Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 12/14/16: A Worldwide Documentary

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/14/16)

A Worldwide Documentary 

– The opening video highlighted Angelico’s airborne return as he sought revenge against Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo, who beat Sexy Star for the Title with help from his Worldwide Underground mates, one of which (“Darewolf” PJ Black) lost to Sexy Star after, which earned her a rematch (and bypass the Battle Of The Bulls Tournament) in a steel cage. Also shown was snippets of the Drago-Kobra Moon storyline.

– The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament First Round match between Killshot, Dante Fox, Mariposa and Jeremiah Crane was a smart ensemble that meshed several rivalries together (Killshot-Fox, Mariposa-Crane) in a way that allowed everyone to individually stand out. Killshot opened with harsh kicks on all. Fox followed with multiple suicide dives and a springboard plancha. Plenty of high-flying action as Killshot his a moonsault plancha. Crane smashed a chair over Fox’s head, unprotected. Yikes. Crane arranged a Jenga tower of chairs, but a few fell down, as Commentator Matt Striker “saved” it as he announced that it only made the tower more menacing as legs stuck out. Mariposa began a Tower Of Doom spot that brought everyone down onto the chairs. Ouch City. She followed up as she tossed chairs at the guys separately and repeatedly. After that was a boot slap bonanza, with kicks from everyone for everyone. Fox put down Killshot with a springboard codebreaker. Mariposa performed her finisher on Killshot directly on a seated chair. Super ouch, as Killshot landed on his neck practically. Fox hit a seated springboard senton on Crane for a two-count. Crane countered with a Cranial Contusion to get the victory. An excellent “chaotic” match that helped everyone. Mariposa appeared to gain the most, as the fans chanted for her several times. Obviously, the Killshot-Fox feud continued and only gained more strength with the post-match angle where Killshot clobbered Fox with a Curb Stomp and double stomp from the top rope. Good stuff.

– The Worldwide Underground cutscene bordered on comedic, yet hyped the main event. They shot it in mockumentary style from Taya’s point of view as Director. Jack Evans/Black played air guitar and goofed, before Mundo walked in, claimed that this was his group and warned his buddies to think of a plan or risk exile. Taya was great, as she played it off like it was a “performance.”

– The Sexy Star cutscene was an intricate part of the show, as we saw her shadow boxing and training, clearly focused on Mundo. Subtle, yet effective. The twist came when she opened her locker and found a spider at the bottom. Whether it was a toy or a dead one wasn’t revealed, but it was enough to rattle her brain.

– The KM-Drago match had some background since we already met KM’s tribe mates that she summoned to capture Drago, so their debut was inevitable. Unfortunately, the actual match was too short, but it set up the debut of Lizardman and Luchasaurus, mainly because their names weren’t described. The fans chanted “Luchasaurus” at the tall, tattooed dinosaur-masked man. Commentary clearly tried to divert our attention from that, as they described him as a monster. Anyways, we saw Drago and AeroStar try to save their Lucha Trios Champion partner but were annihilated by Luchasaurus’ big boots and double chokeslam. He delivered a Tombstone Piledriver on Fenix. It was hard to decipher if the heel heat was strong or of the “go-away” variety. The last image was KM’s tribe mates abducting Drago as they left. We’re curious to see how they follow that.

– The Sexy Star/Mariposa cutscene began Sexy Star’s search for the… Spider-Locker-Leaver-Person? God, that’s a bad mystery title. We’ll get back to you with one that’s Pillsbury Doughboy fresh. It made sense for Sexy Star to blame Mariposa. After all, she tortured her for six months last season. This was about Sexy’s anger and that was on display, as Mariposa denied any wrongdoings, which caused Sexy to unleash a punch that missed and broke the wall behind them. Vicious.

– The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament First Round match between Evans, Black, Son Of Havoc and Angelico had good energy with innovative moves worked in. Havoc did a double turtle stomp on both Evans and Black, while Evans was held in the air by Angelico. Black/Evans had their way with Angelico, before he made a comeback. The match’s coolest spot was Angelico’s superplex on Evans that took them outside the ring and onto Black. Evans had a hard fall as he landed directly on a chair and overshot his landing, but he looked alright. We figured this bout was gift-wrapped for Angelico, since he was dead set on Mundo, but the finish went a different direction. Black gestured for Evans to pin him, as he rolled him up to win instead. Lame, but we guess this was done to preserve Black/Evans’ WU spots. It feels like Black/Evans try too hard to be Lucha Underground’s Young Bucks.

– The Rey Mysterio Jr./Dragon Azteca Jr. cutscene was decent followup of Matanza Cueto’s previous attack on DA as a way to get to Mysterio. The bit here was that Matanza’s attack made him feel as if he understood his destiny. Mysterio was like Raw General Manager Mick Foley telling Sami Zayn he couldn’t beat Braun Strowman – “It’s a fight you can’t win.” DA was so pent up that he told his mentor he couldn’t tell him what to do anymore because he’d build his own legacy and start with the end of Matanza’s life. Give credit for making DA look tough, but he’ll likely need help.






Quick Results

  • Battle Of The Bulls Tournament – First Round – Jeremiah Crane def. Killshot, Dante Fox and Mariposa via pinfall to advance 
  • Drago def. Kobra Moon via DQ
  • Battle Of The Bulls Tournament – First Round – “Darewolf” PJ Black def. Jack Evans, Son Of Havoc and Angelico via pinfall to advance 

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