Notes In Observance – WWE 205 Live 12/20/16: Room For Only One King

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/20/16)

Room For Only One King

– As it should, the opening video recapped the Roadblock: End Of The Line WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple-Threat where Champion Rich Swann survived Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins, but wasn’t ready for Neville’s anger storm. In seconds, he went from humbled fan favorite to sinister villain and we loved it. They spliced in last night’s Raw angle that set the night’s tag team main event, as Neville boasted himself “The King Of The Cruiserweights” and gained a convenient friend in Kendrick as they beat the babyfaces down again.

– The Ariya Daivari-Lince Dorado match was a smart showcase for Daivari as he continued his feud with “The Extraordinary Gentleman” Jack Gallagher. Daivari faced Dorado on Raw two weeks back when Gallagher “gentlemanly interfered,” so we picked up where they left off. Not much flash in the bout, as we hoped for a Gallagher run-in for at least a clean Daivari win. Hey, we’ll take the latter. Commentator Austin Aries made a funny comment that argued that Dorado aged quickly since he now had grey hair. Dorado hit a handspring stunner (Lethal Injection) and followed with a scary tope con hilo where he landed headfirst onto Daivari’s knees. That could’ve been a lot worse. After some sleek transitions, it was the Persian Lion Splash that ended it. All things considered, Daivari’s “scoundrel” promo was weak, but we respect the effort to move the feud along. Needless to say, an appearance from Gallagher would’ve immediately boosted it.

– The Neville/Kendrick backstage segment was necessary, since it painted the idea that Kendrick tried to buddy up to Neville, but it didn’t completely work. Neville’s his own man, yet didn’t turn him away for the mission of their cause to dominate the Division.

– Tajiri’s hype video aired promised his debut in weeks to come. He’ll blend easily into this roster as a babyface veteran amongst the rookies.

– The Cedric Alexander-Drew Gulak match was the chance to show off Alexander’s abilities while they advanced his feud with Noam Dar, whom had eyes on his girl Alicia Fox the last time we checked. Interesting to note that Gulak came out without his medieval coat, so we wonder if he dropped it to come off more menacing. Strike-heavy on both ends, but the only memorable move was Alexander’s suplex that took Gulak over the ropes, to which he held on. It also helped to have Fox at ringside, as its set up the finish per se, as Gulak pushed Alexander into Fox to knock her down. That provided the perfect opportunity for Dar to swoop in and be the “nice guy” to carry her to the back. It confused us that Alexander’s immediate thought upon seeing that was to hit his Lumbar Check and get the pin than to run after Dar. Granted, he did after the bell, but still. Maybe they’re setting Fox to bring that up if they ever argue. Gulak’s misogynistic post-match comments were exactly that. Not sure what his character is supposed to be, but the “man’s world” stuff is a lousy way to gain heat in 2016.

– Gallagher’s hype video showed off his signature gimmick highlights and brash headbutts, with a gentleman twist.

– The Fox/Dar/Alexander backstage segment was sensible followup, as Dar clearly had bad intentions, but clouded Fox’s thoughts as a gentleman. Kind of odd that Alexander would openly thank the guy who made cheesy holiday pickup lines on his girl last week, but Dar’s sinister smile made it work.

– The Neville/Kendrick-Swann/Perkins main event was about as good as it gets, as far as in-ring action and development. We saw a deeper dive into Neville’s character, as his offense was more ground-based as opposed to his old high-flying maneuvers. Swann did a swell job to sell the effects of Neville’s moves in the corner. We liked that they painted light tension among the heels when Kendrick opportunistically tagged himself in when he saw fit, to a glare from Neville. Also liked how commentary pointed out how Swann had heart for the way he kept coming back in despite not being one hundred percent, but lacked intelligence. As things progressed and Perkins joined the action, we got some great teases on both sides of possible finishes. Just when it seemed like it could end, someone would break it up. It felt like even we couldn’t call just how it’d end. It made sense for Neville to be the one to go over as he pinned Perkins with the Red Arrow, but we would’ve held off on that finisher since it’s his signature crowd-pleaser. Still a great match, but taken the fan’s reaction (or lack of at times), they’ll need to do a lot of work to get people to evenly remotely invest in this emotionally or go against Neville, who finds himself the most over in the Division in the matter of two days.






Quick Results

  • Ariya Daivari def. Lince Dorado via pinfall 
  • Cedric Alexander (w/Alicia Fox) def. Drew Gulak via pinfall 
  • Neville/Brian Kendrick def. Rich Swann/TJ Perkins via pinfall 

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