Notes In Observance – WCWC 12/10/16: The War Gets Settled

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/10/16)

The War Gets Settled 

– The “Rock God” Ricky Gibson-Spyder Warrior match felt routine, but had a unique angle of no Mr. Tubbs at ringside. Despite that, it still felt seen before. It was portrayed early as an even affair before Gibson’s experience got him the advantage with long rest holds to break Warrior down. Gibson also showed nice confidence, as he posed over Warrior several times. While they gave Warrior some credibility in that he had the first Power Ballad attempt scouted (probably didn’t help that Gibson shouted the move’s name right before), but fell victim to the second. This was the most interesting thing they did with Gibson in months, as we’re left to wonder what the possible fallout might’ve been between him and Tubbs. Commentary made sure to raise it on viewer’s minds.

– The WCWC Legacy Championship #1 Contender’s match between Julian Whyt and Ian Sutton felt like a mismatch, since you’d think Sutter would be easy pickings for an up-and-coming heel like Whyt, but thanks to this stipulation and the fact that there was a heel Champion, all signs pointed to a Sutton victory. Sutton continued his bumbling redneck ways, which didn’t help the stereotype, but we got a kick out of “Sutton Family” written on his overalls. Luckily, Sutton showed more in-ring ability than we’ve seen and it helped the match immensely. Whyt has also settled into his character and Tubbs can only help him get over more. Anything with Tubbs’ association is met with outside interference aplenty and we got that, but it also created a nice opportunity for the finish, as Sutton took advantage of miscommunication between Whyt/Tubbs to “steal” the pin. Good for what it was.

– The WCWC Legacy Champion Ethan HD/Kate Carney backstage promo hyped Ethan’s defense against Owen Travers. Solid stuff as always from the millennial duo, as Ethan put himself over with a defeated list of names like Eric Right and Gangrel and felt that Travers didn’t stand a chance.

– The WCWC Legacy Championship match between Travers and Champion Ethan HD was a good clash. With Travers on the rise with keen mic ability and exceptional athletic skills, this was an acceptable platform to further impress. Actually, we wouldn’t had counted out his chance to uncrown Ethan, but with Sutton in the wings, it affected the predictability factor. Travers put in offense with lariats, bulldogs and elbows, despite Carney’s repeated efforts to thwart him. The finish was fine for the heels, but confusing for us. To sum it up, Travers had his finisher ready when Carney came in the ring, blocked his path and laid down to feign an injury. Travers was in position to receive a Blackout and blacked out he was. Creative, but it wasn’t like Travers would’ve been disqualified for putting his hands on Carney anyway. Was it to further enrage Ethan? It would’ve made more sense if the roles were reversed, like the late Eddie Guerrero used to do.

– Phlex Walker’s backstage promo announced him ready for Beast The Butcher. Off the bat, he looked like a relative of WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann. For better or worse.

– The BTB-Walker match was plagued with audio problems halfway through, but visuals were enough to go off of for us. We weren’t sure what to make of Walker’s turquoise singlet, as it appeared to come out of a 1990’s WWF locker room. That said, we figured they’d have BTB go over since Walker was a relative unknown, but they opted for a “1-2-3 Kid” situation. Commentary threw around that Walker was a Grappler Academy graduate, so it was nice to see him in the “farm system” per se. He hit some nice maneuvers on BTB like a belly-to-belly suplex, as it was more than we’d seen from past opponents. Out of nowhere, he hit a spear (named the FSU) to give BTB his first loss. Wasn’t what we expected, in a good way. Poor BTB though. He gained momentum through the weeks perhaps to build to an eventual match with Gangrel, but now without the undefeated streak, BTB’s another WCWC face-painted follicle.

– The No Disqualification main event between Alexander Hammerstone/Mikey O’Shea and “Big” Jack Cunningham/Matt Striker was hyped from last week, when the quartet engaged in a brawl that caused the Referee to throw out their match. It was clear a “war needed to be settled” and it’d involve weapons. We loved Commentator Morty Lipschitz’s constant rips on Hammerstone, which was entertaining. The bout didn’t take full use of the hardcore feel, but did enough. The broom handle bit was silly, as Striker introduced it and ended up on the wrong end twice. WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Grappler III/Jeremy Blanchard’s outside interference made sense and was predictable, which set up Adam Thornstowe to be the difference maker. It was ridiculous that Blanchard/G3 would sell being knocked face-first onto the apron by Thornstowe like a gun shot, as they were subdued the rest of the show. The action got more dramatic when the table was introduced and the teases between Striker/Hammerstone were well-done, yet transitioned into the clever finish. Cunningham teased a superplex on O’Shea through a table, but ended up through the table himself when Hammerstone powerbombed him as Thornstowe helped from outside to keep O’Shea from falling. Thornstowe’s post-match promo was interesting in that he told The Wrecking Crew it was “one down and three to go.” Will there be more stipulations in the future? Guess we’ll see.






Quick Results

  • “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson def. Spyder Warrior via pinfall 
  • WCWC Legacy Championship #1 Contender’s Match – Ian Sutton def. Julian Whyt (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall 
  • WCWC Legacy Championship – Ethan HD (Champion) (w/Kate Carney) def. Owen Travers via pinfall to retain 
  • Phlex Walker def. Beast The Butcher via pinfall 
  • No Disqualification – Alexander Hammerstone/Mikey O’Shea def. “Big” Jack Cunningham/Matt Striker via pinfall 

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