Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 11/24/16: A Broken Thanksgiving

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/24/16)

A Broken Thanksgiving 

– The opening video recapped last week’s events when TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards challenged The DCC and was joined by Jeff Hardy, one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions. The faces begged management for the match and got their wish in No Disqualification rules. We all remember that classic – Kingston took a fireman’s carry onto the top of two seated chairs, Bram took Edwards out with a Brighter Side Of Suffering off the apron through a table and Hardy was taken out by James Storm with a Last Call superkick as the DCC emerged victorious.

– The opening in-rng segment with Jeff and DCC was okay as a follow-up, though predictable. We already knew Jeff was solo and this time, he called DCC out after a “rah-rah” speech about how it was Thanksgiving and he was thankful for his family and the “creatures.” We got another DCC news segment where they relished that Jeff was alone and would make it his nightmare. Follow that up with a DCC run-in attempt as Jeff briefly fought them off and escaped another Last Call and we had our main event set, as Hardy would face an unrevealed member of DCC (as in we wouldn’t know which out of the three) in No Disqualification action. Hardy also began a “Delete, Obsolete” chant.

– The first cutscene in Cameron saw Amnesiac Matt Hardy overexcited for his Thanksgiving Ice Cream Social, as he drowned Senor Benjamin in lemonade and peppermint bonbons for appetizers. He called Vanguard 1 Benjamin’s friend and thanked Benjamin for overseeing everything. He also revealed he didn’t want to eat turkeys because that was “violent.” Funny. The biggest development here was Vanguard’s warning to Benjamin that he’d be in big trouble “if” Matt remembers.

– The Team X Gold Single Elimination Three-Way match between Flag Holders (some form of a Title?) Go For Broke, Trevor Lee/Andrew Everett/Marshe Rockett and Rockstar Spud/Crazzy Steve/Abyss also had a stipulation where the winners would all receive future Title shots for DJZ’s TNA X-Division Championship. Yup, nothing fills time like extended X-Division hell, but at least Commentator Josh Mathews mentioned how Lee impressed people in last week’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s match and hung with the likes of Lashley, The Miracle and Ethan Carter III. Also liked how Commentator The Pope pointed out that the stipulation favored DJZ’s team since it was one less person for him to defend against. There was some slight intrigue in the lack of explanation if the future shots came in one match or separate ones. Light comedy spots where Spud was body slammed by multiple competitors and shoved Abyss and demanded him to do something, which resulted in a body slam from the monster himself. Abyss was ejected for his use of a chair on Mandrews on the outside. Mandrews was eliminated next by submission. Everett eliminated Steve with a springboard moonsault. DJZ eliminated Everett with a ZDT. Sutter hit a Flatliner on Lee to eliminate him. Spud and Rockett clashed in who got to beat up Braxton Sutter, whom Spud had beef with. This caused Rockett to intimidate Spud and he couldn’t tag out to anyone. Rockett eliminated Spud, which set up Sutter to eliminate him with a Flatliner. Surprise, surprise, the good guys win. It was the better route to go anyway since we’ve seen DJZ defend his belt against everyone else seemingly. The “friendly fire” angle is a weak one, but it sure beats repetition.

– The backstage segment with Allie, Laurel Van Ness and Maria hyped a Thanksgiving dinner segment where Allie would be forced to serve the heel duo on a double date in a pilgrim outfit and teased her for her crush on Sutter. Classic “Mean Girls” stuff, but Maria’s so good at it and Allie’s easy to gain sympathy from, so it works.

– The second cutscene from Cameron revolved around Matt’s tangerine custard sorbet and how Benjamin stopped a “culinary catastrophe.” We also learned of Reby’s next attempt to return Matt’s memory, as she brought in the “licensed official” from The Final Deletion. He told Matt Reby sent her and he wanted to show Matt some footage. Good hook.

– The in-ring Thanksgiving Dinner segment with Miracle, Maria, LVN, Sutter and Allie was filler on the surface, but hilarious thanks to the heels. They humiliated Allie as she was brought to the ring in a pilgrim outfit and a gobbling turkey for theme music. The crowd chanted for her, which prompted Maria to imply she looked like a pig. LVN also revealed she invited Sutter to the dinner as he came out. Maria began a “Say what you’re thankful for…” moment as they went around the table and the heels said they were thankful for Maria. Allie broke in with her own as she was thankful for the fans, which got Maria angry and said the fans didn’t care about her. She screamed at her to serve them, while LVN flirted with Sutter. That was the last straw for Allie, who screamed it was enough and called LVN a big meanie. She went to hit LVN with a pie and got Maria in the face instead. Perfect stuff, as Maria freaked out. Miracle tried to lick her face, but she stopped him. No, it wasn’t the “turn” we expected, but it’s a step that it’s almost there.

– The hype video promo package for the big EC3- Eli Drake match where EC3’s World Title shot was on the line against Drake’s voice for the rest of the year was good stuff. They each spoke about each other and what to gain from beating the other. EC3 promised to take away Eli’s “gift of gab” while Drake was sure he had the match in the bag and would win EC3’s opportunity.

– The backstage promo from Jade hyped next week’s TNA Knockouts Championship match against Rosemary, whom she said she wasn’t scared of her antics and looked to be the new Champion. She said a lame “Jade, Jade, Jade” line to end it though. Kind of generic, but they needed it to hype the bout.

– The third cutscene from Cameron saw the Referee as he showed Matt footage from when he won the World Title at Bound For Glory 2015 over EC3. Matt was amazed, as he had respect for EC3 as a big star. The Referee went on to show him footage of how he won the World Title again and when he had Tyrus and Rockstar Spud for allies – the “Matt Hardy Brand” era. Matt was horrified and asked who Tyrus was and if Spud was a potato. Hilarious. Reby looked at the Referee from the front door and he shook his hand at her, as it was apparent her attempts here were hopeless.

– The Drake-EC3 match with Drake’s voice for the rest of the year on the line against EC3’s World Title shot began formulaic, but got better as it progressed. We could also assume this was the payoff of their feud, that began when Drake teased EC3 for being a “choke.” Even-handed action early on as they also took it to the outside. Drake cut a promo mid-match about how his voice was a hit and made Thanksgiving references. The near-falls were actually well-done down the stretch. EC3 hit a TK3 for a two-count. Drake got one himself when he hit a torture rack neckbreaker. EC3 hit a frog splash for another two-count. EC3 then kicked out of Blunt Force Trauma. After multiple teases on both ends for the One Percenter, EC3 hit it, which Drake kicked out of. Actually didn’t see that coming, since most men are put down with the move. That set EC3 off to apply the sleeper, which Drake first slipped out of, but then was caught in it again. He submitted, which meant he’d be silent for the rest of the year. Probably Drake’s best match to date and a sign of resurgence for EC3, who has been hit-or-miss with his asskicker gimmick.

– The fourth cutscene from Cameron saw Reby’s next trick as she hired a hypnotist, who briefly brought Matt back to his “broken” stage, but snapped his fingers back to his true self and Matt went back to being concerned for his gelato. Reby was helpless now.

– The Trubunal-Al Snow/Mahabali Shera match followed up on last week’s angle where Snow teased a make up with Tribunal only to join forces with Shera in the end and defend him. Missable action, as Snow did some of his classic babyface spots, like the headbutts to the chest. Basically, Tribunal were too excessive in their offense and were disqualified, which gave the win to Snow/Shera. Yawn.

– The backstage segment with Grado, Robbie E and Aiden O’Shea hyped a match for the sake of bringing back a hapless annual tradition – the turkey suit. To sum it up, O’Shea revealed that the “boss” put them in a match against each other and the loser would have to wear the suit.

– The Turkey Suit Challenge match between Robbie E and Grado with O’Shea as Special Enforcer was bad comedy action at its finest. Contradictory we assume, but this was filler. Josh Mathews actually said this had main event implications. What? They also spoke up the turkey suit tradition as a means to plug a WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles DVD, since he once wore it. In some intense action, they pinched each other’s nipples and each tried to use the ropes to get the win, but O’Shea stopped them. In the end, Robbie E got the pin, which meant Grado would wear the suit. Like they’ve always done in the past, Grado refused to wear it at first, but then gave in and enthusiastically danced with it on. Good god, why?

– The backstage promo from Rosemary gave us her side of the hype for the cage match with Jade for the KO Title. Classic Rosemary promo with cool, horror movie-esque camera effects and she put herself over as a history maker. She said she survived The Great War and was nature’s cockroach and couldn’t be destroyed. Oh, that Rosemary and her creative metaphors.

– The main event No Disqualification match between Jeff Hardy and Bram was like last week, just with lesser players. The entire story consisted of Jeff fighting off all three members, with Kingston/Storm constantly interfering. DCC had their way with Jeff for a good portion. Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate on Bram and went to the top for a Swanton, but Storm knocked him off and hit a Last Call, which set up Bram to hit the Brighter Side Of Suffering. DCC gets the victory again by legally bending the rules and they also posed with the belts. Wonder where that leads.

– The final cutscene from Cameron was a nice end to the show for “Broken” fans. We saw Reby in desperation, as she didn’t know what else to do to spark her husband’s memory, while he expressed frustration in not being able to remember his past actions. He mentioned he didn’t want to be known as the guy who eats people, but rather for his peach cobblers. He demanded the “seven deities” to give him a sign. Lightning struck him and when Reby checked on him, he made his classic “Broken” facial expression. He was back and Reby was on cloud nine. It’s like a classic Thanksgiving B-movie. They always keep things fresh in the Broken Universe.






Quick Results

  • Winning Team All Receive Future TNA X-Division Championship Title Shots – Team X Gold – Single Elimination Tag – Braxton Sutter/DJZ/Mandrews (Flag Holders) def. Crazzy Steve/Abyss/Rockstar Spud and Andrew Everett/Trevor Lee/Marshe Rockett 
  • If Ethan Carter III Wins, Eli Drake Cannot Talk For The Rest Of The Year And If He Loses, Eli Drake Receives His World Title Shot – Ethan Carter III def. Eli Drake via submission 
  • Al Snow/Mahabali Shera def. The Tribunal via DQ
  • Turkey Suit Challenge – Aiden O’Shea As Enforcer – Robbie E def. Grado via pinfall 
  • No Disqualification – Bram (w/James Strom, Kingston) def. Jeff Hardy via pinfall 

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