Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 11/23/16: The Cool Kids Get Eclipsed

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/23/16)

The Cool Kids Get Eclipsed 

– The opening video reviewed the glitz of TakeOver: Toronto, when NXT visited the Great White North. Upon the highlights were Paul Ellering in a shark cage, Shane Thorne’s impressive senton off the structure onto The Authors Of Pain, Bobby Roode’s defeat of Tye Dillinger, #DIY’s impeccable win over The Revival to become new NXT Tag Team Champions, Asuka’s successful defense of the NXT Women’s Championship over Mickie James and finally, Samoa Joe’s regain of the NXT Championship over Shinsuke Nakamura.

– The Rich Swann-Kona Reeves served as another free plug for 205 Live, which debuted in six days. Yes, we’ll cover it. Reeves was the former Noah Potjes/Noah Kekoa – basically the tall, tattooed, muscular Hawaiian guy. It was almost as if Swann was a walking billboard for the show. Luckily, the NXT faithful are always more vocal in their appreciation for Swann, so it came off well. Reeves did a nice job as he played to the crowd. He was almost like a self-righteous Rocky Maivia. He flashed a huge grin, but with a condescending feel. Not much in-ring action besides select spots to showcase Swann’s athleticism. Swann hit an enziguiri and was about to deliver a standing 450 splash when Sanity’s music interrupted him. Well, that’s something you never want in the middle of a match. How could one see with the dark and spotlights? Reeves/Swann eventually stood together as the fearsome foursome made their way to the ring. They were both attacked, which threw the match out as a no-contest. Swann was cleared from the ring, as Reeves suffered an all-out beatdown. An “EY” chant broke out for Eric Young, which was predictable in Canada. Swann came in the ring with a diving cross body on Alexander Wolfe, but was laid out with a clothesline from Sawyer Fulton. Young hit some kind of wicked inverted Alabama slam neckbreaker before he uncorked a promo that geared towards the anarchist attitude Sanity has done well. To sum it up, they won’t ask for opportunities, they’ll simply “take” them. Things became good once No Way Jose came down to check on Swann and challenged Young to come “take” a whooping. Jose had the crowd solidly behind him, which was good to see. At least Jose gets to cut fierce promos like that. All of Sanity came down to the ring and stood on the apron, as Young convinced the others “he had this” and they began to fight it out. It was noted that this was unsanctioned and there were no officials outside. Jose laid in a big right on Young before he was attacked by Fulton/Wolfe. Nikki Cross followed with a missile dropkick to the back of Jose’s neck and they all beat him down from there. Young then hit his same neckbreaker on Jose to end things. All around, a great angle. Jose-Young was hyped for next week, which made sense.

– The backstage promo from AOP/Ellering after their TakeOver match saw Ellering proud of his boys, who were now the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winners. His promo didn’t consist of anything new besides lame book-related metaphors about how they dominate and kick ass, but we appreciate the sentiment. We just went off what Ellering said because Akam and Razar yelled in Spanish. They hyped a reveal of “Chapter Three.” Not chapter three?! Oh gosh.

– The backstage segment with Daria Berenato, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay hyped the main event, as the Aussie Mean Girls sought a third partner to answer the challenge of Ember Moon, Liv Morgan and Aliyah. This was essentially Royce/Kay asking the braided former mixed martial arts fighter to “sit at the cool kids’ table.” Berenato was into it because she had the chance to beat people up. Well, alright then. We did like how it took several times for Kay/Royce to catch her attention as she swung aggressively at air.

– The backstage promo from Royce, Kay and Berenato saw the Aussie Mean Girls clamor over their new friend, as they were sure they had the answer to their rivals. We got a slight kick out of how scared they were when Berenato swung at air again.

– The backstage promo from Dillinger after his match at TakeOver was a perfect roller coaster of emotion. It actually felt real, as he conveyed how disheartened he was to lose in front of his hometown fans and family. He expressed how frustrated he was that he could close in on capitalizing on career moments and came up short every time. He stressed that he needed this win and didn’t know what was next for himself. Then, we got the “turn,” as he found himself inspired by 10,000 people chanting his name and the fact that they believed in him meant that maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. It was essentially a recreation of Elaine Benes’ himalayan walking shoes moment. He promised not to come up short again. Good stuff.

– The backstage promo from NXT Tag Team Champions #DIY after their TakeOver match also followed on the raw emotions that came from their bout. It was your classic “sports movie” outcome, but they expressed this Title victory was a response to every “no” they were ever given in life as a team. We got the gist that they shared a bond that went beyond just tag partners. They were best friends for life basically.

– The backstage promo from Mickie James after her TakeOver match was probably the best of the bunch. She mentioned how amazed she was at the crowd’s response upon her return and how sad she was that it was over. She was spooked at how she felt the crowd’s energy. She put Asuka over as “incredible,” yet was also key to mention that she felt disrespected when her handshake offer was rejected in her face. Is that a sign that maybe James will stick around? We hope so. We also loved her line where she mentioned that she walked in as a hopeful winner, because one who walks in defeated is already defeated.

– Nakamura’s promo after his TakeOver match happened on the way to his car from the arena, as he quickly made it known that he wanted his rematch as soon as possible. We guess General Manager William Regal overheard in the distance because it’d happen in two weeks in Osaka, Japan. That’ll be crazy.

– The Six-Woman Tag main event between Moon/Morgan/Aliyah and Royce/Kay/Berenato went exactly how we expected. We had no worries about Moon, but were curious how the others would do. Aliyah had a hometown presence and had more mild applause than usual. Moon easily had the biggest pop though. Morgan briefly had the upper hand on both Aussies. Berenato also had moments where she shined with several takedowns on Aliyah. Commentary was also key to mention she came from Tough Enough and was well-versed in MMA. Aliyah fought of a submission from Berenato and worked her way to a hot tag to Moon, which would “bring it home.” She worked her energetic spots. The finish was cool, as we saw Kay pick Berenato off the floor and roll her into the ring, before she walked into Moon’s Eclipse finisher. The crowd always pops for that. The faces got the best of the heels. Surprise, surprise.






Quick Results

  • Rich Swann and Kona Reeves to a no-contest 
  • Six-Woman Tag – Ember Moon/Aliyah/Liv Morgan def. Daria Berenato/Billie Kay/Peyton Royce via pinfall

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