Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 11/2/16: Loser Leaves Lucha

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/2/16)

Loser Leaves Lucha 

– As the title suggests, we were back to fun and high stakes in the Temple. There’d be no other way to have it. The opening video focused on Joey Ryan’s reveal of Cortez Castro to be an undercover cop against Dario Cueto and the “Loser Leaves Lucha” feud between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr., as it got to the point where Mysterio couldn’t advance with his career unless him and Guerrero reached a formidable conclusion.

– We got our next installment of “Dario’s Dial Of Doom” as he spun the wheel to determine Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto’s (his brother) next opponent. It turned out to be Dario’s Choice, as he took the moment to choose Castro. He built him up as somebody who had a broken arm but reported to work every week for rehab. On the surface, we knew this was Cueto’s way to make Castro pay more for going against him. The Lucha Underground Championship match between Champion Matanza and Castro was predictable, but the good kind. It did multiple things at once. The only newsworthy stuff as far as the match itself was the cast spots where Castro used it as a weapon. We all knew the end result though – Matanza retains. In Season Two, those words meant death, but here, it presents progress. We were also subjected to bad undercover cop puns by Cueto to a laid-out Castro. We didn’t catch on to that at first, but that was genius. Aztec Warfare III was also hyped to take place in two weeks, as we knew Matanza would be number one and Drago #20.

– The cutscene in Cueto’s office with Ryan, Cueto, SOH and MS saw a drunk Cueto laugh it up with Ryan over Castro, before SOH came in on behalf of MS and proposed a match with Famous B, MS’ former manager who turned on him. This was where Cueto did his thing and booked SOH-Dr. Wagner, Jr. where the winner would decide the stipulation of next week’s FB-MS bout. There were also some bad short jokes in there too.

– The in-ring segment with Prince Puma, Mil Muertes and Catrina superbly set up next week’s Grave Consequences, as Puma laid down the challenge because he felt he couldn’t move on until he put MM in a coffin the way MM put Konnan in one in Season One. Interestingly, it tied back to what Vampiro told Puma earlier in the year but didn’t want to hear it from him. Catrina accepted on MM’s behalf, as he tried to sneak-attack him in the ring. Loved the idea that MM was dressed in a black suit, stood out in a good way. The ring action was limited, but set things up. Puma fought out of a Flatliner attempt and dropkicked MM out of the ring and threw his own jacket at him. We already know it’ll be good. If only they called it “Gravest Consequences.” Sigh.

– The DWJ-SOH match to determine who’d choose the stipulation for next week’s FB-MS bout was paint-by-numbers as far as the action, but entertaining as it regarded the story. FB did a fine job to put heat on himself and put his client over at the same time in his pre-match promo. It was a decent back-and-forth effort as they had good chemistry. Eventually, the shooting star press from SOH made this a win for the babyfaces. At least, Nurse Brenda and FB were great with their ringside presence. SOH selected Believer’s Backlash on behalf of MS. We’re eager to see how that comes about, but we do feel that they haven’t made FB unlikable enough to want to rile people up to hit him with random weapons. The first one worked because Hernandez worked the people up so much that when the time for the match came, it justified the story. We’ll still see how it goes though with the “any weapon counts” worked in.

– Another Paul London hype video aired as the “Mad Hatter” spoke more about how the “White Rabbit” told him to come to The Temple and he had a couple of friends with him. They were shown as a trio briefly with no reveal of who they were. London had a Bray Wyatt-esque delivery to his voice, which seems really different from what he has previously done in his career. Wonder when they’ll finally “come.”

– The “Loser Leaves Lucha” main event match between Guerrero and Mysterio certainly had its high stakes, which helped the vibe overall. Usually, Chavo’s never connected to anything great (Blue Demon, Jr., anybody?), but this was different. Also liked the nice touch that Commentator Matt Striker mentioned that Chavo was involved in the Temple’s first-ever match. Interesting moment where Mysterio huracanrana’d Chavo into the first row, where Chavo’s father, “Chavo Classic” sat and fell out of his seat. Things were pretty good as it winded down to the end. The first finish was a shock, but more of disappointment. Chavo Classic hit the ring with a chair and teased to hit Mysterio with it, but hit his son square in the face with it. As what would look like a turn was instead revealed to be a “clever” plan to get Mysterio disqualified and lose the match. Referee Marty Elias actually called for the bell and it was about to be announced when “Good Guy” Cueto came out and restarted it with “Anything Goes” rules because he loved violence and hated cheap endings. The “restart” had even higher drama as the crowd grew louder. After Chavo’s last resort of the single leg crab submission and Gory Special fell short, it was 619 time. That gave us the ultimate happy ending as Mysterio got the win and Chavo was no more in The Temple. Ironically, it was Chavo’s last Temple match that’d be his most memorable. All in all, great storytelling with two guys who have a brotherhood-like chemistry and they utilized it to the fullest.






Quick Results

  • Lucha Underground Championship – Matanza Cueto (Champion) (w/Dario Cueto) def. Cortez Castro via pinfall to retain 
  • Winner Decides Stipulation For Next Week’s Match Between Mascarita Sagrada And Famous B – Son Of Havoc (w/Mascarita Sagrada) def. Dr. Wagner, Jr. (w/Nurse Brenda) via pinfall 
  • Loser Leaves Lucha – Anything Goes – Rey Mysterio Jr. def. Chavo Guerrero Jr. via pinfall; Chavo Must Leave Lucha Underground  

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