Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 11/3/16: The Superfight

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/3/16)

The Superfight 

– Total Nonstop Action Wrestling solidly built the Lashley-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards rematch, branded “The Superfight.” The opening video hyped it again, as it had the “big match” feel with “The Destroyer” one win away from the Title while Edwards would fight hard to keep it.

– The in-ring segment with Brandi Rhodes, Maria and Sienna was fine. This was the first chance for us to get what Brandi was all about, besides being in her husband Cody’s shadow. It was also some brief follow-up to Cody being laid out by Lashley to end last week’s show. She updated us that Cody was fine and Lashley was in line for some bad news. Maria has been TNA’s best talker and shined more here, as she got heat for her insults on Allie. It seemed weird for her to want to have Brandi on her “Lady Squad,” but it was fine at the end, as it was an excuse to have them attack Brandi when she’d refuse. We’re also curious to see how Cody reacts to his wife being laid out by the heels, namely Sienna.

– They did a brilliant thing on this show with the documentary-esque video package that provided exposition on Edwards. It covered everything from his upbringing in Boston to his training days and being Tag Champions with Davey Richards before they each suffered sideline injuries to recent months when he became TNA X-Division Champion at Slammiversary, which was eventually what made him and Lashley collide. We got emotion out of it when they mentioned his marriage and loss of his mentor shortly after he lost his X-Division Title to Lashley in Six Sides Of Steel. Then, it became inspirational when they spoke about Edwards’ big Title win on Oct. 6. Great stuff that let us get to know the Champ more.

– The TNA Impact Grand Championship match between Jessie Godderz and Champion Aron Rex was forgettable as a match, but we loved the idea behind further casting Rex as a cheating heel. The attention to detail with Rex’s allegedly taped-up rings on his fingers continued. The first two rounds went to Godderz, which didn’t surprise us. The third round was when it went down, but in addition to the taped-finger fist shot, there was more suspicion as Rex washed his hands with a white towel before he raked Godderz’s eyes to blind him. Those two tactics were enough for Rex to retain. Post-match, Rex got some more heat as he tried to sarcastically get a round of applause for Godderz in a “hard-fought win.”

– The backstage promo from Team Go For Broke was basically them complimenting each other and why they stuck together. Lots of vague lines about high risk moves in a pointless concept. Mainly, because of the confusion of what Team X Gold exactly still is (Trios Division with a flag for a Title?), it left a lot of what this segment tried to accomplish up in the air.

– The Team X Gold match between Marshe Rockett/Andrew Everett/Trevor Lee, Rockstar Spud/Abyss/Crazzy Steve and GFB was interesting in terms of the ring action. When all else fails, take nine men and make them do crazy stuff. Again though, we had some confusion because commentary once said teams that own stood together yet with the exception of GFB, everybody lost as teams. Again, we’ll try not to focus on that much. DJZ’s athleticism was on display and there was a brief standoff between Rockett and Abyss with some action. We didn’t like the ejection of Steve/Abyss as it didn’t make sense for a Referee to eject actual competitors from a match without it being a disqualification, but it led to the easy finish as Braxton Sutter hit a Flatliner on the solo Spud to retain the flags for his team. All in all, fast, chaotic and filler.

– The TNA World Tag Team Championship match between Broken Matt Hardy/Brother Nero and DCC began with the piano theme entrance for the Hardys before Matt summoned the “three mysterious masked businessmen” to come down to the ring. It was briefly a heel attack angle before Nero begged them to come back and fight. At this point, it was an official Title match, but that didn’t last long. A brief heat moment for the DCC member that shoved Referee Earl Hebner to the canvas and choked him with his foot. After that point, it became a rehash of the “Great War” as they brawled backstage with prominent punchlines and entertainment. There was also the lake of reincarnation, forklifts and even an appearance from Grado as they “crashed” his interview segment. Hilarious stuff, particularly when Matt had a DCC member in a garbage can and repeatedly shoved the lid down on him and shouted “Delete!” every time. In the end, Matt was kicked off the top of a forklift and fell to the floor, as he apparently had amnesia because he didn’t remember who Nero was. Entertaining as always as per Hardys stuff in 2016, but we wish we had more of a reason to dislike DCC or even what they’re all about. Something tells us it seems like a Broken Universe take on a parody of TNA’s past invasion angles. We’ll see what develops.

– Ethan Carter III’s backstage promo what’d happen later, as he planned to call out Eli Drake since he was an annoying voice in his head ever since Bound For Glory.

– The in-ring segment with EC3 and Drake was some more great ring work with the two. The catch here was a comparison between EC3 and Drake’s characters, as EC3 tried to convince Drake to put his “Bound For Gold” briefcase on the line next week. EC3 did a great job as he put over how he earned a lot of the things he was known for – his defeats of Kurt Angle, other TNA Hall Of Famers and his undefeated streak. The stipulation was there as EC3 tried to sweeten the deal as he said if he lost, he’d disappear from the Title picture for good. We thought for a second it’d be a Miz-WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler thing. Basically, Drake turned it down and hyped that he’d cash in his Title shot next week. Decent stuff, as Drake evidently avoided EC3 to the point where he’d cash in his shot. Also liked Drake’s new “Button” shirt.

– The backstage promo from Lashley was last minute hype for the main event, as he spoke about Cody being in the wrong place at the wrong time. More great mic work here, as he predicted that he’d end Edwards’ hopes and dreams shortly.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Lashley and Champion Edwards told a fine story as was the case with their other matches. With Edwards in the Champion role, it had a different dynamic, but it was still good because Edwards had credibility. Edwards hit a suicide dive before he chopped Lashley several times. Lashley’s comeback consisted of a suplex on the floor and he also dropped Edwards over the barricade into the first row. After that point, it went a bit downhill as Lashley put the Referee in front of him and after a Spear, didn’t have an official to count it. After the two-count from another Referee, he blatantly attacked him. Brian Hebner was about to call for the bell when Lashley was hit with the Boston Knee Party and Edwards pinned him. We found it baffling that they didn’t address the Referee’s fast count, but perhaps they’ll address it next week. Lashley had an out there actually. To sum it up, a good match but too much there at the end.






Quick Results

  • TNA Impact Grand Championship – Aron Rex def. Jessie Godderz via pinfall to retain 
  • Team X Gold – Three-Way – Go For Broke (Flag Holders) def. Andrew Everett/Trevor Lee/Marshe Rockett and Crazzy Steve/Abyss/Rockstar Spud via pinfall 
  • TNA World Tag Team Championships – The Broken Hardys and The DCC to a no-contest 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Eddie Edwards (Champion) def. Lashley via pinfall to retain 

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