Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 10/12/16: Joe Gets What He Wants

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at then bottom of the post.






(Aired 10/12/16)

Joe Gets What He Wants 

– Another week of NXT TV was here and the good thing was that we’d finally get Sanity’s long-awaited debut and the first match of “The Glorious 10” pair of Tye Dillinger/Bobby Roode. It’d also happen under the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament First Round. This was a smart way to blend programs. Needless to say, Sanity’s entrance was unique, yet left us unsettled. This was reliant upon flashlights in the dark, smoke, brick walls and heavy metal music as four denim-jacket clad figures stood with masks. Two of them were revealed as Alexander Wolfe/Sawyer Fulton. It had been a while since we seen them, so we were all for this. They were big in stature and powerful, so smart idea. A man and woman remained masked outside for the match. The duo worked over Dillinger extensively as they mauled him to no limit. Roode watched from afar and wanted no part of them, to the point where he teased a step-in, but walked away, as Dillinger reached out for help. It became apparent that Roode had no interest in a team with Dillinger and was only concerned about himself. Then again, at the same time, we wouldn’t to step in against those guys either. Their finisher was like a Magic Killer variation as they turned Dillinger over for a powerslam to get the win. The reveals of Eric Young/Nikki Glenncross as the last two members was well-done, especially on EY’s part. The crowd let loose a “Holy shit!” chant and rightfully so. We’ll see what promos they give us to establish who they are, but so far, this was a hot debut. Their entrance and look almost rivals The Wyatt Family.

– They’ve continued to have Billie Kay/Peyton Royce stick together as “Aussie Mean Girls” who just don’t like tough tomboys like Liv Morgan. Would you believe they laughed in a backstage promo about Morgan and how she had no friends? Terrible stuff, as we learned that Kay would take Morgan on later, and that Royce would be at ringside. We could sense it already.

– Roode’s backstage promo was contradictory heel mic work at its finest. He called Dillinger “The Perfect Loser” and that he wanted nothing to do with the tourney because he wasn’t a tag team wrestler. Interesting, as we’re left to see how Dillinger retaliates in the weeks to follow, especially to the comment that Roode made when he claimed “Dillinger begged him to team up.” Certainly didn’t look that way.

– The Kay-Morgan match was an okay continuation of what we’ve seen so far to put the Aussie Mean Girls over, but we were left to pout because the NXT Women’s Division has a long way to go before it becomes anything close to what it once was. We like the Royce/Kay duo, but they have no individuality. Hell, we don’t even know anything about them besides that they are Australian and pretty. Anyways, the match itself was forgettable besides the finish, where Royce pulled Morgan’s leg from outside to provide a distraction where Kay hit her big kick to get the win. Will they call them BFFs 2.0?

– Andrade “Cien” Almas’ backstage promo from last week was a good follow-up to his heel turn attack on Cedric Alexander last week. He spoke mostly in Spanish, but said it was “his turn now” and questioned who Alexander even was. Perfect time to pull the trigger on the turn here. Hopefully, Almas is on the rise to something good down the road.

– The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament First Round match between TM61 and Tino Sabbatelli/Riddick Moss was random on paper, but little did we know they had an agenda to push Sabbatelli/Riddick as confident, muscled athletes who decided to stop competing against one another and team up instead. Their mic work was solid based off the pre-taped promo from the WWE Performance Center. It also helped their look that they were former National League Football players. Decent action on both sides, as Moss was able to put on a good showing, while the crowd was evenly split on Sabbatelli when all he did was stand on the apron. Sabbatelli reminded us of a hybrid of Jessie Godderz and The Miz, but him and Moss have a while to go. That said, they made the best of the time given and worked a match that kept our interest to the end. Not surprisingly, TM61 hit the Thunder Valley on Sabbatelli to get the win and advance. TM61 have more to offer as a team in the tourney, but a memorable debut for the Sabbatelli/Moss duo and we hope they continue to use them down the line.

– The Wesley Blake-Buddy Murphy main event made us feel hopeless when the bell rang. We knew this was booked from last week and nobody cared about this. We suddenly remembered Samoa Joe’s open threat to NXT General Manager William Regal to deliver him either NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura or the NXT Championship by this time or “things would get elevated.” We sincerely hoped Joe would come out and attack, but that didn’t happen. At least, not right away. The crowd let loose some dueling chants as it was clear Murphy was the more over of the two. Things began to settle in once Murphy hit a crushing Tope Con Hilo that almost landed in the middle of the ramp. At that point, Joe came down and attacked both in sinister fashion, leaving this a no contest and the crowd in celebration almost. Joe screamed for his demands and instead of Regal, we got Nakamura in a neck brace, as he took it off and ran down to the ring. This sparked a long brawl where Security couldn’t hold them apart. They “restarted” several times and this was as well-done as possible. Nakamura shed his flamboyance and was in “instinct killer” mode. Joe went from calling out the Champ to retreating, but he suckered him in from an attack on the other side, as he worked his way around the security barrier. Eventually, it winded down as Nakamura laid him out with Kinshasa. That was the personal edge this feud needed and they always say patience is a virtue.






Quick Results

  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament – First Round – Alexander Wolfe/Swayer Fulton (w/Eric Young, Nikki Krauss) def. Tye Dillinger/Bobby Roode via pinfall to advance 
  • Billie Kay (w/Peyton Royce) def. Liv Morgan via pinfall 
  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament – First Round – TM61 def. Tino Sabbatelli/Riddick Moss via pinfall to advance 
  • Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy to a no-contest 

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