Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 10/19/16: A Vow For Control

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 10/19/16)

A Vow For Control 

– The opening video logically showed highlights of Ring Of Honor’s biggest occurrence in the year’s second half – Ladder War VI from All Star Extravaganza, as The Young Bucks overcame The Addiction and The Motor City Machine Guns to become the new ROH World Tag Team Champions.

– The opening in-ring promo from ROH World Champion Adam Cole, YB and Hangman Page began the show with a purpose. Matt Jackson bragged about how YB was the planet’s best team, before “Story Time With Adam Cole” saw him lay out a plan for Bullet Club to get every piece of hardware ROH had to offer. He also praised Page for his beating on Kyle O’Reilly at ASE while he himself retained his Title over “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. He also promised some form of BC would go after the soon-to-be Trios Championships and Page would pursue the ROH World Television Championship too. With the plan set to be “Too Sweet,” we’d have to see how it all goes. The group was wildly popular, as the only one to get boos was mainly Page. Will that affect the storyline here if the “heroes” to stand against BC aren’t as popular as the heels? It’s hard to tell, but it can definitely be said BC are far from the heat magnets like let’s say, S.C.U.M or Sweet & Sour Inc.

– Jay Lethal’s backstage promo set up the main event against Silas Young. A simple promo, but one that had a theme of looking to the future, because he wanted his World Title back and Young was simply an obstacle. With Young’s victory at the Honor Rumble, he was also granted an upcoming Title shot against Cole, so you had everything in one shot.

– The War Machine-Keith Lee/Shane Taylor match carried on their recent quarrels. Last we saw them, it was Lee/Taylor who powerbombed Raymond Rowe through two chairs. It was clear this would be some kind of “grudge payoff” bout, as WM hit stereo suicide dives before Taylor/Lee even made the ring. It was emphasized that Referee Todd Sinclair had “relaxed the rules” since the hatred was so big. Lots of brawling as we’ve come to expect from this quartet. The fans bought into it, as did we. They kept things fresh and entertaining. We love that Taylor/Lee are big men, but aren’t afraid to fly either. The fact that Taylor could hit a senton off the apron was a feat itself. Hanson being busted open also added to the match’s story. Great near-falls on both sides in the second half, as Taylor kicked out of WM’s finisher. Solid finishing sequence as Rowe pinned Lee after he hit a destroyer that came when Lee missed a moonsault. The post-match heel attack went over well since those chair shots looked painful by Taylor, but again, that meant that this was all but over. If they can put these kinds of matches on, bring it on. Maybe it’ll be a chairs match or something of that sort.

– Caprice Coleman’s backstage promo hyped the next match in the Six-Man Tag Team Tournament, in which his Cabinet would partake. Lots of political lingo in wait of Election Day just three weeks away. In short, The Cabinet wanted the Trios Titles.

– The Six-Man Tag Team Tournament match between Shaheem Ali/Leon St. Giovanni/Jason Kincaid and The All Night Express/Coleman was fine for television, all things considered. We liked the idea of the Ali/LSG/Kincaid team as an example of competitors from the ROH Top Prospect Tournament who decided to stick together. On the other side, this kept The Cabinet relevant, though we’re scared to see what they do with them after Election Day. The ring action was pretty good when it came to the babyface trio. A “Coast-To-Coast-To-Coast” spot was arguably the highlight and Kincaid’s unorthodox style got him some pops. The finish didn’t surprise us in the least since Coleman hit LSG with the Sky Splitta after LSG missed a Phoenix Splash attempt. The Cabinet has more to gain and whenever they lose, they can blame Management some more.

– The Lethal-Young main event was a nice display of some of Cole’s next challengers and in terms of seeing what the two could do in the ring together. They didn’t disappoint, as they traded headlocks and chain wrestled early on. It’s easy to hate Young, so the heel-face dynamic especially flourished here. Lethal battled back with three consecutive suicide dives. Cole joined the commentary booth to further hype his “Championship Tour” as he’d face against the likes of Bull James (former Bull Dempsey of NXT fame) and Young on separate house shows and O’Reilly at Final Battle. Could’ve done without the bickering between Cole and Commentator Steve Corino, but it was what it was. Cole’s plan to “take a closer look” at the match ended as O’Reilly attacked him from behind for a nice surprise. It was the two that brawled at ringside that played into the match’s finish, as O’Reilly on the apron distracted Young long enough to get rolled up by Lethal for the three-count. The post-match angle with all four gave us some nice physicality as O’Reilly-Young had a shoving match, Young-Cole briefly faced off and it ended as O’Reilly laid Cole out, as Young backed up the ramp. Will we get some form of a Fatal Four-Way or Tag match with the four in the future? Hard to tell, but a fun main event.






Quick Results 

  • War Machine def. Keith Lee/Shane Taylor via pinfall 
  • Six-Man Tag Team Tournament – First Round – The All Night Express/Caprice Coleman def. Leon St. Giovanni/Jason Kincaid/Shaheem Ali via pinfall to advance 
  • Jay Lethal def. Silas Young via pinfall 

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