Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 10/26/16: Stayin’ Alive

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/26/16)

Stayin’ Alive 

– The opening video highlighted the Best-Of-Five Series between Cage and Texano where Cage held a 2-0 lead, reminded us of Johnny Mundo’s relentless quest to have anything to do with the Lucha Underground Championship as his attempt to buy his way in with Dario Cueto worked since this episode’s main event would see Mundo challenge Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Champion Sexy Star for the belt. Finally, we saw the last interaction between Ivelisse and her new boyfriend Jeremiah, or the former Sami Callihan/Solomon Crowe. With this ensemble, we had potential for another easy week in the Temple.

– The cutscene with Cueto and SS in his office set things up as SS wanted her Lucha Underground Championship match next week against Champion Matanza Cueto. Clearly, Cueto tried to stop that, as he reminded SS that she’d defend against Mundo and added a stipulation that if the Lucha Underground Trios Champions Drago/AeroStar/Fenix interfered, they’d be banned from the Temple forever. So evil.

– The Marty “The Moth” Martinez-Ivelisse match was a good continuation of her feud with the Martinez siblings, while this conflict with her stubborn boyfriend comes into play. Nobody plays a better creep than Marty, as we saw before the bell. Poor Ring Announcer Melissa Santos. Mariposa was a ringside factor. The action was okay, but nothing special. At the least, the finish was logical as we saw Ivelisse try to choke out Moth, but he backed her into the corner and landed on his back with her behind him, sort of like an Electric Chair maneuver. This was enough to get him the win, as it was played up as “overpowering.” The post-match angle was even better as the Temple crowd went nuts when Jeremiah came out to save Ivelisse when the heels went for more after the bell. It wasn’t all rosy as Ivelisse pushed him away when he tried to go for a hug. We were reminded that she wanted him to stay away from The Temple and he just couldn’t do it. He even begged her for forgiveness and she continued to be angry. Good stuff. We imagine there’ll be a mixed tag down the road.

– Paul London inches ever closer to his LUG debut and so far, we’ve been impressed with the way he carries himself as a “Mad Hatter” of the 21st century. What’ll it bring to The Temple and who are his friends? Guess we’ll find out when they come soon enough.

– The cutscene in the parking lot with Jeremiah and Ivelisse was a good follow-up to what we saw earlier, as she didn’t want him nearby her workplace and he tried to convince her that his presence would strengthen them as couple. We learned he accepted an opportunity from Cueto and she warned him that he was “a piece of crap” and also said if he put them against one another, she’d kick his ass. Classic Ivelisse. We can already good things for this duo. Will Son Of Havoc have anything to say down the road? They’ve kept him distant from her for the most part.

– The cutscene in Councilman Delgado’s car with him and Cueto gave this “Gods” storyline a brand new twist, as we learned of this big magical gold box that had some kind of power. We learned this was directly tied to the Cage-Texano Series, as apparently, whoever won the “Ultimate Opportunity” would reap these “God-Like Benefits.” Lord only knows, but this is that LUG magic we’ve yearned for.

– Match Three of the Best-Of-Five Series between Cage and Texano where Cage held a 2-0 lead headed in was your classic third match as far as series go. There was enough competitiveness between the two to get across a sense of urgency from Texano’s end and one from Cage to end it in a sweep. Some fun action on the outside, as Texano threw Cage around ringside and threw him through a row of seats. He also hit a pretty sunset flip powerbomb that took him over the ropes and to the floor. Things only got better and faster as we headed towards the finish that it could’ve gone either way. Luckily, it was Texano who got a surprise roll-up after he kicked out of a few close calls for Cage to stay alive in the series. No need to end this series yet, as things have just started.

– Some big hype for the ultimate payoff between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. as we saw with the Cutscene in Cueto’s Office with Mysterio and Cueto. We learned that it was Mysterio who approached Cueto with the idea and we only only imagine how it’d excite Cueto so. This would be next week’s main event – a “Loser Leaves Lucha.” We know Myserio is on borrowed time and Chavo isn’t around much, so either scenario isn’t crazy. Smart booking, as we’re promised a conclusion.

– The Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Championship main event match between Champion SS and Mundo where if Lucha Underground Trios Champions Drago/AeroStar/Fenix interfered, then they’d be banned from The Temple forever was their first-ever meeting in LUG history. The two had fine chemistry in the ring as they mixed Mundo’s athleticism with his boosted ego and aggressive nature with SS’ underdog spirit. They went back and forth before we got overbooking filled with ref bumps and outside interference. We loved The Mack coming out to defend SS when Jack Evans/Darewolf PJ Black came out on behalf of Mundo. As things winded down, there were a couple great near-falls for both fighters. Eventually, it was Mundo who went to extreme measures (aka brass knuckles) to get what was his, as this was too much for SS to come back from and that was that. Just like that, Mundo was new GOTG Champ. With heel Matanza as Champ, it’ll be cool to see how that heel-heel dynamic plays out or if anybody uncrowns Mundo in the process.

– The final cutscene with Prince Puma and Vampiro backstage continued to layer around the relationship between the two as Vampiro repeatedly tries to offer Puma advice, who tries to turn him away. This time, Vampiro reminded Puma that Mil Muertes ended Konnan as he stuffed him inside a casket and until he did the same to MM, this war with him wasn’t over. It was smart of Puma to bring up that Vampiro never liked Konnan, but Vampiro said it was about respect and he had it for Puma. After the idea of another casket match (“Gravest Consequences” perhaps?), Puma trained more aggressively to end things out. Another week, more entertainment. LUG has begun to go back to a slow and steady build and it has benefited overall.






Quick Results

  • Marty “The Moth” Martinez (w/Mariposa) def. Ivelisse via pinfall 
  • Best-Of-Five Series – Cage Leads 2-0 – Match Three- Texano def. Cage via pinfall; Cage leads series 2-1
  • Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Championship – If Drago/AeroStar/Fenix Interfere, They’ll Be Permanently Banned From The Temple – Johnny Mundo def. Sexy Star (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 

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