Notes In Observance – WCWC 12/3/16: Thornstowe’s Surprise

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/3/16)

Thornstowe’s Surprise 

– The Alexander Hammerstone/Mikey O’Shea-Matt Striker/”Big Jack” Cunningham match started the show with a blaze, reliant upon the big reveal of Hammerstone as Adam Thornstowe’s “surprise” for The Wrecking Crew. Prior to the reveal, O’Shea came out charging towards WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Grappler III, which made sense given that he was injured by his hands. Thank goodness Hammerstone was the surprise and not O’Shea, because boy, that would’ve been lousy. We like Hammerstone in this “new era” as he takes on his former allies. He always had something special that was untapped and this babyface run could be what he needs. That also seemed to be the first time we heard a genuine pop from the WCWC faithful. It was also funny since Hammerstone was recently featured on that “Best Of 2016” episode, so his return had to be a hot rumor. Speaking of returns, Commentator Kris Kloss was back and better than ever next to Commentator Morty Lipschitz. A nice change of pace from the usual start, as we figured this would be something saved for the main event. As far as the match, not much to write home about besides for Hammerstone’s routine bodyslam on Cunningham, before G3/Jeremy Blanchard attacked him, to cause the match to be thrown out. The brawl was what it was, though we laughed that the Referee mistakenly ruled the match a “No Disqualification.” Shouldn’t that be a DQ win for the babyfaces? Lipschitz’s over-the-top angry reaction to Hammerstone’s return was priceless and logical, since he could use his lawyer skills to find some wrongful legality in the situation. We also learned from Broadcast Journalist Christy Olson that this would build to a Six-Man No Disqualification match between O’Shea/Thornstowe/Hammerstone against Cunningham/Striker/G3 for next week.

– The Owen Travers-Julian Whyt match was okay, all things considered. Both guys seem to be on an “even-steven path” where they’re featured prominently, but don’t move up the card. We guess even the Sound Guy didn’t like Whyt since his pre-taped promo was muted out. It probably wasn’t anything worthwhile anyway. Travers continues to impress, as his character reminds us of Ring Of Honor’s ACH in a good way. The “Next Level” gimmick seems kind of video game-ish and fits him. We’ll see how it rolls. Whyt mocked Travers with his own hat, to which Travers looked annoyed and backflipped his way to superstardom, or something like that. Some good outside interference on multiple occasions by Mr. Tubbs, as he used his cane to choke Travers and also sprung his neck back on the ropes. Whyt relied on sleepers too much for our taste, but it set up Travers to bring it home as he won with a big top rope body splash. Nothing great, but it keeps Travers’ victory momentum going. Poor Whyt. He’s almost like the Chavo Guerrero Jr. of the WCWC.

– The King Khash-“Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right match was different, yet similar to the previous bout. We even had Mr. Tubbs out there again. Khash apparently refuses to learn English and only speaks in Farsi, which Tubbs apparently saw as “money.” How did the two even get together again? Oh yeah, it was probably Whyt’s doing. They should keep those two a tag team, it worked for them. We also wondered if Right’s mustached companion would be involved and he made a slight cameo, but ultimately disappeared seconds after he appeared. Probably only for distractions. Tubbs tried to steal the tonic, but to no avail, as Right drank the foreign substance, hit his airplane spin and got Khash to submit to his sleeper on a second attempt to win out. So yeah, Khash’s going nowhere.

– The Sinn Bidhi/Gangrel backstage promo hyped their future shot at the WCWC Tag Team Championships. Bodhi talked up a diet of strippers and gold, which was all well and good. Gangrel warned his opponents to prepare, as Bodhi mimicked a merry-go-round. Their chemistry with Olson is a big plus, as they always seem to scare her so badly. It’s entertaining.

– The Beast The Butcher-Damian Drake match was another rematch, as Drake vowed to not let the monster get the best of him again. Commentary put it best with their “quintessential good against evil” tagline, but the match was dull at best. We’ve seen it before. Butcher won with the Death In Motion, which is at least a cool finisher. His music is intimidating and he’s got the horror-movie look down-pat. We wonder where he goes on the card down the line. Can we see him squash Spyder Warrior again or take them both on?

– “The Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews’ backstage promo provided nice main event hype, as he spoke about how he proved how serious he could be when he upset Striker in their last battle. The catch was that the veteran didn’t take the rookie seriously and was proven wrong. Their rematch here would work on that notion.

– The Striker-Matthews match began cautiously on both ends, despite the fact that there’d be less than six minutes of television time for it. This landed on the technical side, which was a benefit to both men’s amateur background styles. Striker has this ability to pull great wrestling matches out of his opponents (except for that time with Ian Sutton where they danced) and it was more of the same here. If we had any complaints though, there was a rabid overuse of crossface submissions by both guys. Didn’t “tell a story” there and we disagreed with the finish of having Striker tap out to Matthews’ crossface. Would’ve been nice to see Striker win for a change of pace, though we guess it’s good for Matthews, though there’s little merit in the victory since he already beat him once. Maybe there’s an “I’ve got your number” aspect to it, but they need something more to spice it up.






Quick Results

  • Alexander Hammerstone/Mikey O’Shea (w/Adam Thornstowe) and “Big Jack” Cunningham/Matt Striker (w/Grappler III, Jeremy Blanchard) to a no-contest 
  • Owen Travers def. Julian Whyt (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall 
  • “The Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right def. King Khash (w/Mr. Tubbs) via submission 
  • Beast The Butcher def. Damian Drake via pinfall 
  • “The Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews def. Matt Striker via submission 

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