Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 11/23/16: Nard And Feathered

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 11/23/16)

Nard And Feathered 

– The Silas Young-Kyle O’Reilly match was a good time for both to face each other as Final Battle looms. O’Reilly was penciled in as the definite challenger for whomever was ROH World Champion by then, given the winner between ROH World Champion Adam Cole and Jay Lethal. We also appreciated the effort to put Young over as someone in primed position to one day be atop the card, evidenced by how close he came to beating Cole on Sep. 22 for the Title. Sort of a slow bout to start, with basic chain/technical wrestling with a couple of standoffs. Expected in the “feeling out” process. Young got some momentum as he threw O’Reilly aggressively into the barricades. O’Reilly was put over by commentary for his keen predator-esque mindset that focused on the target of different body parts in a match. They traded stiff forearms as Cole came down to join commentary to badmouth Cole as a coward. Young kicked out of a power maneuver, which prompted O’Reilly to lock in his armbar. Young escaped and nearly hit Misery, but ended up in the Brainbuster to lose the match. A fine match with an added emphasis to showcase Young’s toughness (he didn’t tap out) and keep O’Reilly hot. Young’s post-match promo used his great ability to pick on the fans as a device to hype his FB encounter with Jushin “Thunder” Liger. A fan in a Liger outfit made it all possible. That said, we would’ve had a mention of the Young-Liger match much sooner than after this bout.

– The backstage promo from Lethal was all about hype for his FB match with Cody Rhodes. On the surface, some of that great inspired mic work we had in spades when he was a heel Champ. He put the pressure on Cody to perform well since he already “proved himself as a former Champ.” The only thing we didn’t like was that Lethal never mentioned Cole, who he had an upcoming Title shot against. Hell, he could work double duty at FB and that wasn’t played up once. Lame.

– The backstage promo from The Motor City Machine Guns came at a welcome time. They seemed to be the one team to “fall out” of Ladder War VI without anything going for them. We forget how good they can be on the mic when they have a purpose and they needed something like this. They’ve been far underutilized in ROH under a name they were known for in TNA, so this was a step in the right direction. They might’ve been a bit overconfident than we’d like for humbled “right way” babyfaces, but the purpose of it all was for them to mentor a group that could represent ROH’s core values. They put over younger talent like Jay White and Lio Rush as more of what they’d like to see. They clearly explained it would be their way to fight back against the beatings they took from Bullet Club, as Chris Sabin spoke about how Hangman Page turned on them and choked him with a noose in front of his family. Emotional stuff. The first sign we’ve seen anything of a “revolt” against Bullet Club. It’s about time.

– The backstage promo from The Addiction hyped their match against The Briscoe Brothers next week, as for them, it was about destroying someone else’s legacy to build their own. They spoke about how Ladder War VI changed them and they were mentally rattled, as they were out early in the Six-Man Championship Tournament. They saw The Briscoes as an obstacle, to get them the one win they needed to get back into the Title picture. Good stuff as always.

– The backstage segment wth Colt Cabana and Dalton Castle was hype for their upcoming match. We saw some development on Castle’s uncomfortableness with not having The Boys around. Cabana had a lineup of “Boys” and told Castle to pick two. Castle did so. We still got a taste of last week’s tension, but with the vibe that things had “turned up.”

– The Cabana/Castle-Ken Dixon/Preston Quinn match was a quick turnaround victory for the comedy duo, as they worked out their kinks. Cabana didn’t even tag in the match, as Castle hit the Bangarang. The post-match angle was what it was all about, as we saw Castle try to rally up Cabana, as he promised they were at the bottom, but would work their way to the top. That led to Cabana’s portion, as he mentioned he returned to be a Champion and teamed with Castle because he saw himself in him. Cabana wanted to go separate ways because it wasn’t working out. He offered his hand to Castle and Castle responded with his open arms. In the best tease ever, Cabana lunged forward in a hug and kneed Castle down below to everyone’s shock. Cabana smirked as he left the ring and returned to beat up The Boys who checked on him. The biggest part of the brutality was Cabana’s repeated strikes with the end of a feather to Castle’s eye. Castle’s busted nose also helped to sell the sympathy angle. We knew they teased it for a few weeks now, but they pulled the trigger on it and there’s no going back. Cabana can do great as a heel and he had a big start already. We imagine a FB encounter between the two based on that, but we wish they had more time to develop to a payoff bout.

– The Six-Man Championship Tournament Block B Semifinal main event between The Kingdom and Team CMLL had FB implications as the winners would face Kushida/Rush/White. Besides further character exposure of The Kingdom and Commentator Steve Corino’s admiration for Ultimo Guerrero, this was mediocre. We got the gist that The Kingdom were heels, based off their underhanded tactics when the Referee was distracted with other things. A highlight for sure was Matt Taven’s plancha, which led to the decisive finish as The Kingdom advanced. We like the Tourney set up as a platform for Kingdom to do well, but they probably need to go all the way to make the most of relevancy.

– The backstage promo from The Briscoe Brothers was good hype for their match next week against The Addiction, as they called it “bad news” for their opponents, since they wouldn’t be used as a stepping stone. Liked the line where they called it a “tune-up match.”






Quick Results

  • Kyle O’Reilly def. Silas Young via pinfall 
  • Colt Cabana/Dalton Castle (w/”The Boys”) def. Ken Dixon/Preston Quinn via pinfall 
  • Six-Man Championship Tournament – Block B – Semifinals – The Kingdom def. Team CMLL via pinfall to advance 

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