Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling LIVE! 12/23/16: Beyond Regulation

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez 


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/23/16)

Beyond Regulation 

– This round of reviews will chronicle AML Wrestling LIVE’s Episodes #68-72 and an “online exclusive” bout. It has been some time since AML had been around, so we were eager to dive into the pool. The Online Exclusive match between The Regulator and JR Reynolds was the result of Regulator’s (a masked, agile Braun Strowman-esque monster) backstage assault on his former opponents in a tag team called LaBron James. Yes, that’s their names. A constant with these episodes was that the mic audio was hard to pick up with the crowd out there. Luckily, Regulator had a great manager in “THE” Tommy Thomas and we didn’t even need to hear him to get what he said. Reynolds came out as “the next victim” and had a fair, though generic build with a beard, tattooed body and muscles. It was noted to be his debut, as he expected a Regulator squash at the least. Commentator Blake Chadwick noted the improved entranceway, though it looked unspectacular. The match’s story was decent as we saw Regulator dominate early on with a body scissors submission before Reynolds battled back. In fact, this was the most vulnerable Regulator has looked, especially when he almost lost after Reynolds hit a modified frog splash. However, as quickly as that came, the momentum switched again and Regulator hit his double underhook sit-down powerbomb finisher to end it. Might we suggest they name it “Pure Regulation”? Anyways, Thomas’ post-match promo christened his protege a “future Champion” as he bullied around Interviewer Tim Blaze.

– The Elliott Russell-Caprice Coleman match had a unique angle since this was Russell’s first-ever singles match in almost two years with AML and his tag partner Sigmon would be absent. Yup, AML Tag Team Champions The Heatseekers were solo artists on this edition. Coleman’s charismatic pre-match promo was maybe his best work to date, compared to the crapola he has had to push in Ring Of Honor with The Cabinet/The Rebellion. Coleman was the pure hometown hero and they didn’t shy away from that, as his own son introduced him to the ring. Some good back-and-forth action that also spilled outside. Russell even took a huracanrana on the unprotected gymnasium floor. The heel targeted Coleman’s lower back with moves like the backbreaker (duh) and a Boston Crab. It wasn’t long though before Coleman fought out of it and mustered enough advantage to hit his Sky Splitter finisher to get the win. The post-match angle was more memorable and well-done, as Coleman tried to get Russell to shake his hand after he put him over as a strong fighter. It happened, but Russell attacked him afterwards, which cued The Geordie Bulldogs to come and clear Russell from the ring. That was logical since the GB-Heatseekers were intensely feuding.

– The Damien Wayne-Zane Dawson match had a backstory where Wayne looked to salvage their third meeting, while George South/Dawson were livid that Wayne wouldn’t let things go with them. Dawson’s one of AML’s better talkers and runs with a reputation for being an intense menace to company employees, so it was good to see that in his promo. On the other hand. Wayne comes off like a toned-down “American Badass” Undertaker with his biker bandana, promo style and tattoos, but it works for him. This was every bit the “heavyweight” bout it was set up to be, as both men took on a brawl style for the majority. South also got great heat, as he was drowned out by boos during his pre-match promo. Dawson’s hand was an early target as the action swung even. Nice near-falls towards the end on a Wayne top rope elbow drop and Dawson’s low blow/school boy pin. The finish was fine, as Wayne hit Dawson with a foreign object with the Referee incapacitated in the corner. It wasn’t crazy though, since Wayne caught the object in mid-air as it was meant for Dawson from South. Wayne finally got his win, but then we got an attitude change as he clobbered South when South confronted him after the bell. The moment he went “off his rocker” was when he attacked the Referee and beat him down, to the point where the locker room/ringside officials had to step in. His “I’m tired of playing second fiddle” post-match promo points to a possible heel turn, which was interesting given other heels were used to set it up. Either way, Wayne’s drive to defeat Dawson drove him up the wall. Literally. We love it.

– The GB-Jenny’s Last Chance match was the weakest of the bunch, as it never hit a second gear. We need a better angle than JLC not “having moonshine.” GB had a slight advantage with their “Snapmare City” pre-match promo, but we were eh about the matchup. It didn’t feel like the Top Contenders match it apparently was. The ring action was alright with a combination of chain wrestling and submission-based grappling. Some trash talk was also thrown in there, but we don’t remember much besides for Brady Pierce’s Davey Boy Smith tribute with his delayed suplex. After 13 minutes, GB “stole” the win on a surprise rollup. The post-match angle teased some dissension between GB, but ultimately resulted in the four guys making peace. Meh.

– The AML Wrestling Championship match between “The Exclamation Point” Steve Anthony and Champion King Shane Williams looked good on paper, as Williams could continue his hot momentum with the belt in a match that could bring Anthony more attention. Anthony has never been short of confidence and we saw more here, as he claimed there’d be no piledrivers given to him and put himself over as “Mr. Action” and “King Of The 450.” There were also a lot of Rick Rude-style gyrations. Williams’ pre-match promo put the belt over and the struggles he went through to get it. Also liked Williams/Queen Taylor’s matching green shirts that read “#LegalizePiledrivers 2016” on them. They should’ve reversed the promo orders since we saw Anthony speak about a line that Williams used in his promo as he referenced the late great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s “I’m all out of bubblegum” catchphrase. He reacted to what Williams said, but technically Williams didn’t say it yet. Williams was certainly over, as the fans shrieked for him upon his entrance. We were baffled when Chadwick didn’t discuss Thomas coming out and sitting ringside as he donned a Williams shirt underneath his blazer. Maybe they didn’t want to bring attention to it? Odd. Anthony had things his way when he smashed a water bottle over his head, slammed him into the ring post and then performed a running lariat as he sat upon a chair. Williams began a comeback, but was dropped into the turnbuckle. He turned it around to apply a Figure Four leg lock and that’s when Regulator/Cedric Alexander attacked him to end things in DQ. Thomas came in the ring and took off the Williams shirt, so we were especially confused that they didn’t bring it up before. They could’ve teased Thomas “scouting” Williams as a possible client. That was a wasted chance. What they did nicely was tease Anthony being a “Tommy Thomas Guy” only to attack Thomas and hit Regulator with a superkick. We almost saw Thomas receive a piledriver by Taylor, before the heels pulled him out. An apparent face turn by Anthony, as he mentioned that he had a common enemy now. Good stuff as we saw the faces clear the heels from the ring and taunted them to come back, to which they refused.

– The Four Corners match between Alexander, Jordan Kage, Axton Ray and Joe Black was a clever way to see Alexander in action while Ray debuted as a singles competitor and Black/Kage debuted in general. The pre-match promos were key. Black used metaphorical references of writing a memoir on his career and it’d start tonight. Ray played up his singles opportunities. Kage carried a “Picture Perfect” moniker and tried to play the snarky, know-it-all heel, but he struggled with that promo. Alexander’s promo was strong heel work as he complained about “wasting his talents on three meaningless wrestlers” and sent Thomas off to fix things. A chaotic pace as things got better. Black made an instant impression with his suicide dive DDT on Alexander. Don’t think we’ve seen that before. Alexander and Black had great chemistry and we loved their exchanges. The double suplex spot they did came off well, though we swear Alexander has recently done that on TV. This was months ago though, so not his fault. Ray performed a Tope Con Hilo as he nearly landed on an old lady in the front row, who looked like she kissed him on the forehead as he sat up in front of her. Funny. Cool spot where Cage hit a double Sliced Bread Number Two on Alexander/Ray and performed a backbreaker on Black in the corner. Eventually, with help to distract the Referee from Thomas, Alexander won with the Lumbar Check on Ray, who avoided it initially but ran out of luck. An excellent match overall that made for easy debuts, a glimpse into a potential Ray singles run and another chance to put Alexander over. We could take his words seriously when he claimed to have one of wrestling’s best years. Too bad he traded Thomas for Alicia Fox upon his WWE stay. Great heel mic work as they made Blaze bow down to Alexander to close things out after he stated he’d be on a “hunt for gold.”






Quick Results

  • The Regulator (w/THE Tommy Thomas) def. JR Reynolds via pinfall 
  • Caprice Coleman def. Elliott Russell via pinfall 
  • Damien Wayne def. Zane Dawson (w/George South) via pinfall 
  • The Geordie Bulldogs def. Jenny’s Last Chance via pinfall 
  • AML Wrestling Championship – King Shane Williams (Champion) (w/Queen Taylor) def. Steve Anthony via DQ; Williams retains 
  • Four Corners Match – Cedric Alexander (w/THE Tommy Thomas) def. Axton Ray, Jordan Kage and Joe Black via pinfall 

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