Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 12/1/16: The Decayed Crusade

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/1/16)

The Decayed Crusade 

– The opening video put over The DCC, as they took out Broken Matt Hardy and gave him amnesia upon a wild backstage brawl. We relived the journey by Matt’s family to jog his memory back, as they tried everything from footage, hypnotism and the Lake Of Reincarnation to no avail. Finally, it took Matt begging “the seven deities” to give him a sign before lightning struck him down and to Reby’s delight, Broken Matt was back. Those few weeks of Ice Cream Social/Engineer/Peach Cobbler Matt were fun, but the return was key to the next step in the war (should we call it that?) against The DCC.

– The TNA Impact Grand Championship match between Champion Aron Rex and Moose felt like a premature result, as we didn’t see it coming. Rex had settled back into his old Damien Sandow persona, as he was overconfident and condescending to everyone. He set an open challenge for his belt and tried to take it back and call for Grado instead when Moose came out, which was funny. Moose fit the profile of Jessie Godderz’s muscled figure, so we predicted this as a bout where Moose took Rex to the end, but got cheated out of the belt. Moose was also put over by commentary for his experience in timed sports. We got a kick out of Rex’s cartwheel on the outside as it was obvious he wanted to stall for time. After a failed attempt to knock him out, Moose instantly ended it with the Game Changer to become the new Champion with 1:45 left in the first round. It elevates Moose in that he gets some gold, but we loved what Rex had began to do as Champion, as it helped his gimmick get over more. We loved the post-match interviews with both competitors by Jeremy Borash, which gave it an old World Championship Wrestling feel. Moose confirmed the belt as something to boost his confidence, while Rex was dejected and in no mood to talk, as he played off the crowd’s “crybaby” chants.

– Jeff Hardy’s backstage promo gave us some hype for what was next for The Broken Hardys, as he suspected that Matt would be there, but didn’t know what to expect since he hadn’t spoken to him lately.

– The in-ring segment with The DCC and The Broken Hardys was some nice hype for their match later in the show. We didn’t see the point of DCC’s MacSpeak-style promo since they were already unmasked, but look, they put DCC logos on the masks now. How about that merch plug. It seemed like the crowd gave them go-away heat more than anything, but at least they tried. Jeff came out to confront them and put over him and his brother as people who survived The Great War and partook in the Final Deletion. Jeff gave Kingston a Twist Of Fate when he was asked where Matt was, which commenced a two-on-one beatdown on Hardy, which nicely set up Matt’s return to make the save. He gave Bram a Side Effect and cleared James Storm the ring. He cut a brief promo about how his memories were restored and more vivid than ever. He called them “Deletion Coming Cowards” and began a “Delete, Delete, Delete!” chant. Well-done stuff.

– The promo package between Mandrews, Braxton Sutter and TNA X-Division Champion DJZ hyped their three-way match for the TNA X-Divison Championship, something they earned last week as Team Go For Broke. They played up the angle of “best friends do battle,” as DJZ mentioned his friends knew how banged up he was and could take advantage of that. Mandrews expressed he worked to get that belt for a long time and it was his time now. Sutter conveyed that his brothers would understand if he became the new Champion. DJZ promised to support whoever came out victorious if not him and stressed they’d still be a team no matter what.

– The Three-Way for the TNA X-Divison Championship between Sutter, Mandrews and Champion DJZ was a good attempt to tell a story in the lifeless division. The action was what we expected, as they all started out with pinfall attempts on one another in fast-paced fashion. They teased some early tension, but it looked to be smoothed out. Mandrews hit a shooting star press on Sutter and was scooped up by DJZ to lose the match. It appeared the friends were all good until Mandrews took out DJZ’s legs from underneath him and tripped him backwards. Sutter became angry and argued with Mandrews, who again emphasized that he worked hard for the belt. We were actually surprised it was Mandrews and not Sutter, since Sutter was loosely associated with Laurel Van Ness.

– The backstage segment with LVN and Allie saw her tease Allie some more about her relationship with Sutter and predicted after what happened last week, she wouldn’t have Sutter or a job.

– The in-ring segment with Maria, LVN and Allie was a good followup of last week, as we inch closer to Allie’s separation from Maria. Some more excellent mic work from Maria, as her over-the-top nature was a perfect foil for Allie’s sweet-natured, timid personality. Maria also played off the “Pie face” chants brilliantly. We got some more LVN teases as she mentioned that Sutter and her went on a hot date the night before and engaged in flirtatious dancing. Allie was convinced Sutter “would never do that” and told Maria honesty was the best policy when asked why she lied about her hand at Bound For Glory. LVN wanted to fight Allie, but Maria held her back because she was a “loser.” Maria called Allie a “stupid bitch,” which was justifiably enough for her to slap her employer. That only sparked LVN to attack her in retaliation. The slap was strong, so that went over well. It was another tease in the end, but we’re eager to see where it goes. Probably will lead to a mixed tag where Allie/Sutter take on The Miracle/Maria.

– The TNA World Tag Team Championship match between Champions The Broken Hardys and Kingston/Bram was formulaic and dull in its first half before things slightly picked up in the second. Matt repeatedly pushed his opponent’s head into the turnbuckle to spark “Delete!” chants. It didn’t take long for Storm to interfere from outside, as he knocked Jeff off the top rope with an enziguiri from the apron. Jeff took a lot of punishment to build up to the hot tag, where Matt bit his opponents and cleared Storm from the apron before he hit Kingston with a Side Effect for a two-count. Jeff took out Bram/Storm with a lariat to the outside. Kingston almost rolled up Matt for another near-fall. Finally, Kingston took a Twist Of Fate from each Hardy to end it all. Predictable in the end, but it keeps The Broken Hardys over as Champions. It’s hard for TNA to establish opponents for them, which is the challenge. We actually would’ve had DCC get the belts here to progress the feud some more. Commentary stressed that things weren’t over with DCC and The Hardys, so why not make it a little more interesting? DCC were on a rise and seemed to peak with the two wins over Jeff Hardy.

– The hype video for Jade was good hype for the Six Sides Of Steel match for the vacant TNA Knockouts Championship with Rosemary. We got Gail Kim’s endorsement of Jade as “the future of women’s wrestling,” but that argument was vague. Luckily, we saw some steps to an actual character for Jade besides having pretty blue hair. We saw some footage of her training in martial arts. It’d be cool to see that side of her more often. Mixed in over the footage was promo soundbites from last week about how she wasn’t scared of what Rosemary stood for.

– The backstage segment with Ethan Carter III and Eli Drake followed up last week, where we saw EC3 take Drake’s World Title shot and voice in the process. This was EC3’s time to say “I told you so” as he played around with the fact that Drake couldn’t respond back to his insults. He even offered him a Title shot when he becomes Champion, with the catch that all Drake had to do was “say the word.” That only made Drake angry. Good stuff from the newly confident EC3.

– The backstage promo from Al Snow and Mahabali Shera was okay for what it was, if you like Snow’s screaming promos. He basically described the rules for a leather strap match, as they’d each be tied to The Tribunal to prove a point. Snow also emphasized that The Tribunal were “egg-sucking dogs that owed him everything for even being there.” It was what it was. Not the best thing in the world, but we’ve seen far worse in TNA.

– The in-ring segment with EC3 and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards was great hype for their match next week where Drake would get a third chance at the World Title. EC3 was suit-clad and played off the fan’s chants in a jokey manner. He brought Edwards down to the ring and commended him for beating Lashley, something he couldn’t do at Bound For Glory. He mentioned that the belt escaped him twice, but wouldn’t happen a third time. Edwards emphasized that the belt was everything to him and it’d take someone special to defeat him, as it didn’t matter what their family name was. EC3 was great in the way that he pointed out that the Title was the only thing that mattered in the ring to him and he wasn’t afraid to stab a friend in the back to get what he wanted. A little edgy there, we like it. This was basically enough intense wordplay between the two to make this match more interesting. We dug it.

– The Six Sides Of Steel match between Rosemary and Jade for the vacant TNA Knockouts Championship with Madison Rayne on commentary had enough personalities involved to make it feel big, even if the hype was attempted, but fell short. Kim was a ringside witness too. In what felt like a “passing of the torch” to Jade turned out to be something else entirely. The match was okay but lackluster in its first half besides for where Rosemary speared Jade through the door before the bell rang. We liked how Commentator Josh Mathews mentioned how Rosemary sported yellow tiger stripes after The Great War to signify change. This was probably WWE’s answer to the WWE Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks-Charlotte feud, though this was taped in October, presumably before their Hell In A Cell match. Things picked up big once Jade hit that cross body off the top of the cage. That right there was her TNA moment. She went to the top rope to attempt a 450 Splash, but was spewed with the mist. Rosemary followed with her finisher to win the Championship and “Decay Gail’s Crusade.” We like the move because it makes fans want to see when Jade finally gets the belt and Rosemary’s talented and can do fun things as Champion with her character.






Quick Results

  • TNA Impact Grand Championship – Moose def. Aron Rex (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion
  • TNA X-Division Championship – Three-Way – DJZ (Champion) def. Braxton Sutter and Mandrews via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship – The Broken Hardys (Champion) def. Bram/Kingston (w/James Storm) via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Six Sides Of Steel – Rosemary def. Jade via pinfall to become new Champion 

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