Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 11/9/16: Gravest Consequences

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 11/9/16)

Gravest Consequences 

– The opening video featured the Son Of Havoc/Mascarita Sagrada-Famous B/Dr. Wagner, Jr. feud that led to a “Believer’s Backlash” match where any weapon was legal as well as Prince Puma’s challenge for Mil Muertes in Grave Consequences. This seemed to be the culmination of their feud that rechristened this season. Let the fun begin.

– The cutscene with Catrina and Muertes was par for the course for their characters. It was Catrina who riled up Muertes the most, as she emphasized to him that he needed to make Puma beg for air and laid in a threat that if he lost, she wouldn’t bring him back again. The intensity in Muertes’ eyes was sick.

– The Believer’s Backlash match between Sagrada and Famous B where all weapons were legal was fun. Some will knock the cornball nature of the idea that fans didn’t surround the ring this time and instead gave the wrestlers unique weapons (that ranged from popcorn and creme pie to wizard wands and shoes), but that fit the context of the feud itself. It was never meant to be taken seriously and was essentially the “karma” that Famous B had coming to him ever since he betrayed his first client in Sagrada. Some hilarious spots throughout, most notably where Sagrada took a stepladder and planted it on the announce table before he hit a splash off the top of it onto Famous B on the floor below. Famous B had the advantage afterwards with the trash can, but that backfired. Of course, it made sense for Wagner Jr. to get involved, which also drew out Havoc. Brenda took an accidental creme pie to the face, which soon led to the big ending. Sagrada blasted Famous B with a painting that bore his own image and that led to the use of Commentator Matt Striker’s big shoe and transitioned into a Tornado DDT to get the pin on Famous B. That was a fun ending and the “payoff” was that Havoc gave Sagrada his own leather patched jacket. Plus, Havoc and Sagrada cut the head off a cardboard cutout of Famous B with an oversized pair of scissors which was about right.

– The cutscene in the locker room with Killshot and Dante Fox was a fine follow-up to when we last saw them, where Fox left Killshot out cold after he teased a brotherly embrace. Their feud story stemmed from an allegation that Killshot left Fox “for dead” in the military. This interaction saw Killshot tell Fox he understood why he did what he did and hoped to move forward from there. Fox promised they’d be “united like old times” and they hugged. We had an unsettling feeling there.

– The cutscene in the bathroom with Drago, Kobra Moon and Vinny Massaro advanced their storyline where Moon tried to convince Drago to win for their tribe, to which he continually denies being a part of. This time, Moon carried a mental edge where she informed him that an important figure of their tribe still existed and would make him kneel before her. Massaro broke the tension as the fat slob who farted. We’re intrigued to see what happens with this Drago-Moon duo if it’s the plan.

– The Aztec Warfare 10-Person Qualifying match between Marty “The Moth” Martinez/The Mack/Ivelisse/Jeremiah Crane/Mariposa and Killshot/Argenis/Fox/Texano/Cage had the story of a “Dario Cueto Special” as in it teamed up rivals. Fast-paced too, which gave everybody a chance to get in on the action. Fox/Crane had a great exchange, which led its way to a nice double-team by Ivelisse/Crane, coined the “callous couple” by Striker. It also helped to see Cage/Texano continue their program as they bickered at ringside, to where they were taken out by Mack. Highlight was undoubtedly Fox’s inverted springboard 450 splash onto everyone below. Ivelisse had an impressive near-fall. Just like we predicted, the finish came down to yet another betrayal by Fox to Killshot, which set up Martinez to get the pinfall. It must say a lot that Fox turned down a chance at the Lucha Underground Championship to get revenge on Killshot. Ivelisse sold an ankle injury and was carried out by Crane, so it’ll be cool to see what comes of that.

– The cutscene with Cueto and Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto was good hype for next week’s Aztec Warfare III where the Champ would be #1 and defend his belt. Cueto essentially gave the monster a pep talk while he was in his cage about how he knew what to do and what their family fought for. The biggest sell out of this was Matanza’s first word (we think): “War.”

– The Grave Consequences match between Muertes and Puma wasted no time, as we saw Puma knock Muertes off the stairs and the action followed to the bleachers below. Muertes countered back as he shoved Puma through a section of seats, a doorway and powerbombed him onto the coffin itself. More attention to detail was paid as we saw the coffin bear the image of half Muertes’ and Puma’s faces into one. Muertes brought in a table and eventually speared Puma through it in the corner. Another cool spot where Puma hit his 630 splash on Muertes laid out across the coffin. We loved the emphasis told by commentary where they mentioned Puma was more about punishment than the victory in this instance. Great spot where Puma countered the Flatliner with a handstand and fought back with a head kick. This began Puma’s downfall, which began when Muertes chokeslammed Puma off the top rope and through two tables outside. He added insult to injury as he brought out the old coffin from backstage where Konnan was put to rest. A Flatliner to the floor sealed Puma’s fate and he stuffed him inside effectively end his career. A sinister smirk from Commentator Vampiro after the moment told us perhaps they’ll be more to the story as Puma engages in the “dark side,” but that’ll be in the weeks to come. Nevertheless, excellent episode.






Quick Results

  • Believer’s Backlash – All Weapons Legal – Mascarita Sagrada def. Famous B (w/Nurse Brenda) via pinfall 
  • Aztec Warfare Qualifying Match – 10-Person Tag – Marty “The Moth” Martinez/Mariposa/Ivelisse/Jeremiah Crane/The Mack def. Killshot/Dante Fox/Cage/Texano/Argenis via pinfall 
  • Grave Consequences – Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) def. Prince Puma 

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