Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 10/19/16: Champion’s Address

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/19/16)

Champion’s Address

– The opening video reminded us of the huge brawl to end last week’s show when NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura returned to cast vengeance upon Samoa Joe, who purposely sidelined him in an attempt to get back the NXT Championship. To the point where he annihilated various talent in demand of either Nakamura or the Title from NXT General Manager William Regal, Joe had this coming to him. A smart way to drag out television time.

– The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round match between Rich Swann/No Way Jose and Tony Nese/Drew Gulak was definitely full of… infectious energy. We already knew about the babyface duo (who essentially play the same happy-go-lucky dancer gimmick) and their theme songs intertwined with one another too. On the other side, we had Gulak/Nese, who’ve stuck together as a unit the past few weeks on Raw. The heels cut a nice pre-taped promo where they emphasized their physical abilities and that “second-rate dance moves didn’t equal success.” The bout was dictated by a fast pace and aerials. Swann performed a great twisting somersault plancha on Nese while Jose hit his finisher to pin Gulak. You’ve got more longevity with Swann/Jose and with The Authors Of Pain in the next bracket, it was a way to give them at least formidable opponents that don’t automatically mean “squash.” Nice post-match promo from the faces as they sang their theme songs and told AOP not to look past them.

– Tye Dillinger’s backstage promo from earlier in the day centered on Bobby Roode and how he was left abandoned in the wake of Sanity’s debut. He claimed Roode gave him his word and used his friendship with Dusty to fool him and for that, he must pay. He laid down the challenge for a match with Roode at NXT TakeOver: Toronto on Nov. 19. We then learned the match was made official. Pretty faster than we expected. So, that’s one match on the card down.

– Austin Aries’ backstage promo hyped up his mystery partner for the Dusty Classic, as he refused to give any details and stuck in an insult towards Hideo Itami for “having no spine” as he mentioned his shoulder injury that again put him on the shelf. Have to feel for him at this point. He ended it with a hint of who his partner was, as he said he deserved it and “only the strong survive.”

– With the TakeOver match with Dillinger in five weeks, the Roode-Sean Maluta match was a logical squash to help build the “Glorious” one to some momentum. Roode’s chops were pretty stiff and that’s about all we remembered besides the Glorious DDT finisher. Little to no offense from Maluta, but that was fine for what it was. The post-match angle with Roode and Dillinger was good, as we saw Roode complain about Dillinger and how he “begged him to be his partner” and “whined and complained on social media” to make himself sound good. Dillinger rushed the ring once Roode referred to him as a “loser” and it was on. Huge “10” chants as Dillinger laid in on Roode and cleared him from the ring.

– Liv Morgan’s backstage promo spoke about her loss to Billie Kay as Peyton Royce was also involved. She began to say she didn’t need to run her mouth when the Aussie Mean Girls ambushed her from behind and took her from the Gorilla position to the stage where they laid her out with a punt to the head. The heels’ mic skills still need some work, but we got the gist that they put the NXT Women’s Division on notice, which included NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. Are there any other members out there anyway? We’ll guess this leads to a Morgan/Asuka-Royce/Kay tag match in the future or maybe a  Fatal-Four Way.

– The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round match between Tucker Knight/Otis Dozovic and Aries/Roderick Strong delivered a genuine mark-out moment as Strong was revealed as Aries’ partner. The moment got a brief rise out of the crowd, as Roddy stuck to his heel character he settled into in his later Ring Of Honor days. On the other hand, Dozovic looked like a beast and Knight had a new purpose. They cut a decent pre-taped promo that spoke about their hunger and how they wanted to eat. Kind of reminded us of Ryback there. Anyways, the match itself wasn’t too long, but we got to see something out of everybody. Heavy hits and bumps throughout with a different dynamic, as the babyfaces were the big guys this time. We see a lot of potential with this Aries/Strong duo, as Strong was the one who got to get the pin with his running dropkick finisher. With TM61 in the next bracket, this made sense. At the same time, we hope to see more of Knight/Dozovic in the future.

– Andrade “Cien” Almas’ sit-down interview with his translator furthered his heel push as he spoke about how he had enough respect to get rid of his mask to join NXT and how that same respect wasn’t reciprocated to him. Liked how he stopped the translator to talk himself and claim he only cared about himself now. On the plus side, he’s well-spoken in Spanish.

– The Nikki Cross-Danielle Kamela match gave us another glimpse of the eerie Sanity stable as we saw their riot-esque, flashlight-filled entrance with their theme that strays close to Primus’ “My Name Is Mud.” The point of it all was to get over how crazed and aggressive Cross was, which worked. A short match as Cross bit her own hand and hit a spiral package piledriver to get the pin. Post-match, Cross continued her attack on Kamela and had to be pried off by various Sanity members, which forced the Referee to reverse his decision. Young was understandably frustrated with the officials and lord knows how Sanity will react to that.

– The in-ring segment with Nakamura, Patrick Clark and Joe revolved around the “Champion’s Address,” as Nakamura was expected to speak about Joe and TakeOver: Toronto. Nakamura sent a clear message to Joe to come and get it and didn’t care about his cheap, dirty tricks. Clark was very out of place here, which we guess was the point, as the “Velveteen Dream” tried to rile up the Champ, which gave him nice heat. His challenge answered in a swift kick as Nakamura laid him out. It was then we saw Joe try to come down the ramp when Nakamura spotted him, as he stared him down as he hit a Kinshasa on Clark. Maybe we get that Nakamura-Clark match next week? A fine segment, though nothing newsworthy or anything we didn’t already know before.






Quick Results

  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament – First Round – Rich Swann/No Way Jose def. Tony Nese/Drew Gulak via pinfall to advance 
  • Bobby Roode def. Sean Maluta via pinfall 
  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament – First Round – Austin Aries/Roderick Strong def. Otis Dozovic/Tucker Knight via pinfall to advance 
  • Danielle Kamela def. Nikki Cross (w/Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Sawyer Fulton) via reversed decision

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