Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 12/21/16: Glorious Cien 10 Strong

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/21/16)

Glorious Cien 10 Strong 

– The Billie Kay-Daria Berenato match traced back from when Berenato sought revenge on the Aussie Mean Girls after they abandoned her in tag team action. It was decided that Kay would be the one to take the mixed martial arts/boxer fighter on. The story up to here made sense, so we wondered how they’d fare in the ring. Peyton Royce accompanied Kay to the ring, so that already invited shenanigans. A nice start as Berenato kicked Kay in the spine and made her a makeshift punching bag. Royce began to be a factor as she repeatedly pulled Kay out of the ring and attacked Berenato on the outside, out of the Referee’s view. That led to Kay’s big kick to earn her the win. Didn’t expect Kay to actually go over and we’re concerned about Berenato’s future. She has something interesting there as far as her gimmick and after being set up to lose, now she has lost again, albeit in dirty fashion. They haven’t done much to establish Berenato as an in-ring threat. AMG’s post-match promo was a clear call-out to NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, as they deemed themselves worthy competition. They were met with constant boos that bordered on “go-away heat,” which they should’ve played off of more. The “No one cares” chants had to hurt. That said, the way they’ve built up Kay/Royce is desirable, but how can they take Asuka on when they can’t even beat the likes of Ember Moon, Liv Morgan and Aliyah, two of which are glorified enhancement at this point?

– The Authors Of Pain-Anthony Bowens/John Ortagun match was a pure squash, though probably not as planned. Bowens came from WrestlePro (and formerly Pro Wrestling Syndicate) as it should’ve been a happy moment for him in NXT. This bout already had some negative social media buzz that brought attention to AOP’s careless stiff style, particularly when they powerbombed Ortagun directly onto Bowens’ head. After he spotted Bowens in clear pain, the Referee stopped the match legitimately before AOP could deliver their finisher on him. Might’ve saved his career right there. We were surprised they actually showed that match on television and didn’t skip it entirely. Ellering’s post-match promo was paint-by-numbers stuff that put his boys over as “ready contenders” at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio.

– The Asuka/Nikki Cross backstage segment developed things, since Asuka wrote off AMG and interacted with Cross, who hung from the steel stage nearby and laughed at the Champ.

– The hype video package for the NXT Championship #1 Contender Fatal Four-Way Elimination main event was well-done in terms of making it feel important for everyone involved. It helped that all four men won individual matches to get here, as we got promos from each guy that focused on what being Champion meant to them. They played up Tye Dillinger’s eagerness to “win the right way” and was the clear fan-favorite headed in. Andrade “Cien” Almas was awesome, as he tapped into his confidence meter and insulted No Way Jose in the process. The fact he wants to be Champion “to shut everyone up” fits his gimmick. Roderick Strong’s promo was probably the weakest, but he had the gift of name recognition and they didn’t need to do much to establish his credibility to NXT’s target audience. He’s precise, aggressive and an experienced Champion. Boom, done. Bobby Roode’s portion had a good argument as he already had wins over Almas and Dillinger, as he also questioned who Strong was as a challenge. His desire to make the NXT Championship “glorious” and with Shinsuke Nakamura as Champion, he’d probably get the green-light as the next challenger. Roode was an experienced main eventer in TNA, so it wasn’t foreign territory.

– The Fatal Four-Way Elimination NXT Championship #1 Contender’s match between Roode, Almas, Strong and Dillinger was a clever way to get to Nakamura’s next obstacle and spotlighted everyone involved. Some early highlights included Almas’ stiff chops on Strong, Strong’s plancha onto everyone to head into the commercial break and the classic tower of doom. The Strong-Roode exchanges were also solid and the way everyone went at each other, we got the sense that they all wanted the same thing – victory. Things got better once the eliminations began. Strong eliminated Almas with the Sick Kick after he had hit the double knees in the corner on Dillinger. Strong didn’t last longer, as he was put down with the Tye Breaker to make the final two Dillinger-Roode, a familiar sight. They played up Dillinger’s tendencies to come close and fall short again. The crowd was fully invested, as they thought this could finally be the moment he gets his glory. A Dillinger-Nakamura match also wasn’t a crazy thought. The final fall’s story was that Dillinger threw everything he could at Roode (including a superkick and Tye Breaker) and couldn’t put him away. He got overzealous when he attempted a Tye Breaker off the top rope and that set Roode to seat him eagle-spread onto the top rope and a Glorious DDT later, it was Roode who won. Dillinger wallowed in his own defeated soul once more. Perhaps they’re telling a story with this. At the least, maybe he’ll be absent off television for a while and make a grand return. They’re really making us join Dillinger for the ride.






Quick Results

  • Billie Kay (w/Peyton Royce) def. Daria Berenato via pinfall 
  • The Authors Of Pain (w/Paul Ellering) def. Anthony Bowens/John Ortagun via referee stoppage 
  • NXT Championship #1 Contender Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match – Bobby Roode def. Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong and Andrade “Cien” Almas 

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