Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 11/30/16: Not Perfect Enough

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/30/16)

Not Perfect Enough 

Raw and SmackDown Live went back to the States, but NXT stood North Of The Border, as the action took place in Ottawa for the hour. Anyways, the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka-Nicole Matthews match was another formulaic squash to remind us that nobody can stand up to the Champ. Matthews had some regional notoriety from Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling amongst other places, but flaunted nothing more than a fierce forearm or two. In terms of character, Asuka remained in the grey area, with her gestures pointed towards overconfidence more than crowd-pandering. We got a kick out of the part where she kicked Matthews, who keeled over before a big one could be delivered. An Asuka Lock later and Matthews was history. The overconfidence contemned as she posed directly over Matthews and “kicked the dirt.” Now, that’s hardcore.

– The backstage segment with NXT Champion Samoa Joe and Tye Dillinger was good main event hype, which was brought on in an impromptu manner, since Dillinger approached Joe to purely set him off in an effort to prove himself to the masses. Joe pushed his defense against Shinsuke Nakamura to come on Dec. 3 in Osaka, Japan and established that they were on different levels. Dillinger was a perfect hero in this case, since he picked a fight with the biggest bully and even slapped him. Evidently, officials must’ve listened to all the “10” chants and figured Dillinger in a main event spotlight for a night couldn’t hurt.

– The No Way Jose-Eric Young match built off last week’s angle when we saw Sanity ambush Jose after he challenged Young to a fight when his buddy WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann was attacked. This was an easy story of the rambunctious Jose having his way with Young, while the other Sanity members served as ringside sharks, who occasionally distracted Jose. Brutal spot where Young landed a neckbreaker with the ropes for support, which sent Jose to the floor. Young also hung Jose off the second rope on an elevated dragon sleeper. The finish was typical heel stuff, but at least Jose got a visual pinfall over Young before Cross, Wolfe and Fulton proved a distraction too strong, as Jose lost when Young hit his wheelbarrow neckbreaker. Sure, it was the “numbers game” cliche, but it worked here. Bonus points for actually letting Nikki Cross hit her missile dropkick on Jose again post-match.

– Asuka’s backstage promo saw the Champ reaffirm that she had no competition and was in denial of any “change of character.” That’s always the first step.

– Dillinger’s backstage promo went right into the main event, as he defended his “emotional decision” as a test to see if he could perform at NXT’s highest level and truly belong. Dillinger had nothing to lose, but all to gain. We wondered if Bobby Roode or Nakamura would be involved with the finish somehow.

– The Joe-Dillinger main event was a mixed bag. This was the best way to showcase Dillinger to the fans as someone with in-ring credibility as he hung with the NXT Champ, but the bout lacked drama. Only towards the end did we feel like Dillinger had a chance to win with a few near-falls and based on that alone, it was enough to keep us slightly invested, but this was an easily missable match. The middle portion where Joe dominated nearly put us to sleep, let alone Dillinger. Joe savagely targeted Dillinger’s knee, which was the story throughout to the end when Dillinger couldn’t pull off his Tye Breaker completely. Joe emerged victorious as he made Dillinger fall asleep to the Coquina Clutch after he had a crossface and Boston Crab locked in just prior. A thumbs down on the execution, but smart booking in that Dillinger faced a big mountain to climb and didn’t submit in defeat, while Joe remained strong in sight of Nakamura in Japan. Looks like we’ll get that entire match next week. Should be fun.






Quick Results

  • Eric Young (w/Nikki Cross, Alexander Wolfe, Sawyer Fulton) def. No Way Jose via pinfall 
  • Samoa Joe def. Tye Dillinger via pinfall 

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