Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 11/23/16: Crutch Time

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/23/16)

Crutch Time 

– The opening video recapped Aztec Warfare III where we saw Sexy Star emerge the new Lucha Underground Champion. We were also reminded of Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Champion Johnny Mundo’s promise to “cash in” on whoever won the match (if it wasn’t him) the next week. Also shown was the “emotional” Dante Fox-Killshot program and The Black Lotus Triad’s attack on Pentagon Dark. As you’d imagine, this episode would revolve around this ensemble.

– The cutscene with The Rabbit Tribe was the last of the Paul London “Mad Hatter” video packages. This time, we saw his two “friends,” Saltador and Mala Suerte. One wore a head-to-toe checkered leotard and the other wore a shirt that read, “I do it like a rabbit.” This was some light character exposition for London, as he explained that the white rabbit showed him his destiny and he did combat with his friends as he held a carrot. Apparently, “they were here.”

– The Lucha Underground Trios Championship match between The Rabbit Tribe and Champions Drago/AeroStar/Fenix revolved around the debut of London and his wacky friends. We’ll say that London played the gimmick well, though it was hard not to make comparisons with his former partner WWE Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick and how similar their characters look – the white jacket, facial hair and superiority complexes (maybe more on Kendrick’s side) – but maybe that’s nit-picking. Nothing memorable in-ring, besides for where London stiffly kicked Fenix as he attempted a plancha. We get the idea that London’s “reputation” would get him a Title shot in his debut, but we wouldn’t had put the belt on the line given the result. The new kids mainly did unique comedy antics that played with “perception” as commentary made odd weed jokes. The biggest development was a waste, as they had Kobra Moon watch Drago from afar, which didn’t play into the finish. Fenix pinned Saltador on a happenstance roll-up, sort of lame. The post-match promo from Moon reaffirmed her desire to get Drago to one day “bow to the Queen.” Whatever that means.

– The cutscene with Sexy Star and Mack in the locker room was decent main event hype, as we saw dialogue between the two friends. Mack teased anger at her big win, but transitioned into a playful mood as he offered her help against Mundo later. She turned it down because she wanted to be a “fighting Champion.” Makes sense and fits her character. Maybe Mack will run out there regardless.

– The Fox-Killshot match was easily the episode’s highlight. Not even close. Our only gripe was that we didn’t know enough about why the two feuded besides Fox’s repeated claims that Killshot “left him for dead” on the battlefield. Despite that, the mystery actually kind of worked so that it set up the two to “set the bar” in the ring. If only we knew what we were actually in for. It didn’t take long for them to get the crowd invested. They began with words from Killshot, but Fox attempted several swings. Fox continued with consecutive suicide dives and a later shooting star press off the apron. Commentator Vampiro did a nice job as he described the emotional bond the two had from wars on the battlefield and likened the match’s intensity to it. They traded maneuvers in a “one-up” style and the crowd popped huge. Killshot hit a springboard DDT and followed up with a reckless fireman’s carry off the top rope and onto the ring apron. Ouch. Killshot hit a double stomp, but only got a two count. After some fidgeting, Fox finally hit his Fox Catcher finisher to get the three count. Great match and what this feud needed to establish things further. Fox needed the win and better yet, he made a good impression on the Temple fans. He’s a good fit for Lucha Underground.

– The cutscene in Dario Cueto’s office between Cueto and Mundo was another entertaining exchange of wits. Mundo informed Cueto that his agent faxed over a restraining order against Angelico. Cueto said he didn’t know that Angelico would return last week, which Mundo was skeptical of. Mundo pushed his agenda as he said Cueto should show him more respect when he becomes new Champion. Good main event hype.

– The cutscene in Cueto’s office between Cueto and Black Lotus furthered the program with her Triad and Pentagon Dark, as we saw the two interact for the first time since season two. Lotus put her group over as one of the east’s most feared and Cueto was impressed enough that he booked a gauntlet match between Pentagon and BLT, where win or lose, it wouldn’t end until Pentagon faced everyone. Sounds about right. Probably will happen next week.

– The Lucha Underground Championship match between Champion Sexy Star and Mundo tried its best to tell a story, but the action wasn’t great. What worked for the match was the crowd’s heat for Mundo and Vampiro’s commentary was actually effective, as he sold the story of Mundo’s aggressive pursuit of the belt since day one, which justified his predator mindset. Mundo targeted Sexy Star’s legs to start out and eventually applied a LaBelle Lock. Sexy Star fought back as she got “down and dirty” herself and rallied the crowd behind her. Mundo ended that with a kick to the face. The match’s finish was shrouded in “controversy,” as we saw Mundo yank a crutch from a disabled female fan in the crowd and attempt to use it. Sexy Star snatched it away and was about to swing when the Referee stopped her. The “fan,” dressed in a Sexy Star mask no less, punched Sexy Star out with brass knuckles. Mundo tossed her into the ring and hit End Of The World to become the new Champion just like that. We hate those “hot potato” reigns for the sake of getting others over. It actually hurts talent like Fenix and Sexy Star. We thought maybe the female fan would be a cool surprise reveal like Ivelisse or Moon, but it was Taya. Could’ve predicted that from the moment it happened. Maybe it at least starts a Sexy Star-Taya rivalry. Will Sexy get a rematch? The only other good thing about it is that we now have the seven GOTG medallions up for grabs again. They could kill a few episodes with that. Jack Evans and “Darewolf” PJ Black came down to the ring to celebrate as The Worldwide Underground stood on top. We like that idea and the way Mundo won the belt, but not at Sexy Star’s expense.






Quick Results

  • Lucha Underground Trios Championship – Drago/AeroStar/Fenix (Champions) def. The Rabbit Tribe via pinfall to retain 
  • Dante Fox def. Killshot via pinfall 
  • Lucha Underground Championship – Johnny Mundo def. Sexy Star (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 

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