Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 12/7/16: The Battle Of The Bulls Commences

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/7/16)

The Battle Of The Bulls Commences 

– The opening video recapped Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo’s journey to become Champion, as he uncrowned Sexy Star with help from Taya and his Worldwide Underground “bandmates.” We were also shown the moment where Angelico returned and vowed revenge against Mundo, to which the Champ apparently had a restraining order put forth. The “Ultimate Opportunity” Best-Of-Five Series between Cage and Texano was also shown where last left off, Texano staved off elimination and was still down two matches to one.

– The cutscene in Dario Cueto’s office with him and Angelico set things off right. This was about Angelico wanting Mundo, Title or not. He shot down Cueto’s excuse that his hands were “legally tied” with the fact that he himself was injured twice while working for him. Cueto announced he put Angelico in a tournament called “The Battle Of The Bulls” to decide a LUG Championship #1 Contender. You see, the tourney would consist of four different fatal four-way matches where the winners would face off in an elimination fatal four-way to decide the winner. Long concept aside, it sounded cool and we liked that we heard from Angelico for once, which never happens. He came off well here. He left Cueto no other alternative. Angelico had a story we could get behind.

– The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament First Round match between Texano, Cage, Joey Ryan and Dr. Wagner, Jr. was a fun opener and tourney introduction. Maybe it was this ensemble, but it all clicked from start to finish. Also loved how they managed to fit in the Cage-Texano drama, as they haven’t rushed their series. Texano hit a nice plancha and Cage later hit a memorable top rope moonsault to the outside. Ryan also stood out in a good way, as he hit a cool pumphandle fallaway slam on Wagner. The match had a chaotic feel, which usually helps everyone thrive in the Temple environment. The action just spoke for itself. Any one of these guys could’ve won believably. A “Joey Ryan” chant actually broke out at one point. Cage hit a Tower Of Doom spot where he powerbombed a double superplex. He followed up with a double fallaway slam on Famous B/Wagner before he “stole” the pin as he used Texano’s own “sandpaper snake” on him to get the win. That’ll certainly strengthen their rivalry a little.

– The cutscene in Cueto’s office with him and Sexy Star set up her match with “The Darewolf” PJ Black with the stipulation that if she won, she’d bypass the Battle Of The Bulls Tournament and get a shot at Mundo for the Title, in a steel cage no less, to ensure no outside interference. The catch was that if she lost, she’d never receive another LUG Title shot again. Have to love the Cueto stipulations, as it gives Sexy Star another obstacle to climb.

– The cutscene with Officer Reyes and Captain Vasquez continued the LAPD storyline, as this time, she’d send him back to The Temple in a mask when his arm healed up. Now, wouldn’t that had been a smart idea from the get-go to keep his cover? Also wonder how Ryan will factor into things.

– The Sexy Star-Black match already had a worthy stipulation headed in. If Sexy Star won, she’d get her shot at Mundo in a steel cage but if she lost, she’d never get another shot. It was a good time to showcase just what Sexy Star can do and Black was the perfect opponent for her in an intergender scenario without going too extreme. This was actually a well-wrestled effort on both ends, as they came out more aggressive than usual. Easy heat for Black early as he tried to unmask her, stepped on her face, hung her precariously and swung her into the corner. Good drama late for a near-fall where Black hit a Styles Clash as he countered a Frankensteiner. In the end, it was Star’s release of frustration that zoned her in on the end. The Spike DDT was another good near-fall, before we saw Jack Evans come down and try to help Black. Evans was superkicked accidentally off the apron, as Black was rolled up for the end. A perfect win for Sexy Star, who seems to constantly overcome odds. She’s like the cool female John Cena.

– The cutscene with Kobra Moon and her tribe mates (a lizard and dragon man?) gave us history on their tribe as she set forth a demand for them to bring back the man who deserted them long ago and cost them a victory in the Great War. It was cool to see KM in a queen position, as she apparently had all this power. The Cobra throne also looked cool. One could assume the person she spoke of was Drago, but that’ll be explained in due time. Cool cinematic visuals here.

– The cutscene at Matanza Cueto’s cage with him and Dario was great drama. Dario tried to convince Matanza to partake in the Battle Of The Bulls, but his brother was only interested in Rey Mysterio Jr. and revenge for his belt. Dario warned him not to be blind by revenge and compared him to Dragon Azteca Jr., which made sense. We loved the end here as Matanza cradled his brother’s neck before he rammed his face into the metal bars and laid him out. A camera angle showed Matanza’s hand as it reached for the key on the ground. Uh-oh.

– The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament First-Round match between Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Dragon Azteca Jr., The Mack and Mil Muertes was entertaining, yet to a lesser degree than the first match. The Mack/Moth alliance came over well upon introduction. The in-ring highlight was easily DA’s Tijuana DDT on Mack. Another cool spot was Muertes’ spear that took Mack through the ropes and onto the other opponents below. We liked the way that Matanza’s attack on DA was laid out, since it made sense for the monster to target Mysterio’s protege. We found it odd though that Matanza would simply stop and follow Dario (who came out with a blood-covered towel) back to the cage upon his demand. The Wrath Of The Gods on DA was a definite siren though. The finish was cool for what it was, as Mack hit a “Cross-Country Stunner” on Moth to get the win. We were surprised Muertes didn’t win this, but maybe they have other plans. With Cage and Mack so far in this four-way, we’ll be left to wonder who joins them.






Quick Results

  • Battle Of The Bulls Tournament – First Round – Cage def. Texano, Dr. Wagner, Jr. (w/Famous B, Nurse Brenda) and Joey Ryan via pinfall to advance 
  • If Sexy Star Wins, She Gets Lucha Underground Championship Title Shot In Steel Cage And If She Loses, She Never Gets Another Lucha Underground Championship Title Shot – Sexy Star def. “The Darewolf” PJ Black via pinfall 
  • Battle Of The Bulls Tournament – First Round – The Mack def. Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Dragon Azteca Jr. and Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) via pinfall to advance 

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