an ROH Champion in his first bout with the company. That’s about right. Fish briefly argued with the Referee, but then surrendered his Title to the better man and raised his arm.

– The ROH World Tag Team Championship match between Champions The Young Bucks and Ospreay/Marty Scurll already had a cool “Champions Vs. Bitter Rivals” storyline headed in. You see, we don’t know much about Scurll other than his creepy theme music, persistent man bun, burly beard and keen taste in white umbrellas, but him and Ospreay just hate each other. Period. They came together against the Bucks and brought their best. Ospreay shined in a lightning-quick exchange with Nick Jackson. The rivals played around as Scurll joined Ospreay in his plancha tease pose. Even better, he had his own version of “Suck it.” The Bucks worked their way back in control before Scurll snapped their fingers. Ouch. Always looks so painful. Referee Todd Sinclair accidentally got double superkicked, which opened the door for Scurll to play dirty, as he lowblowed YB and grabbed his umbrella from outside. Ospreay argued that he didn’t want him to use it, to which Scurll handed him the umbrella and told him to hit YB while he held them. Ospreay was hesitant and that caused him to hit Scurll square when YB moved. YB double superkicked Ospreay to the canvas and performed More Bang For Your Buck on Scurll. That could’ve been a buyable finish right there, but Ospreay broke the pin to keep it alive. As if that wasn’t enough, the finish was up there for one of the best ever. YB was set up for the Meltzer Driver on Scurll as Matt Jackson sprung off the ropes. Ospreay hit a springboard huracanrana on Matt, who flipped back over in time to still hit the Meltzer Driver and won the match. Just wow. The few replays didn’t do that justice.

– The ROH World Television Championship match between Champion Ospreay and Scurll formed from the finish of what we saw before, as Scurll blamed Ospreay for their loss. Similar to the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens-Sami Zayn feud, this was about a rivalry that was set inside of the ring. Two guys who knew each other inside and out. Crazy good chain wrestling exchange to start out. They played off the dueling chants and each pointed to their respective supporters. Scurll displayed some smarts as he hid under the ring apron to get a chance to clothesline Ospreay on the floor. Scurll went further with that ghastly finger snap. Intense near-falls on both ends down the stretch. Scurll caught on a crossface chicken wing out of nowhere and when that didn’t work, he grabbed his umbrella and made like he would strike. Ospreay answered with an emphatic bowfinger, as Scurll went forward with an array of finger snaps, punches, kicks and laid on the crossface chicken wing tighter to make Ospreay submit. Bam, new Champion. Certainly a great match that made us want to see more of this feud. Big pickup for ROH.






Quick Results

  • ROH World Television Championship – Will Ospreay def. Bobby Fish (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • ROH World Tag Team Championship – The Young Bucks (Champions) def. Will Ospreay/Marty Scurll via pinfall to retain 
  • ROH World Television Championship – Marty Scurll def. Will Ospreay (Champion) via submission 

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