Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 11/17/16: Taste Of Chaos

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/17/16)

Taste Of Chaos 

– The opening video solidly recapped last week’s events, when we saw DCC’s evolution, as they vowed to take everything through control and chaos. They even gave Broken Matt Hardy amnesia. Those fools. Anyways, the trio shifted from “masked businessmen” to “businessmen” when we saw them unmask after an attack on TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards after he successfully defended against Eli Drake. They were revealed to be Kingston (Eddie Kingston of CHIKARA and Pro Wrestling Syndicate fame), Bram and James Storm. We saw potential in DCC as Broken Hardy Universe villains, but with those names, they might actually have something cool on their hands.

– The opening in-ring segment with Edwards, DCC and Jeff Hardy was a good way to open, as they also followed up on last week. Edwards’ promo out first set the tone that he was a Champion who knew he had a target on his back and called out DCC. DCC’s news segment promo wasn’t anything new, but reinforced their mission to dominate through destruction. They accepted Edwards’ challenge and came out to assault him. Just when Storm was in a position to hit Edwards with his own belt, Hardy came to save the day. He had no face paint, so we think he was Hardy and not Brother Nero. Meh, does it actually matter? Also liked the Hardy-Storm face-to-face stare down, which reminded us of their long history.

– The backstage segment with Edwards, Hardy and Aiden O’Shea was the first hint towards the main event being booked. However, it was implied that Billy Corgan was still in charge. He wasn’t mentioned by name, but we had to assume he still had a say in things at this point of the show. Only in TNA is the on-screen authority figure the same person who has sued the actual company in real life. We liked that Edwards was so vocal to get the match so he could put his hands on DCC.

– The Jessie Godderz-TNA Impact Grand Champion Aron Rex match was some more great storyline development. This was a non-Title affair, which was a breath of fresh air. Also liked the stipulation that the match could only end in pinfall or submission. This feud has done wonders for both men since Rex had been slotted as the cheap shot heel who hasn’t outright broken the rules. At the same time, Godderz has elevated his game as a humbled hearty babyface. We saw a good story, as Rex used the ring early on wherever possible to gain an advantage, as he covered Godderz’s face with the apron as he choked him with his foot. Godderz battled back as he used Rex’s own tactics against him, using the barricade and steel steps as indirect weapons. Godderz’s submission win via the Adonis Crab was the right call, as it gave Godderz a win and likely another shot at Rex’s Title.

– The backstage segment with Sienna, Laurel Van Ness, Allie and Maria was more great stuff in the storyline where innocent, obliviously adorable Allie gets berated by the angry ladies. We also had some sympathy since we learned that Braxton Sutter had done more than “texted” LVN. Maria and her girls reinforced the idea that nobody would want to team with Brandi Rhodes and forced Allie to believe that was the case. Guess they didn’t watch last week when Allie nobly turned down Brandi’s offer to team up because of her loyalty to Maria.

– We learned that TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim had to vacate her Title due to an injury sustained in her match against Maria. That also explained the sudden need to build up Rosemary and tease Jade as the Knockouts Division’s future. It was explained in the storyline that Rosemary “aggravated the injury.”

– The backstage segment with Hardy, Edwards and O’Shea made the main event official. It would be a 3-On-2 Handicap Tag “Anything Goes” match with Hardy/Edwards against DCC. Again, it only made us question again who was in charge of this show.

– The Sienna/LVN-Brandi/Madison Rayne match gave us the reveal that Rayne, the five-time Knockouts Champion, was Brandi’s partner. That was done after Allie was summoned to the back by Maria out of fear that she was Brandi’s partner. The match itself had a decent story, as we saw Rayne take a lot of damage from the heels, who bent the rules wherever possible. That actually might’ve also been the first time in months that the crowd chanted that loudly for Rayne. Things took a downturn once the green Brandi hit the ring. It was a lot to ask us to believe that Brandi could cleanly pin Sienna (the one-time Division “monster”) with her finisher, but it was what it was. That actually would’ve been the golden chance to have Allie turn on Maria and help Brandi get the pinfall without looking so “Superwoman.”

– The amnesia adventures continued in Cameron, North Carolina with the latest cutscene that involved Matt Hardy, Reby and the Scribe. Reby tried to spark her husband’s memory as she told him his brother went out to fight for himself. He didn’t believe that he gave out green beans for Halloween. Reby’s tactic now was to show him a few videos.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal Four-Way match between Trevor Lee, Ethan Carter III, Lashley and The Miracle had the correct ensemble of perceivable contenders with Edwards as Champion. Any of these guys (Lee was a stretch) wasn’t outlandish as the next challenger. Good start as the three heels targeted EC3 to begin before they battled it out amongst themselves. The funniest part of the bout was the alliance between Lee/Miracle, who shook hands, but got mad at each other when they interrupted each other’s pinfalls. Lee took over the final minutes in an offensive flurry that won us over, highlighted with a Collision Course counter to Lashley’s spear. He followed up with a plancha on EC3/Lashley. Our worst fears were confirmed shortly after that Lee was simply in the match to take the pinfall/submission. Lee got caught in EC3’s TK3 and tapped out to his sleeper to end the match. This did create an EC3/Edwards Title match scenario, which was a good route to go next. All in all, this was an excellent effort from all involved, as they had moments where they could’ve won.

– The next cutscene video from Cameron showed Reby as she had Matt watch footage of “The Final Deletion.” Matt was amazed, yet shocked at his devious actions. Hilarious moments where he discovered his keen violin abilities and was horrified when he saw he tried to commit arson on his brother. The best part of it all was his tease of a premonition, only for it to be a sneeze.

– The “Facts Of Life” segment with Eli Drake and EC3 was long, yet succeeded in its goal for another stipulation match between the two to get set up. The biggest intrigue here was the roles in reversal, as this time it was Drake who goaded EC3 to try to put his Title shot on the line with something on the line on his end. EC3 was smart to point out the irony in the situation. Drake tried to sweeten the deal with a stipulation that he wouldn’t fight for the World Title for one year if he lost. Actually liked EC3’s refusal to give in to that since he wanted him in the Title picture to put the roster over. Eventually, he accepted on the condition that Drake put up his voice on the line. If he lost, he couldn’t talk for the rest of the year. That’s interesting, but why make it happen less than two months left in 2016? Still, it was worth checking out and a good bout to look forward to next week.

– The backstage segment with Jade, Crazzy Steve and Abyss furthered the Rosemary storyline, as the duo from Decay invited her to go find Rosemary. They then laughed it up, as Jade went to go find her with no backup. Yeah, that’ll go well.

– The Basile Baraka-Mahabali Shera match carried off last week’s angle where The Tribunal turned on Coach Al Snow. It was a ho-hum effort as Shera briefly sold for Baraka, only to turn the tide afterwards. Yup, he made him tap out to the Camel Clutch. The post-match angle with Baron Dax and Snow showed Snow saving Shera after a tease that he made up with his old boys was okay. We saw it coming, but why couldn’t Grado be in Shera’s role? That’d be better.

– The backstage segment with Rosemary and Jade basically saw Rosemary be creepy and announced that her and Jade would battle in a steel cage, which was revealed to be under the rafters they stood on. That was a cool visual, but this match is kinda eh. They always need to involve a stipulation with Jade to make her matches passable.

– The 3-On-2 Handicap Tag “Anything Goes” main event between DCC and Hardy/Edwards was good, yet went like we expected. Edwards hit a suicide dive on the trio that knocked over a kid in the audience, so that’s a highlight we guess. Chairs were then introduced to the bout. Undoubtedly, the hardest spot went to Kingston as he took a suplex onto the top part of two standing chairs. There was a decent near-fall with the Eye Of The Storm on Hardy. Another cool moment was the Brighter Side Of Suffering by Bram that took the World Champ off the apron and through a table below. That incapacitated him for the rest of the show, which left Hardy alone with Storm. Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate and went for another when he got hit with the Last Call for the sudden pinfall. That needed to happen to build up DCC, who could use the wins. We also got to hear their semi-cool theme song again. This also built up anticipation for Matt’s eventual return, since it was established that Hardy couldn’t handle a fight on his own with DCC.






Quick Results

  • Jessie Godderz def. Aron Rex via submission 
  • Brandi Rhodes/Madison Rayne def. Sienna/Laurel Van Ness (w/Allie, Maria) via pinfall 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal Four-Way Match – Ethan Carter III def. Trevor Lee, Lashley and The Miracle (w/Maria) via pinfall 
  • Mahabali Shera def. Basile Baraka via submission 
  • 3-On-2 Handicap Match – Anything Goes – The DCC def. Eddie Edwards/Jeff Hardy via pinfall 

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