Notes In Observance – WCWC 12/17/16: The Wrong Day To Pick A Fight

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/17/16)

The Wrong Day To Pick A Fight 

– The WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship match between Champion Grappler III and Adrian “The Adrenaline” Matthews had the right idea. We liked G3’s pre-match promo, as he told us that Alexander Hammerstone, Adam Thornstowe and Mikey O’Shea were suspended by the Athletic State Commission for their actions and wouldn’t be there. The crowd heckled G3, which was fun to see. Their jeers drowned him out at one point. Given The Wrecking Crew’s affiliation with Commentator Morty Lipschitz (their lawyer), it was the logical route. Did he make good on his promise to prevent another Hammerstone appearance? As far as the match, it went how we expected. G3 worked him over, while Jeremy Blanchard repeatedly interfered on the outside. Commentary also spoke of a “streak” that Matthews rode headed in. It would’ve helped to actually mention some names that he beat on this “streak.” Better selling point. Matthews outmuscled Blanchard as he punched him off the apron and unleashed an array of momentum to set up a senton, but missed. It was there where G3 kicked him with his loaded orthopedic boot to retain. The kick looked like it barely connected, but it was what it was.

– The Beast The Butcher/Shadow backstage promo offered more verbiage than a silent film. Exactly. We found that fact entertaining given their dynamic/situation. We only knew they were about to battle The Midnight Marvels from Interviewer Christy Olson. It would’ve been cool to hear something from BTB, but no words can also be scary.

– The BTB/Shadow-MM match was the show’s traditional tag match. It was actually the third time that Damian Drake and BTB fought, with the superheroes hopeful to turn the tide. A BTB/Shadow alliance could benefit both acts, but they don’t talk, so that limits the idea. Drake withstood a torturous assault in the corner, as a hot tag to Spyder Warrior was imminent. Only thing was that they dragged that out too long. Thankfully, after it happened, the action picked up dramatically. Eventually, MM hit Clocks Strikes Midnight as SW covered Shadow. There was a moment where the heels miscommunicated, so will that lead to anything next week? Poor BTB. That was two straight losses, albeit he was somewhat protected this week.

– The Heavenly Bodies (Gigolo Justin and Desirable Dustin) hype promo captured their aura as we awaited the three weeks until their West Coast Wrestling Connection debuts. It was as if they walked over from Pro Wrestling Syndicate, but we know what these guys can do and it’ll be fun to have another heel team in the mix. Their logo graphic also looked cute.

– The Julian Whyt-Marcus Malone match was fine for the face-heel dynamic and the way they used the Mr. Tubbs-Malone mini-rivalry as a backstory. Loved the emphasis by commentary that both talents were Grappler’s Wrestling Academy graduates, which spoke that these guys represented the future. Oh, it looked bright. Nice in-ring action though with no flashy moves. The finish was good, as Malone knocked Tubbs off the apron when he had Whyt pinned and attempted to get to the top rope when Khash pushed him off to cause the disqualification. That set up Phlex Walker (the rookie who defeated BTB in his debut) to make the save. That presumably sets up a future tag team match and we’re okay with that.

– The Malone/Walker backstage promo was cool followup, as Malone was more fired up. He claimed Khash “picked the wrong day to pick a fight,” as Walker mostly repeated him. Walker’s got a fierce look to him, but give us a better promo. That said, more potential than ever for Malone/Walker as a team.

– The WCWC Tag Team Championship main event match between Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi and Champions The Bonus Boyz was well-hyped and they had no problem reviving history back from when the two had a Hardcore Weapons match. We were slightly disappointed we got no pre-match backstage promo from Gangrel/Bodhi. Things were urgent once the faces attacked the heels even before they got to the ring. The gist of it was that, “These guys can’t stand each other and this is supposed to be a regular match, not a hardcore one!” and it worked to some extent. Kate Carney was a feisty ringside presence as always and the hot tag to Gangrel was built-up well. To their credit, this did feel like the one time the belts could go in either direction. The main problem is that the Hardcore Weapons match felt like the peak. Unless they find a stipulation that outdoes that one, we’re hard-pressed for a worthy conclusion without other tag teams in the mix. Looked like we were headed that way given the no-contest finish as both teams brawled towards the stage. The “abrupt” end fit their feud and we liked how Commentator Kris Kloss fought to try to get a camera to the backstage only to tell us that we’d have to tune back in next week.






Quick Results

  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Grappler III (Champion) (w/Jeremy Blanchard) def. “The Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews via pinfall to retain
  • The Midnight Marvels def. Beast The Butcher/The Shadow via pinfall 
  • Marcus Malone def. Julain Whyt (w/Mr. Tubbs) via DQ
  • WCWC Tag Team Championship – Grangrel/Sinn Bodhi and The Bonus Boyz (Champions) (w/Kate Carney) to a no-contest; Bonus Boyz retain 

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