Notes In Observance – WCWC 12/24/16: The Christmas Eve Serial Thriller

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/24/16)

The Christmas Eve Serial Thriller 

– The Northwest Express-King Khash/Julian Whyt match was predictable based off previous angles. The biggest development we got was the Phlex Walker/Marcus Malone duo name. Good sign that they intend to go far with them, since Malone’s team with Mikey O’Shea had potential, but never achieved much. Bad fashion seemed to be the match’s topic, as it ranged from Walker’s odd shiny grey sleeves-only attire to Mr. Tubbs’ bright orange orange shoes he wore with his suit. At least it helped that Malone matched Walker’s orange and blue colors. The action was tame, though Tubbs interjected at one point with his cane. They had Malone take punishment from the heels to set up a “hot tag” to Walker, but there was no smooth transition to the finish, it sort of just happened. We liked that Walker got the pinfall as it keeps his “newbie” momentum going. It also doesn’t hurt to get NWE off to the right foot with a victory.

– The WCWC Tag Team Champions The Bonus Boyz/Kate Carney backstage promo saw a fulfilled promise to “mollywhop the dinosaurs into extinction.” Charismatic stuff as usual from the jocks. They’re back, don’t you know. They also called Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi cowards for how they ran away, classic heel logic. In actuality, the two teams brawled to end last week’s show, but we’ll get into that more below.

– The WCWC Legacy Championship match between Champion Ethan HD and Ian Sutton was also built upon when Sutton won the #1 Contendership on a previous episode. Sensibly, Ethan wrote Sutton off as a threat. To help his cause, Sutton claimed in his backstage promo that he “could be a champeen.” Oh, dear. Anyways, this followed the lines of a typical Ethan defense, though we were surprised to see a more aggressive Sutton as he slammed Ethan into the steel steps. He followed up with a big leg drop and impactful lariat. Carney was back to her old tricks as she distracted Sutton outside the ring so Ethan could hit a suicide dive. We understood the finish as heel tactics, but it went over weird. Sutton had Ethan pinned after a single knee facebreaker, but at the three count, Carney placed Ethan’s foot on the rope. Sutton was on the top rope celebrating his “win,” which set Ethan up for a powerbomb and used his feet on the ropes to retain. Maybe it was all a ploy to get into a more serious Sutton character. We’re all for that. Lock up the barnyard, folks.

– The training room promo from the “Suspended Trio” of Alexander Hammerstone, Adam Thornstowe and Mikey O’Shea was great. It built up anticipation for an eventual showdown with The Wrecking Crew, who got them suspended. Hammerstone stole the segment as he spoke about the great reception he received upon his return as they itched to get back into the ring. Thornstowe called themselves the “BGC,” which we guess stands for “Bad Guys Club.” They probably won’t run with it, but then again, maybe they will.

– In pure Christmas fashion, we got a promo in front of a tree by The Heavenly Bodies, who hyped their debut to come in two weeks with a “wish for more gold.” Bring us there already. They’re just what the Tag team Division needs.

– The Serial Thriller-“Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews match appeared to be a squash to get Matthews over, at the expense of our new friend from the Nether Realm. Right. ST looked like a masked hybrid of Skeleton and Lawful, but we found it hilarious when he snuck up on Commentators Kris Kloss and Morty Lipschitz. When all else fails, create new jobbers. They also compared ST’s screams to Tarzan, which was a stretch. Anyways, it was exactly how it looked, as Matthews won with the Falcon Arrow. Basic, but necessary.

– “The Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right’s backstage promo hyped his upcoming match with “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson and set perspective on the 2016 he had, highlighted by the accomplishment of becoming WCWC’s first Grand Slam Champion. He mentioned that the belts were now gone from his grasp, but he had the chance to make things better with a fight against Gibson. He showed some nice anger in there too.

– The Gibson-Right match again saw Gibson out without Tubbs, who he is 1-0 without. Have to love continuity. A decent match where both men had each other scouted. Gibson was hit with the airplane spin, but avoided the sleeper in time and targeted Right’s mustache. That set up the finish where Right’s mustached family member cost him the match again, as he stole Right’s tonic and distracted him enough to get rolled up by Gibson. Right did get a punch in there and his tonic back, but it was too late. Smart way to advance the “family history” storyline. Right drank the tonic and ran to the back. Hope the mustache guy’s okay. Gibson also picked up another Tubbs-less victory.

– Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi’s backstage promo hyped the main event, as Gangrel claimed they’d “lose their cools” and Bodhi said it’d be different this time and the gold would be around “their sexy waists.” Cue carnival music. Christy Olson was scared. Her facial expressions are always perfect with these two.

– The WCWC Tag Team Championship main event match between Gangrel/Bodhi and Champions The Bonus Boyz was a continuation of last week’s events. We loved that commentary laid last week’s drama on thick, as they claimed the police got involved in a brawl that lasted 20 minutes after they went off the air. “We almost got shut down” is justifiable enough for a rematch to settle the score. They picked right up where they left off, as BB attacked the faces upon their entrance. Another brief brawl ensued before the action went into the ring. Gangrel suffered much abuse by BB (and Carney), all to build to a hot tag to Bodhi after a few teases. A good finish that saw Carney’s interference tactics backfire on the base of miscommunication, as Clutch Kucera accidentally knocked her off the apron, which allowed Gangrel/Bodhi to win when they hit their finisher. That meant that Gangrel/Bodhi were new Champions. Woot woot.






Quick Results

  • The Northwest Express def. King Khash/Julian Whyt (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall 
  • WCWC Legacy Championship – Ethan HD (Champion) (w/Kate Carney) def. Ian Sutton via pinfall to retain 
  • “The Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews def. The Serial Thriller via pinfall 
  • “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson def. Eric Right via pinfall 
  • WCWC Tag Team Championship – Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi def. The Bonus Boyz (Champions) (w/Kate Carney) via pinfall to become new Champions 

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