Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 11/16/16: Aztec Warfare III

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/16/16)

Aztec Warfare III

– Aztec Warfare time’s typically exciting in the Lucha Underground universe. The match, which lasts the whole episode and is the promotion’s pinfall/submission-only elimination equivalent of the Royal Rumble, came at the right time. While the first one set the standard and gave Prince Puma his breakthrough moment, the second one faltered as Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto debuted and destroyed everybody. This time around, Matanza still stood as Champion, but had many contenders in his way. He was slated to start as #1 to defend his belt. The opening cutscene with Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Champion Johnny Mundo, Taya and Dario Cueto was a good set-up. Mundo’s narcissism was so strong that he had Taya tape a documentary. Mundo had #12 and bragged to Cueto that he’d win the belt and look to become the first-ever man to hold the LUG/GOTG Championships simultaneously. He revealed his backup plan was to cash in his LUG Championship shot next week. Cueto delivered his best “screw you” to that as he changed Mundo’s number to two and told him it was “Put Up Or Shut Up” time. Made sense for Cueto to do that since Mundo stood a big threat to his brother and we didn’t mind it happening to the rudo Mundo. It was funny when he told Taya to turn the camera off afterwards.

– Now, to the match. Aztec Warfare III had its thrills, spills and chills. The Worldwide Underground were rightly positioned as the biggest threat, plus you had Matanza as the powerhouse early on. Also done nicely was the planted seeds for future feuds and intriguing interactions between various talent. An early highlight was Jeremiah Crane’s “traffic directing” as he called for Mundo/Son Of Havoc to all attack Matanza. They hit him with a triple superkick. Crane hit the Crane Driller on Mariposa, since she was tied to a beatdown of his girlfriend Ivelisse. Another big moment was the initial face-off between Pentagon Dark and Rey Mysterio Jr., a “dream match” as coined by commentary. Matanza and Marty “The Moth” Martinez also had a great exchange, better than expected. Moth even hit an impressive plancha on the LUG Champ. The biggest development storyline-wise happened when Pentagon was attacked by Black Lotus and three other female ninjas. This was probably the Black Lotus Triad. The episode’s biggest pop came when Matanza was eliminated by Mysterio, which ensured a new Champion. It was Triple H eliminating Roman Reigns all over again. Unsurprisingly, Matanza took revenge out on Mysterio and annihilated him to stretcher confinement. A shift of momentum occurred when the eliminated Jack Evans/”Darewolf” PJ Black returned to help Mundo battle Sexy Star. Another great highlight was Angelico’s return, who did so the only way possible – a flying cross-body from off Cueto’s office roof. Eventually, it was down to Sexy Star and Mil Muertes as the final two. Muertes was on a tear, while Sexy was her resilient self. A nice tease where Sexy Star had a near-fall when Matanza missed her and ran through a table in the corner. Believably, it needed more than that to beat the morbid monster. That came when she knocked Matanza off the top rope and made him crash through a table, as she followed up with a double stomp. Yup, Sexy Star pinned Muertes to become the new LUG Champion. If that’s not storybook, we’re not sure what is. Our only gripe was that it wasn’t as magical the feeling as when Sexy Star won “No Mas!” but it’s pretty close.






Quick Results

  • Aztec Warfare III – Lucha Underground Championship – #1) Matanza Cueto (Champion) (w/Dario Cueto) (eliminated by Rey Mysterio Jr., #2) Johnny Mundo (eliminated by Sexy Star), #3) Son Of Havoc (eliminated by Jack Evans), #4) Jeremiah Crane (eliminated by Matanza), #5) Pentagon Dark (eliminated by Johnny Mundo), #6) “The Darewolf” PJ Black (eliminated by The Mack), #7) Mariposa (eliminated by Matanza), #8) Rey Mysterio Jr. (eliminated by Johnny Mundo), #9) Dr. Wagner, Jr. (w/Famous B, Nurse Brenda) (eliminated by Matanza), #10) Marty “The Moth” Martinez (eliminated by Rey Mysterio Jr.), #11) Jack Evans (eliminated by The Mack), #12) Sexy Star (Winner), #13) Ricky Mandel (eliminated by Johnny Mundo), #14) Mascarita Sagrada (eliminated by Matanza), #15) Famous B (eliminated by Rey Mysterio Jr.), #16) The Mack (eliminated by Mil Muertes), #17) Joey Ryan (eliminated by Mil Muertes), #18) Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) (eliminated by Sexy Star), #19) Kobra Moon (eliminated by Drago), #20) Drago (eliminated by Matanza); Sexy Star pins Mil Muertes to become new Champion 

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