Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 12/28/16: A Famous Opportunity

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/28/16)

A Famous Opportunity 

– The opening video recapped current storylines – Angelico returned to cast revenge against Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo, only to have a restraining order against him. Cage and Texano battled in a Best-Of-Five Series to determine who’d get Dario Cueto’s “Ultimate Opportunity,” as Cage currently had a 2-1 lead. Jeremiah Crane wanted to get his hands on Mil Muertes, as a way to get back at Catrina, whom was a former love interest. Lastly and most interesting, after weeks of declining Vampiro’s advice, Prince Puma finally listened and paid Grave Consequences. In the afterlife, Vampiro called for him to follow.

– The Vampiro/Puma cutscene confirmed our suspicions, but it was cool because Puma was now darker. This was like when Vampiro trained Pentagon, just without the creepy torture stuff. Most surprisingly, Puma openly referred to Vampiro as his master. That would’ve been a cooler way to leave off their story.

– The Crane-Muertes match had impact, but not length. Loved Catrina’s cold stare to start things out before Crane rushed across the ring to kick Muertes in the face. The monster responded as he nearly threw Crane over his head. Catrina licked her hand and ran it along Crane’s face on the ropes, as Commentator Matt Striker noted that Vampiro was oddly quiet. Sure enough, out of nowhere came Puma to attack Muertes with a kendo stick. which distracted him long enough to get scooped up for a quick pinfall. Nobody ever “dies” from Grave Consequences, do they? A decent idea, but Crane didn’t get much from that win. Cool to see Puma kneel before Vampiro from the ring, which raised questions from Striker that Vampiro refused to answer.

– The Sexy Star/Ricky Mandel cutscene furthered the “spider chronicles,” as he was dressed as a Mundo fanboy and gave her a gift he found, before he mentioned that he gave Mundo gifts all the time, but never received responses. She opened the box to find a spider inside. That’s not good for business. Maybe her and Chris Jericho can work together to prevent their arachnophobia.

– The Texano/Famous B/Brenda cutscene gave us a brief twist in the Best-Of-Five Series storyline, as Famous B blamed Texano’s flaws for his lack of crowd connection and offered his managerial services. Being the noble man he was, he turned it down and threatened to kick his ass. Famous told him to think about it. Nice hook.

– The Jack Evans/”Darewolf” PJ Black-Angelico/Son Of Havoc match revolved around Angelico’s score to settle with The Worldwide Underground. Loved the background story as he even brought in his old Trios partner to the fight. Angelico and Evans engaged in a well-done chain wrestling exchange. Overall, great action that seemed to dictate the babyface’s match to win before it appeared that Angelico dislocated his elbow. Oh no. In what might’ve been an audible, Evans hit a Phoenix Splash on Havoc to get the win. If Angelico’s injured again, that’ll suck for that storyline. If he got injured in the ring, that might’ve explained why they didn’t go full-force with the idea of retribution. Guess we’ll find out next week.

– The Cueto/Sexy Star cutscene in Cueto’s office granted us a future Sexy Star-Mariposa match, as she begged Cueto to give her the bout. Looks like someone’s dead set on the past. We also got a glimpse of Cueto’s secret box, that lit his face up in blue as he adored it between Sexy Star’s appearance.

– The Fourth Match of the Best-Of-Five Series between Cage and Texano with Cage leading 2-1 had some slight intrigue thanks to Famous B’s proposal earlier, while Cage looked for revenge. After all, Texano interfered and cost him a LUG Title shot with the help of his rope. Set as the main event, Cage was busted open early and Texano took advantage with a sit-down powerbomb to win the match and immediately tie the series. With 20 minutes or so left, that couldn’t be all. Of course not, as Cueto came out and started Match Five right there, as Cage hung on the rope, bleeding profusely. On top of that, Match Five was set to be Anything Goes.

– The Fifth Match of the Best-Of-Five Series under Anything Goes rules between Cage and Texano with the series tied 2-2 followed what we saw, as Texano continued his assault on Cage, now a crimson mask. Hell, he even bit Cage on the forehead. The action spilled over into the bleachers as Cage duplexes Texano on them, only to get spinebustered a few moments later. As Cage bled everywhere, it was clear they’d go all out for this final match. We also had it in our heads that perhaps the “Ultimate Opportunity” would be an immediate Title shot right there, having the winner go through three consecutive matches to become new LUG Champion. That seemed Cueto-esque, right? The hardcore action continued as Texano did a cross body off the barricade and threw Cage into a section of seats. Cage took an unprotected chair shot to the head (meh) and got whipped with the rope. Eventually, Cage battled back as he slammed the chair over Texano’s head to lay them both out temporarily. Good near-fall teases on both ends by this point, as Cage couldn’t quite put Texano away. Finally, it took more rope whips and an inverted sit-down piledriver to earn Cage the win and the series. Good match, but Striker laid it on a bit thick as he overpraised it. Post-match, Cueto got on the mic and told Cage he’d reveal what he won in his office, as the fans were too “weak-minded.”

– The Cueto/Cage cutscene in Cueto’s office allowed us to see what Cage won, as the secret box was opened. Inside was revealed to be an electric glove of some sort with magical powers. Cage turned it down initially before Cueto offered him to try it on. Thunder and electricity effects came on the screen as he choked Cueto and said he’d keep it. Cage seemed to be darker in demeanor, so lord knows what this glove will do. Seems kind of silly to have this whole Series be for a goofy electrical glove, but we’ll see how it affects Cage’s future before we give a true opinion.






Quick Results

  • Jeremiah Crane def. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) via pinfall 
  • Jack Evans/”Darewolf” PJ Black def. Son Of Havoc/Angelico via pinfall 
  • Best-Of-Five Series – Cage Leads 2-1 – Match 4 – Texano def. Cage via pinfall; Series tied 2-2
  • Best-Of-Five Series – Series Tied 2-2 – Match 5 Anything Goes – Cage def. Texano via pinfall to win “Ultimate Opportunity” 

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