Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 10/12/16: Chair-Vo Guerrero Jr.

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 10/12/16)

Chair-Vo Guerrero Jr.

– Based off the opening video, we knew the episode would focus on Dragon Azteca Jr., as he defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. to get a turn at Pentagon Dark for revenge. Also shown was Famous B’s “infamous” turn on his first client, Mascarita Sagrada, to recruit Dr. Wagner, Jr. as Son Of Havoc was cost an opportunity at big cash because of it. We were reminded that SOH/MS were buddies now. Last thing shown was Dario Cueto, who slighted Johnny Mundo a chance at Championship gold, as his suggested Title shot instead went to fellow Worldwide Underground stablemate Jack Evans.

– The cutscene in the locker room with DA, Guerrero and Mysterio set the tone for what’d happen in the main event. Interesting start as we saw DA talk to himself as he looked at an old flyer that advertised his father against Guerrero’s father way back when. Guerrero stormed the scene, armed and dangerous (with a chair) and unleashed his vengeance upon DA. Guerrero’s intentions were sinister, yet they made sense to his story because PD once broke his arm too. He wanted his revenge and he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. He laid out DA against the wall with several vicious chair shots. After Mysterio crossed paths with Guerrero on his way in, he found DA and did his best Captain Kirk impression.

– The DWJ/FB-MS/SOH match continued the “Famous” feud as we got to see SOH/MS ride onto the scene as SOH had a motorcycle and MS a small vehicle attached. The crowd got a kick out of it and the faces got off to a great start, as they hit stereo suicide dives on the heels. Entertaining action throughout as we saw MS finally get his hands on FB, long-awaited. As it looked like MS was about to get a win with SOH on the top rope ready to hit a shooting star press, DWJ knocked him off and he had his way with MS, which meant the end. To add insult to injury, FB was the one who got the pinfall on MS. That was listed as FB’s first Temple win. We doubt this is over and was just the first step.

– Another hype video aired as we saw trees, grass and a graphic that said, “Tick Tock, They’ll Be Here Soon.” The guy in the voiceover sort of sounded like WWE’s Bray Wyatt, but we know better than that.

– Also liked the new addition of zoomed-up 360 graphics before the breaks. Made it look more interactive.

– The Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Championship match between Evans and Champion Sexy Star was a fair clash on paper and in actuality. We got the classic, braggadocious Evans we loved from Season One. He told SS before the bell he’d leave her bloody and broken as he looked to be “The Star Destroyer.” SS slapped him in retaliation, which offset a competitive match on both ends. Evans did an excellent job as he toyed for heat whoever possible, as he even moved SS’ lips and made believe she was complimenting him, albeit in broken Spanish. SS hunkered down and showed that pizazz in fighting spirit she has honed over time. While some may find the finish overbooked, it was a smart way to continue this “Atomicos” storyline. “Darewolf” PJ Black distracted the Referee while Mundo speared SS on the outside, which led to a strong near-fall. After that point, Drago/AeroStar came down and evened the odds to fight Mundo/Black and drag them away. Fenix also showed up and handed SS a Singapore cane, which she low-blowed Evans with as the Referee was turned around. She scooped Evans up in a pin and retained the belt. “Turnabout is fair play” was what it was all about and it worked here in the feud’s context.

– The cutscene in Cueto’s office with him, Guerrero and Mysterio gave the viewer an in-depth look at the main event change. We learned (along with Cueto) that DA wouldn’t leave the hospital and that’s when he appeared stuck with a Guerrero-PD man event. Mysterio rushed in to suggest him instead. Guerrero brought up their 25 years of friendship and genuine shock of the accusation that he attacked DA, which Mysterio knew. Cool action as we saw the two engage in hand-to-hand combat in front of Cueto, who was now blessed with an idea. Uh oh. He now booked a three-way match between Mysterio, Guerrero and PD.

– The Three-Way Main Event between PD, Guerrero and Mysterio was a fun ensemble that all revolved around revenge for past broken arms and chair attacks. We also had the personality clashes, with the most honorable being Mysterio, the least being Guerrero and PD somewhere in the middle. Commentator Matt Striker was smart to play that up. He also dropped some factoids about the “Chavo Classic”-Mysterio feud over the WWE Cruiserweight Championship before it was retired in 2007. The action was non-stop despite an only nine-minute bout. PD’s kicks were stiff as they echoed over the arena, Mysterio flew around in certain spots, as Guerrero tried to pick up the pieces. They each had their own agenda. Eventually, the finish was good, as we saw Guerrero get kicked off the apron by PD after he grounded Mysterio off the top rope. PD grabbed Mysterio in this precarious position, which left him direct prey to his package pilderiver finisher for the three-count. Cool way to keep PD hot, as were not sure what lies in wait, except maybe DA in the future. The post-match angle was a unique chance to make Guerrero look good with the chair (as we saw at the top of the hour) and it didn’t miss here. Guerrero smashed Mysterio in the face with a chair, after PD was unsuccessful at his attempt to break Mysterio’s arm and fled. Guerrero smashed Mysterio’s leg with the chair and he even unleashed on Referee Marty Elias. Guerrero stood tall with the chair to close things out. Wonder what happens from here. Will there be a chairs match? That’s the rage these days.






Quick Results

  • Dr. Wagner, Jr./Famous B (w/Nurse Brenda) def. Son Of Havoc/Mascarita Sagrada via pinfall 
  • Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Championship – Sexy Star (Champion) def. Jack Evans via pinfall to retain 
  • Three-Way – Pentagon Dark def. Rey Msyterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. via pinfall 

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