Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 10/27/16: Treat Or Delete

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/27/16)

Treat Or Delete 

– Nothing screams “Happy Halloween” like a visit to the Broken Hardy Universe. Thank god for this gimmick, because it makes holiday themes fun again. The opening video “documented” a “Hardy All Hallow’s Eve” gathering and a pumpkin patch that Senor Benjamin/Vanguard 1 composed. Broken Matt Hardy had another “pree-muh-neeee-shunnnn” that an outsider would come to the compound and deliver a looming message. Brother Nero also ate magical corn or something to that extent. This was awesome.

– The Ethan Carter III/Jessie Godderz-Eli Drake/TNA Impact Grand Champion Aron Rex match carried off last week’s angle and continued this “mutual enemies” storyline that benefits both the Rex/Godderz and EC3/Drake feuds. Besides the fact the crowd had big heat for Drake, this was an alright match that told an okay story with heavy heel isolation tactics. It never got going the way we wanted it to. If there was anything to take from this, the finish was fine, as we saw Rex “knock out” Godderz with rings taped up on his hand. It was a bit confusing when Commentator Josh Mathews noted that Rex tried to hide when it in the replays, it looked like he showed it off in plain sight of Referee Brian Stifler, but we’ll let that slide since we like the idea of Rex as a heel so much more.

– The backstage segment with Maria and Brandi Rhodes was decent hype for the mixed tag main event where those two would be involved. Basically, it was Maria bragging about the pain she caused Brandi and her husband Cody and that Brandi would hide form her, to which we saw Brandi enter the room and chase after her. They never quite followed up on that. We’ll assume they chased each other throughout the arena until the match began.

– The backstage segment with Grado and Jeremy Borash hyped what we’d see later, as Grado had an idea for a costume to satisfy his favorite holiday. Yup, we could wait on this. Perhaps we should’ve had our guard up when JB said, “Bro.”

– Some people hand out candy on Halloween. Broken Matt Hardy gives out green beans. Hilarious stuff. Also had to love the bit where Brother Nero sang the “Obsolete” song and the kids replied back the same. We could so get used to this.

– Rockstar Spud’s backstage promo hyped his mystery partners in the Team X Gold match, as he complained about being overlooked and mentioned one of his partners was a former X-Division Champion. Only people coming to mind were the Andrew Everett/Trevor Lee duo, where Lee was a former Champ. That’s what they wanted us to think maybe.

– The in-ring segment with Grado, Robbie E and DCC was filler mainly to set up an excuse for another attack from the masked mysterious group. We wonder if those masks were the same ones that Low-Ki and Samoa Joe wore when they joined the infamous Beat Down Clan last year. Anyways, we cringed at the idea of Grado as a new “Bro-Man” though when he danced up on the commentary team, it was sort of funny. Some part of us actually hoped that Robbie would turn heel and attack Grado, but apparently, that was DCC’s job when they delivered a spike piledriver to poor Grado.

– The cutscene with Allie, Aiden O’Shea and TNA President Billy Corgan in the empty arena continued Allie’s storyline in a smart way. Originally, Maria booked her in a match with Laurel Van Ness last week for this show and this was Corgan letting her know that she didn’t have to compete if she didn’t want to. This was the perfect time to have Allie declare she needed to step up for herself and Corgan made it official. Baby steps, but ones worth taking.

– The Team X Gold match between Go For Broke (TNA X-Division Champion DJZ/Braxton Sutter/Mandrews) and Spud/Crazzy Steve/Abyss was reliant on the reveal of Steve/Abyss as Spud’s partners. We wondered how far back in the archives they needed to dig to find out Abyss was a former Champ. It’s still left in the air as to exactly what Team X Gold is and why one team carries a flag. Is that the equivalent of a Championship? Do the flag holders get anything? “Bragging rights” isn’t enticing enough for us. This was forgettable action as instead of building on Spud’s recent intrigue, they buried him as he took the pinfall from none other than DJZ himself with the ZDT. We hate this “stop-and-go” push for Spud, if you even want to call it that.

– The backstage promo from Cody/Brandi Rhodes served fine main event hype as Cody called Miracle “smoke and mirrors” and Brandi wanted “to make the bitch tap out.” Such a lovable couple here.

– The best thing on the show was the in-ring contract signing for next week’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship rematch between Champion Eddie Edwards and Lashley. Of course, Borash was there to moderate and reinforced a “No Physicality” rule, which made it more about the words. It also helped that Mathews spoke of Lashley’s recent two-round Bellator victory to push his credibility as a dominant force. Lashley continued his brilliant confidence on the mic as he pointed out that the company backed Edwards as this “fairy tale Champion” and he himself had to jump through hoops to get his shot again. Edwards has evidently gotten more comfortable on the mic as he didn’t sound out of place here and got more tuned-in as the segment went on. A key moment was where Edwards asked what’d happen to Lashley’s aura when he lost again and became “his bitch.” That sent the monster over the edge to turn the table over, but that was about it. Still, excellent stuff here, as the “Rematch Superfight” sounds great. They took the moment of Lashley underestimating Edwards to lose his belt as the major focus, as it should be.

– Despite Sutter’s appearance as a total noob, apparently it’s enough to attract LVN, as she found it jealous that he began to speak to Allie and planned to swoop in on it, as she proposed a celebration after she’d win her match.

– We had some more Hardy shenanigans, as they turned away The Hurricane (Gregory Shane Helms, funny) and Nero turned into “Itchweed” (the rambling jester gimmick) as Matt called it “absolutely glorious” (perhaps a shot at Bobby Roode) and they ended that part off as Itchweed carved “Happy Halloween” into their lawn with his weed whacker.

– The LVN-Allie match with Madison Rayne on commentary was a step in progression for Allie, as we saw her throw out moments of hope against LVN when she speared her to the canvas Lou Thesz-style and landed a close near-fall. However, it was all she’d muster, as LVN’s power was too much to overcome and she lost cleanly.

– The next Hardy video package poked fun at the 2016 Presidential Candidates as Senor Benjamin teased someone in a Donald Trump costume and Itchweed picked on someone dressed as Hillary Clinton. Vanguard 1 was also dressed as a ghost. As if that wasn’t enough, Matt wanted to become President. This guy would actually get votes knowing this year.

– Another Fixer informercial hype video aired. Still not feeling the gimmick.

– The backstage segment with Rex and Godderz was something we seen coming, as it built towards a Rex Title defense against Godderz for next week. This was all about Godderz’s conflict with the way Rex won his matches and Rex was out to prove that victory was all that mattered. It could actually go a long way towards a long-term build of Godderz as something more than tag team fodder.

– The cutscene with the Broken Hardys was the premonition come to fruition, as we saw Reby answer the door to someone in a DCC mask that handed them a tablet with a message to watch – next week, DCC challenged the Hardys to a match and that “the clock runs out.” Still paint-by-numbers by TNA standards considering what they’ve done in the past, but at least they’ve gone about it differently and tied it to the company’s most over act this time. Can’t say we’re thrilled, but we’ll check it out when it comes.

– The backstage segment with The Miracle/Maria served final hype for the main event as the heels put themselves over as the only power couple. Miracle mentioned his accolades that he pinned EC3, made Lashley run scared (funny) and beat Edwards at one point too. Some stinging words by the end, but that was by design.

– The Mixed Tag main event between Miracle/Maria and Brandi/Cody was entertaining, though predictable. Miracle/Maria did a good job as they set Brandi off with their antics, particularly where Maria snuck around the ring to drop Brandi on the apron to make a tag. It was obvious that Maria’s plan was to keep herself out of action and eventually, it’d happen where the momentum shifted. Maria accidentally low blowed her husband twice and Brandi mauled her afterwards. The spot where Maria was tripped onto her husband’s groin area could’ve been sold better, as it looked like she barely made “that mark.” That led to the finish where we got to see the faces get their revenge and the win. In the end, nothing special, but necessary nonetheless. There was more interest in the backstage post-match attack on Cody by Lashley with Brandi’s frantic screams in the background. The camera angle looking up at Lashley was goofy, but it also worked strangely enough. Guess now they’ll get to Cody-Lashley? Perhaps the TNA World Title may even be involved. Know one other thing – the Broken Universe has us hyped for Thanksgiving.






Quick Results

  • Aron Rex/Eli Drake def. Jessie Godderz/Ethan Carter III via pinfall 
  • Team X Gold – Go For Broke (DJZ/Braxton Sutter/Mandrews) def. Rockstar Spud/Abyss/Crazzy Steve via pinfall 
  • Laurel Van Ness def. Allie via pinfall 
  • Mixed Tag – Cody/Brandi Rhodes def. The Miracle/Maria via pinfall 

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