Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 10/26/16: On The Up And Up

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/26/16)

On The Up And Up 

– The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament First Round match between #DIY (Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa) and Tian Bing/Hoho Lin was a smart way to have #DIY advance while at the same time serve Bing’s in-ring NXT debut. He was the guy who was the first signed superstar from China, so he had a chance to impress and was in the ring with the right guys for it. Lun still is on the lower half of the Cruiserweight Classic talent spectrum, but he wasn’t a prime focus thankfully. Him and Bing worked well enough together to give #DIY a tease at an upset, but when commentary revealed that the winners here would take on NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival in the second round, they might as well have given away the result right there. With #DIY-Revival as past foes, they’d be dumb not to set up another excuse for an encounter and if they beat The Revival there, it could even set up the Tag Title match at NXT TakeOver: Toronto. Maybe we’re thinking too ahead, but they got the first part of the puzzle right, as we saw #DIY win their running knee strike/superkick combo on Lun, which also protected Bing, whom they can build down the road.

– You have to feel for Hideo Itami, who last year was rumored to be the one to uncrown Kevin Owens as NXT Champion at Beast In The East in Japan until he suffered an injury. He came back at TakeOver: Brooklyn II and was primed for a long-term feud with Austin Aries, but that was put on hold when he got injured again. Another sad part of it was that Itami was supposed to team with Kota Ibushi in the Dusty Classic. That would be changed obviously. We were pleased to see WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins fill that void. They cut a backstage promo to hype their team and despite the insufferable video game references from Perkins (Is your life like a video game, man?), we were still eager to see what they could do in the ring and liked the idea that it came from respect as opponents in the CWC.

– They progressed the NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura-Samoa Joe feud with Joe’s backstage promo, as he was convinced he changed Nakamura’s demeanor from happy-go-lucky to more serious. He was asked about his attempt at a sneak attack last week when he walked down the ramp and stopped mid-way but covered it up as “testing the perimeters.” Joe delivers his promo with such an intense tone that he can make you believe his words and fear them at the same time. Also found his points strong that he injured Nakamura’s shoulders as a receipt to when the Champ injured his jaw at TakeOver: Brooklyn II.

– They continue to tighten the Billie Kay/Peyton Royce duo (The Aussie Mean Girls we like to call them) as we saw Kay in action against Aliyah. On paper, this appeared to be a squash to continue Kay’s momentum, but they used the opportunity to advance the duo’s quarrel with Liv Morgan. As far as the match, Kay needs to work more on her selling. Some of those faces she made and her body language felt so fake. Anyways, the finish was a nice twist since we saw Morgan get her revenge when she attacked Royce outside, which distracted Kay enough to get rolled up by Aliyah for the upset. Originally, we thought that Kay would get her win back next week, but they rushed it a bit by having the two heels and faces duke it out. This probably sets up a tag match, but we didn’t need to see the heels stand tall at the end here. It’s happened a bit too many times. They had the right idea as Morgan cost Kay the match, but it should’ve ended with the brawl and had the heels back away. As it is, it looks like Morgan/Aliyah don’t stand a chance.

– With Tye Dillinger-Bobby Roode set to happen in a little over three weeks at Toronto, they’ve done a great job of building both in the ring while also sending messages to each other physically and verbally in the process. This was no different this week, as we saw Dillinger make quick work of Noah Potjes (a “creep” at the WWE Performance Center, whatever that means) as he ended it with the Tye Breaker. The crowd was into Dillinger’s entrance, but they weren’t as loud as they’ve previously been. The real fun came at the post-match angle where Roode attacked Dillinger on stage when Dillinger began to call him a coward. The Glorious DDT on the stage was a perfect heat magnet moment for Roode. We’re interested to see how Dillinger bounces back.

– TM61 is another good Australian duo that can gel in the ring, but need more work on their mic skills. Their backstage promo was an attempt to solve that problem, as they plugged their Dusty Classic Second Round match with Roderick Strong/Austin Aries. They put over their credibility with Title wins and Tournament trophies all over the world (even though we’re not sure which ones) but they also spoke about how they were a collective unit and thought with one mind and fought with one fist. Some light charisma, as we’re mildly interested in seeing the ring work for this match.

– They’ve done a tremendous job with NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, as she had an undefeated record for a year and there was no stopping her now. Her opponent this week was Thea Trinidad, which meant another predicted annihilation. The most impressive moment was Asuka’s transition from a German Suplex to the Fujiwara Armbar to make Trinidad tap out. The real watercolor moment happened when NXT General Manager introduced Mickie James as her Toronto opponent. An incredible choice and the fans popped big for it. Of course, they didn’t say her name in the show until the main event, but luckily, enough of NXT’s fanbase are diehards that they knew who it was upon sight. James’ big screen promo put over her credibility as someone who defeated pioneers of the original “Women’s Revolution” Also liked her “International Incident” line. That should be a great match when it happens.

– The backstage promo from The Authors Of Pain and Paul Ellering hyped their Dusty Classic Second Round bout against No Way Jose/Rich Swann. Ellering was more vocal than usual, but didn’t offer us more than a warning for Jose/Swann that they wouldn’t advance past his guys because he had a plan and it’d be executed. AOP cut promos in Spanish themselves and were aggressive in tone. This match was hyped for next week, so we had that to look forward to.

– The Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Team Tournament First Round match between Mustafa Ali/Lince Dorado and Perkins/Ibushi was about as fun as you can get. Ali/Dorado looked like they’d teamed before as their double-team moves were flawless. Excellent chain wrestling between Perkins/Dorado to start off before they tagged in their partners who had more of a technical exchange. Ali continues to impress and also has a mean streak in him. Commentary used this platform to also hype Perkins’ Cruiserweight Title match against Brian Kendrick at the upcoming Hell In A Cell Pay-Per-View. There was athleticism galore down the line and “smart” wrestling. Ali got to the ropes on Perkins’ first Kneebar, as he sold the move through the rest of the bout. Ibushi’s kicks continued their stiff prowess, as we even saw him break out a double Pele kick. Some fun stuff as they worked down to the finish, where we saw Perkins catch Ali in the Kneebar again to make him tap out. Given the talent, it made sense for the super duo of Perkins/Ibushi to advance. We’re curious to see who advances when they take on Sanity in the Second Round.






Quick Results

  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament – First Round – #DIY def. Tian Bing/Hoho Lun via pinfall to advance 
  • Aliyah def. Billie Kay (w/Peyton Royce) via pinfall 
  • Tye Dillinger def. Noah Potjes via pinfall 
  • Asuka def. Thea Trinidad via submission 
  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament – First Round – TJ Perkins/Kota Ibsuhi def. Mustafa Ali/Lince Dorado via submission to advance

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