Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 10/6/16: Don’t Call It A Miracle

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/6/16)

Don’t Call It A Comeback 

– Now that we could get past the rumor that the Impacts after Bound For Glory wouldn’t happen due to financial issues, it was time to see how the follow-up would be. We saw still-shot highlights of BFG, with highlights like Aron Rex as he became the inaugural TNA Impact Grand Champion, Gail Kim was inducted into the TNA Hall Of Fame and beat Maria to become a six-time TNA Knockouts Champion, Cody/Brandi Rhodes debuted, “The Great War” stole the show and in a shocker, Lashley retained his TNA World Heavyweight Championship over Ethan Carter III in the main event to stay the dominant threat in maybe all of pro wrestling.

– The opening in-ring segment with Lashley, Kim, Rex, Broken Matt Hardy, Reby, King Maxel, TNA X-Division Champion DJZ, TNA President Billy Corgan and Aiden O’Shea had its good and bad moments. The good came from Lashley’s continued belief that he was unstoppable and the company’s most important Champion, which made the other Champs come out and confront him, one by one. We can’t say we disagreed when Lashley ran down Rex’s Title. We found it ironic that Matt only brought up “The Broken Universe.” DJZ was too concerned about getting his “Team X Gold” idea over. Corgan set the night’s tone as he mentioned every belt except DJZ’s would be defended and that Lashley would defend against somebody out of three choices. Thought the “Champions” bit here was cool to come out of BFG with since it signified change in storyline direction, but it was too much, too soon. Plus, we didn’t know why O’Shea was out with Corgan and they never explained that here.

– The Six-Man Tag match between Marshe Rockett/Andrew Everett/Trevor Lee and DJZ/Braxton Sutter/Mandrews was the first example of a “Team X Gold” match. It was mentioned in the previous segment that it was the brainchild of DJZ/Corgan, but it was vague at best. This was essentially a six-man tag with more enforced rules out of X-Division guys. Do they even have enough guys in there to pull this off? Rockett stood out in a good way, but it sucks his gimmick was likened to “Oh, he’s tall and not what you expect from an X-Divison guy.” It was also explained by commentary that once a team won, they would stay a team. Not sure what that means headed forward, but the in-ring action was your usual spotfest. DJZ leapt off Rockett’s back to hit a Tope Con Hilo on Everett/Lee outside. The action came to a close when Everett was pinned after the combination of a Sutter powerbomb and Mandrew’s shooting star press.

– To no surprise and since they’ve had history, Moose was presented as a potential opponent for Lashley by Jeremy Borash. Moose’s promo was kept short and sweet, but he mentioned that he felt Lashley was scared to face him and he waited for this match ever since he got signed by the company.

– The “Fact Of Life” backstage segment with Eli Drake and EC3 was great on many levels. Firstly, we liked that they moved the set to a backstage room where Drake could still hear the crowd and play off them, sort of like The Rock’s classic backstage promos. They also went and took a proud victor from BFG like Drake as he won the Bound For Gold match and mixed with a loser like EC3. The best work of all came from EC3’s super serious demeanor as he was angry. Drake spoke about his growing popularity and that it eclipsed EC3’s as he repeatedly hit the “Dummy, yeah!” button. EC3 might’ve had his best promo in months as he mentioned that he trained for a full year with passion and after he lost, that passion turned to anger and criticized Drake for not being worried about his Title match and raged as he begged Drake to push the button again. Drake’s response was even better as he compared the two of them. He brought up his debut as “the third guy in a group of idiots called The Rising” and scratched and clawed his way to get to where he was now, even if he had to cheat a bit. He claimed EC3 was given opportunities from day one because of his name. He ended the segment abruptly as he walked away, but this about as good as it gets from two of TNA’s better talkers. It was even better that they both had their own agendas. Perhaps the BFG loss was the best thing for EC3.

– The backstage segment with Maria, Allie, Laurel Van Ness and Sienna was all about further sympathy upon Allie, as Maria berated her not having a good excuse about why she let her lose the Championship. We also saw Sienna emerge as she looked to get the belt back to their side and intimidated Allie not to mess things up this time.

– Eddie Edwards was introduced as the second of Lashley’s three potential opponents. He cut a decent promo at ringside as he mentioned that he was “the easy choice,” but he got over his obsessiveness with wanting to become Champion and that he came so close to it last time. He begged Lashley to pick him.

– The TNA Knockouts Championship match between Champion Kim and Sienna with Madison Rayne on commentary was largely disappointing despite all the fun antics. We already expected Kim to retain since she had just gotten the belt. Sienna had easy heat to start when she shoved Allie into Kim to push her off the apron. Rayne’s commentary debut was lukewarm at best, as she put over Kim as a legend and for being “prepared for Maria.” The finish was weak as we saw Kim counter “The Pounce” into a pinfall to retain. The post-match angle where Maria & Co. attacked Kim was okay, given it happens all the time. At least we learned here that Maria’s rematch would be in No Disqualification rules.

– EC3’s backstage promo as Lashley’s third potential opponent showed more of that fire we saw earlier in the episode. He claimed that as Lashley had the belt, then this wasn’t over. He guaranteed a “fight” if he’d be picked. On paper, it made sense, but we knew Lashley’s character wouldn’t go there.

– The Wolf Creek Cage match for the TNA World Tag Team Championships between Champions Broken Matt Hardy/Brother Nero and Crazzy Steve/Abyss was a continuation of The Great War, but to a lesser extent. The term “Wolf Creek” was actually a smart Pop TV plug for a horror movie that’d air after the show, but we were disappointed that there was no promo work made before the match. It was very unlike this feud. At least we got the fancy Reby piano entrance for the babyfaces. As far as the stipulation, it was basically Six Sides Of Steel with weapons inside. Monster’s Ball, we believe they call it. The match itself wasn’t bad, but nothing terrific either. Rosemary wasn’t out with her boys, so Matt had sent Reby to the back to protect Maxel. Nero used a staple gun on Abyss multiple times and Rosemary appeared to spit mist into Nero’s face as he was at the top of the cage. Matt also had a chainsaw, but we weren’t surprised it wasn’t used. That would be too crazy. Reby flashed around a rabbit head staff as things got bizarre. Technical difficulties sent this off without an end, so we had to fish out a separate YouTube video by Pop TV where we got to see the finish. Matt escaped out of the cage faster than Steve could escape out the door. Those kinds of finishes always make us angry, since it beats logic. We’ll let it slide here, but we found it a waste of the rematch clause.

– The in-ring segment with Cody, Brandi Rhodes, The Miracle and Maria was a good follow-up to what we saw at BFG. Cody carries as a babyface way better than Rex. Do they both have to call themselves “Game Changers”? Add Moose into that equation too. Cody played off the crowd well here and was well-spoken the whole time. Why did he need to take out a “List”? A bit too much like WWE’s Chris Jericho, unless that was a knock on them. A good vocal clash, as Miracle interrupted Cody to “return the favor” and claimed that Cody shouldn’t just get a World Title shot just because of who he was and compared it to his own journey of needing to earn a Title shot. Cody jumped the gun as he punched Miracle, which spawned brief physicality. Miracle escaped before he could get hit with the Cross Rhodes. This directly hyped Cody’s in-ring debut for next week, as he’d battle Miracle one-on-one. Also not sure if Miracle made a mistake as he referred to BFG as “last night.”

– The backstage segment with Maria and O’Shea pushed next week again as we also learned that O’Shea was now Corgan’s enforcer. The “toots” dialogue was somewhat funny and we also had an added stipulation via Corgan that if Kim retained next week, then Kim would no longer be the Leader of the Knockouts. Good hook.

– The TNA Impact Grand Championship match between Champion Rex and Baron Dax was a decent idea on paper to further push Rex as a credible Champion. Problem was that Rex was a fledgling babyface and that Championship wasn’t all that credible. The stipulations were put to good use in the first round, as that may have been the best performance we’ve ever seen from Dax, who easily won the first round by unanimous decision. The second round was supposed to be about Rex’s sudden comeback, but it happened so fast, that it was forgettable. A few seconds in, Rex had Dax hooked into his submission finisher to make him tap out and retain. Again, post-match, Rex mentioned how he was “changing the game” and was the best. Ugh. Weak.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Champion Lashley and Edwards gave us Lashley’s choice on a silver platter. We also had all the potentials on the stage before the decision as we heard the Champ run down everybody before he settled on Edwards because he was the easiest to physically dominate and had beaten him several times before. The two had put on great matches if you remember Destination X and the week after, so we had our hopes up. Sadly, nine minutes remained in the show. The match wasn’t bad, as we saw Lashley dominate early before Edwards made a comeback with two consecutive suicide dives and then hit the railing on the third attempt. Lashley missed the first spear attempt and went for it again, only to get hit with the Boston Knee Party head on. Ready for the shock? Edwards got the three-count and bam, we had a new TNA Champion just like that. Now, we like the actual idea of pushing Edwards way to the top like that, since he was one of the few talents actually believably able to do so, but they rushed the moment too quick. We actually would’ve loved it had Edwards won the Title when they fought at Destination X because those matches had more drama to them. This felt so sudden after Lashley had built up so much momentum over the year as a dominant Champ. He might’ve been one of pro wrestling’s best Champions period in this time. Anyways, we’ll be curious about the follow-up and where this puts the EC3-Lashley “unfinished feud,” but so far, we’re intrigued to see where Edwards goes with the belt.






Quick Results 

  • Six-Man Tag – Braxton Sutter/Mandrews/DJZ def. Trevor Lee/Andrew Everett/Marshe Rockett via pinfall 
  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Gail Kim def. Sienna (w/Allie) via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA World Tag Team Championships – Wolf Creek Cage Match – Broken Matt Hardy/Brother Nero (Champions) def. Crazzy Steve/Abyss via escape to retain 
  • TNA Impact Grand Championship – Aron Rex (Champion) def. Baron Dax via submission to retain 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Eddie Edwards def. Lashley (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 

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