Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 10/13/16: Fate’s A Funny Thing

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/13/16)

Fate’s A Funny Thing 

– The opening video showed us some quick flashes from Bound For Glory, before we saw last week, how Lashley confidently talked himself into a Title defense, as TNA President Billy Corgan allowed him to choose between three opponents. Lashley chose Eddie Edwards (someone he once beat twice) and it backfired when Edwards cleanly defeated him. While we liked the idea that Edwards was the one to beat Lashley and it surely was an accolade, Lashley had built up so much momentum that when he lost, Edwards didn’t get the rub that he should’ve. Anyways, you can’t go back in time, so we were curious to see how they followed that up.

– The opening in-ring segment with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards, Lashley, Ethan Carter III and Moose was fair, all things considered. Edwards had his moment where he embraced the fans in a solo promo, where he put over how he worked for 14 years and it culminated with this. Edwards’ promo skills are there, just not sure he can drag out a long one like we saw here. The delivery was good, but it was harder to believe the longer it went on. We liked that Edwards was also confident to show Lashley it wasn’t a fluke, as he mentioned the inevitable rematch. Lashley’s portion made total sense, since he was bitter about the loss and came out to assault Edwards and lay him out. He even tried to choke him out for more drama. Edwards showed a little fight, but was quickly subdued with a spear. Lashley demanded his rematch and when a Referee didn’t show like he asked, he grabbed a chair from ringside and was about to wallop Edwards with it, until Moose and EC3 (who each had their own beef with Lashley when he was Champ) came to make the save.

– The backstage segment with The Tribunal and Aiden O’Shea (Corgan’s Assistant) was short, but solid. Essentially, O’Shea “passed a message” down to the Frenchmen when they demanded to see Corgan that they “were on the bubble” and “needed to do something to impress him.” It set up what we saw later, but we think this was the first time we could start to take them seriously.

– The backstage promo from Corgan was a reaction to what we saw earlier, as he was pissed that Lashley felt entitled to a rematch and would cause chaos to get it and lay out his Champion. He put his foot down and eliminated Lashley’s rematch clause, as he announced that he’d have to earn it back and that would start when he’d face the winner of tonight’s main event. As for who was in that, we’d have to find out later. We liked this, because it felt like something an authority figure should do.

– The TNA Impact Grand Championship match between Champion Aron Rex and Jessie Godderz originally sounded meh, once we saw Godderz come out, but it settled into something good. As for Rex, his babyface character was on a sharp decline and didn’t catch on. On the other hand, Godderz was in a phase to prove himself as more than “muscles.” Godderz was in control and won himself the first two rounds. Nope, he didn’t get the Title. You have to win three rounds in a row. We’re still confused on that. If they’re three rounds, shouldn’t it be treated like a Best-Two-Out-Of-Three Series? Godderz refined his technical prowess here and built up momentum in the third round, until a sudden twist. Our hopes and dreams came true when we saw Rex flash heel tendencies when he opened the ropes for Godderz and then hit him with a cheap shot to set up the Revelator to get the pin and retain his belt. There, that’s the Rex that should start to catch on. He’s better as a natural heel anyway. He could easily twist his “I’m going to do it my way” to a heel perspective.

– The backstage segment with Lashley and O’Shea gave us more development and a hint that Lashley was involved in the idea of the main event. All we were told was that “Two guys would have a surprise tonight.” Also found the exchange between O’Shea and Lashley itself to be a little funny.

– Luckily, even if it didn’t feel right in the moment, they replayed Edwards’ big win over Lashley multiple times throughout the episode to drive the “Anything can happen” feel. It was easier to accept as the show went on. We even saw a glimpse of a promo Edwards cut last week backstage, as he said a lot of what he said to start the opening segment. We liked the delivery here a little more though since it felt more genuine. He was also more energetic.

– The backstage promo from TNA World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys excited us because you know, Broken Hardys. On the other hand, we were a bit sad because this meant that their feud with Decay was now over since they retained in the match. This set forth the next direction, as Broken Matt Hardy reminded us of how Brother Nero repaid his debt to him as he “landed on Loco Steve” and they looked to call this a night of celebration. We were to usher in the “Broken Era.” Yes.

– The backstage segment with Maria and Allie provided another awesome exchange, as lovable-yet-oblivious Allie neglected to tell Maria about an email that banned her, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness from ringside for Maria’s rematch against TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim in No Disqualification rules. Maria freaked out and asked Allie what to do. Allie had the bright idea for Maria to fight on her own, which caused Maria to go over-the-top and call her stupid. Hilarious.

– The backstage segment with Moose, EC3 and Lashley dropped the news that Lashley set them up as opponents to duke it out for a chance to face him and get a Title shot that way. Lashley kept the confidence strong as he said he’d beat whoever won between them and Edwards after them. This was essentially his revenge at them “riding the white horse” and saving Edwards earlier. So, he awarded them with a chance to fight for a potential Title opportunity? Sounds about right.

– The in-ring segment with The Broken Hardys and The Tribunal was a welcome sight into the next phase of the Hardys. We couldn’t help but grin at the sight of the Hardys here and just how over they are at this point in time. It’s easy to say they might be pro wrestling’s hottest act because of this gimmick. Matt was downright hilarious here as he claimed they were better than “The Bucks Of Youth” and “The Day Of New.” He invited Nero to sing the “Obsolete” song and then he made groans as he had another “pree-muh-nee-shunnn” (that’s “premonition”) that the next challengers would be determined on this night. As the Hardys soaked in the adulation, out came The Tribunal, who ambushed them and laid them out. Good since Tribunal could get over working with these guys and it tied back to their earlier desire to impress Corgan. Is it the greatest thing? Far from it, but it works for now and can kill some time.

– The hype video promo exchange between The Miracle and Cody to preview their match was about as good as it gets. We seen the conflict play out between them and why they had problems with one another, each expressed in separate sit-down interviews. Miracle’s biggest “beef” was that he argued Cody’s success was based off nepotism, while Cody acknowledged it started things for him, but he worked hard to “kick down the door he had set foot in.” Cody claimed Miracle rode his wife’s coat tails. They both said separate cutesy lines about how the other would lose. Still an excellent hype device.

– The Cody-Miracle match was good and better than expected. Both men have a great in-ring work ethic and they utilized the time cleverly, to work in some spots outside the ring too. Maria was useful for distractions as Miracle hit a pedigree for a near-fall (and maybe a cheap shot at WWE) before Cody came back with a superplex that led to the Cross Rhodes to give him a win in his in-ring debut. Makes sense, but we have a feeling things are just getting warm here.

– Moose’s backstage promo was good main event hype, as he cut perhaps his best promo yet. He called Lashley a “pot-stirrer” while he put over his own professional experience and how he busted his ass to try to become Champion. He set that idea forth as he mentioned that once the bell rang, EC3 was no longer a friend, but an obstacle.

– The TNA X-Division Championship match between Marshe Rockett and Champion DJZ was a good follow-up to Rockett’s debut last week, as a storyline “reward” to him from Corgan for his performance. Another smart idea to air a hype video to put Rockett over as a musclebound high-flyer. After all, there’s only one way to push a six-foot-four, 250 pound X-Division guy. We also liked Rockett’s promo ability, as he mentioned that The Helms Dynasty (without Gregory Shane Helms?) came to him because of what he was. He almost reminded us of Morpheus from “The Matrix.” Anyways, the match’s story consisted of Rockett’s power against DJZ’s high-flying resilience. They protected Rockett to an extent as he avoided DJZ’s first ZDT attempt, but fell victim to the second.

– The backstage segment with Miracle, Maria and Allie was another funny happening because of Allie’s innocent nature and Maria’s antics of course. We learned that Miracle was also banned from ringside, which added fuel to Miracle’s fire when he complained that Cody got a World Title shot. He tried to convince Maria they were the best couple and “had this.”

– The No Disqualification rematch for the TNA Knockouts Championship between Champion Kim and Maria where Maria would lose her power if she lost with Madison Rayne on commentary wasn’t a clinic, but still entertaining. Besides the logic loophole that people could be banned from ringside with no DQ’s, we expected Maria to try to use everything in the book and that’s what happened. A portion of the bout also included Kim taking revenge out on Maria, as she dropped her in a dumpster and steered it down the ramp and into the ring post. A brief risk when Kim purposely lifted Maria’s shoulders after the first Eat Defeat, but that only set up a second one to make it official. While Maria without power and the belt will make us a little sad, we’re curious where her character goes from here. Will she force Allie to dethrone Kim?

– The backstage segment with EC3 and Eli Drake was a small, but noble advancement of their feud. Drake continued to taunt EC3 for choking as he used Edwards winning the belt to throw in his face. EC3 again dared Drake to “hit the button” (even though it was nowhere to be found), but more good stuff as Drake had the last word.

– The backstage segment with Cody and Edwards gave a preview for next week’s Title match. We saw Edwards as he sold Lashley’s spear, as Cody asked if he was alright and offered to push the match back. Edwards, in true fighting spirit, didn’t want to do so. Cody emphasized the “anything could happen” sentiment before they shook hands and he walked away.

– The hype video for a group called “DOC” gave us a “hacked news broadcast”-style promo as somebody in MacSpeak spoke about how they’d bring superiority and order to TNA and weren’t afraid to take a stand. We saw three hooded masked figures seated at a desk. Other than the fact that it leaned close to NXT’s Sanity, we were a bit creeped out by it, but does TNA really need another heel stable? We thought we were past this. Maybe they’ll be new enemies for the Broken Hardys.

– The Moose-EC3 match to determine Lashley’s opponent next week had lots of intensity and hard-hits, but it wasn’t all we expected it to be. Lots of chops, strikes and high-impact moves, but it felt like they were both going through the motions than telling a story. Despite that, we applauded the idea of a clean finish, as either guy could’ve won. Moose cleanly pinning EC3 was good since it gave Drake more vocal fuel and Moose finally had a “marquee victory” and it set up this long-awaited Moose-Lashley bout. The staredown between the two to end the show made sense.






Quick Results

  • TNA Impact Grand Championship – Aron Rex (Champion) def. Jessie Godderz via pinfall to retain 
  • Cody (w/Brandi Rhodes) def. The Miracle (w/Maria) via pinfall 
  • TNA X-Division Championship – DJZ (Champion) def. Marshe Rockett via pinfall to retain 
  • If Maria Loses, She Loses Control Of The Knockouts Division – TNA Knockouts Championship – No Disqualification – Gail Kim (Champion) def. Maria via pinfall to retain 
  • Winner Faces Lashley Next Week – Moose def. Ethan Carter III via pinfall 

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