TNA Bound For Glory 2016 Reaction

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


2016 has a been an odd year for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

While things have been financially bleak where even this event’s occurrence was questionable three days prior, TNA has been rechristened with its most vivacious creative direction yet.

There was a lot to flaunt about – the payoff to many feuds like The Miracle-Moose and TNA Knockouts Champion Maria-Gail Kim to name a few.

The show was undoubtedly headlined by the biggest match they could offer for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship between unstoppable heel Champion Lashley and his biggest threat, Ethan Carter III, who looked to become an “EC3-time Champion.”

Add to that the absurdly brilliant “Great War” between TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay and The Broken Hardys, BFG almost made us forget last year’s show.






(Aired 10/2/16)

The Breakdown 

– When you start the year’s biggest show, you start with an opening video with your most over act. Insert Broken Matt Hardy, King Maxel and a piano. Matt told a storybook tale to Maxel that was entitled, “The Great War” (clever) as we saw awesome animations of “The Seven Deities” with footage worked in of the other notable company feuds. Hell, we even saw Championship belts that smiled. This made us grin from ear to ear honestly.

– A big problem that has come about with TNA’s X-Division (and WWE’s Cruiserweight Division to a lesser extent) is that the brand has been pushed as its entity with its own cast so much, that there’s little room for the competitors to move up the card. It is almost as if they’ve placed an “X-Division” bubble over them. It’s a shame for some guys, but the opener TNA X-Division Championship match between Champion DJZ and Trevor Lee was a step in the right direction. We were left to wonder if the newly crowned DJZ (yup, a wrestling DJ) could hold on to his belt against Lee, a notable former Champ. Too bad that Lee lacked an actual character aside from being a man with long hair and mean faces or it would’ve meant more. The crowd hilariously chanted, “Kill the troll.” Instead of a multi-man spotfest we’ve come to expect, this was a one-on-one bout that allowed the guys to tell a story. Lee looked smart when he saw the first ZDT coming and slid out of the ring. DJZ followed with a springboard huracanrana before they exchanged suicide dives. DJZ got the one-up with a springboard plancha. The two battled back-and-forth before Lee broke out an impressive backflip German suplex. It wound down to the finish as DJZ hit an inverted Destroyer and then the ZDT to get the pin and retain. Easily the two’s best effort in months and it helps DJZ to be a “fighting Champion” who has expressed remorse over his former behavior. Hopefully, Lee can use this experience to develop something the fans can truly chant against.

– With Drew Galloway slated to fight Aron Rex in the Finals of the Impact Grand Championship Tournament, an injury sidelined him and he was subsequently replaced by Eddie Edwards, whom Galloway defeated to get to the Finals. His backstage promo expressed his dissatisfaction with no medical clearance even as he begged management to let him fight or push the match back. For a newly turned heel, the injury created a situation where we felt sorry for him and he certainly sounded like a fighter more than a coward there. He also blended in some legitimacy when he said he was the reason Billy Corgan would buy the company. His final line helped put things in perspective when he said he couldn’t recognize the eventual Tournament winner. Passionate promo though.

– Last year’s Bound For Gold match seemed to be a twist on WWE’s “Money In The Bank” concept – a shot at the World Title, only this time, the challenger needed to give the Champion a one-week advance notice. As we saw, it was Tyrus who won the honors, as he was connected to EC3 at the time. Unfortunately, he never got the Title as he lost the match to Galloway. A year makes all the difference. The Bound For Round 10-Man Gauntlet match between Jessie Godderz, Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, Eli Drake, Robbie E, Mahabali Shera, Basile Baraka, Tyrus and Grado served its purpose. The undercard guys did their usual brawling. There was a continuation of the Sutter-Spud feud, while Spud cleverly chose his spots as he hid in the corner and cheered on fellow heels. The spot where Grado came out and was soundly eliminated by Spud all while his music played was funny, though oddly similar to some WWE’s Royal Rumble eliminations. When it seemed like it was down to Tyrus and Godderz, along reappeared Drake to eliminate both of them. Drake’s victory was a sensible decision and we’ll be eager to see how he goes about his challenge. His character has developed as a catchphrase heel that has begun to catch on with some fans, but something like this promises future success, so hopefully they don’t push the button on it too soon.

– The backstage segment with Jeremy Borash, Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine, The Miracle and TNA Knockouts Champion Maria was an easy way to hype Kim’s upcoming TNA Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony while they tied Maria to things as she promised to Kim’s husband that this would be a night “made for miracles.” Miracle also made it known that he was so confident he had Moose beat that he’d go about it alone. A key line from Irvine as he predicted “a bad night” for both of them. That right there only told us that Kim would become new Champion and Moose would beat Miracle. If one would happen, so would the other.

– The Moose-Miracle match was decent, all things considered. They’ve tried to make Moose come off as a big star as they attached him to another former Ring Of Honor talent in Mike Bennett, but their partnership felt forced. Not enough was done to sell Miracle’s “turn,” but it was helpful that the biggest thing we learned of all was that Miracle was only out for himself and threw his own friends under the bus. TNA Chairman Dixie Carter’s reinstatement of Moose and subsequent booking of him against Miracle at BFG was only a precursor of what to come. Moose had a football-themed “big” entrance that would’ve been more special had ROH not previously done it. The match itself was fine for what it was. Miracle appeared cunning as he purposely pissed Moose off to chase him and sucker him into an attack. They brought in some outside weapons like steel steps and chairs without actually using them. They both went at each other, but eventually, it was Moose who went over with multiple power moves towards the end. Miracle did have a close call when he hit a cool cutter as a counter to the Moose Crossing, but they went with Moose having his moment. This didn’t like a payoff though, despite the finish. Moose wasn’t any more over with the win than he was headed into things.

– Rex’s backstage promo gave the Grand Championship match some final hype, as he gave us some non-substance as he mentioned the words “making history” and “proving himself” again. To the contrary, this Title wasn’t “revolutionizing” anything.

– The Impact Grand Championship Tournament Finals/TNA Grand Championship match between Rex and Edwards had some positives with the rounds extended to five minutes each and a decent chemistry. Unfortunately, Rex hasn’t connected with his “realist” character on the babyface side and the thing this match will be more synonymous with was the lights going out in the Second Round (as well as a “pay the light bill” chant, how embarrassing) than anything else. They tried to convey a story of an even match with Edwards taking Round one and Rex Round two. Funny moment when the crowd popped for the return of the lights. Round three went the full length as it was left to the judges. In the end, we figured it’d be Rex’s match and it was. Guess they wanted Rex to get a Title, so the success story there was alright. They added corny little “Hallelujahs” to his theme song. His post-match promo expressed appreciation and that Edwards could get a rematch whenever he could. We thought his line about “staying tuned” meant something more, but it was just happy fodder.

– The Kim TNA HOF Induction Ceremony segment was as classy as we hoped. They brought back Christy Hemme, Taryn Terrell and even Awesome Kong to share words on Kim’s legacy. It’s funny because we had thought of Kong during Hemme’s speech and were pleasantly surprised. Kong was in great shape, but what exactly was her outfit? Some people groaned when Dixie came out, but it made sense. The video tribute was excellently produced and Kim’s speech was professional and emotional. Many of us had to think back to her classics with Kong that helped put women’s wrestling on the map, even back in 2007. Suppose one could make a money joke once we saw that Rolex, but we’ll take the high road. Basically, we got what was promised.

– We weren’t too sure what “The Great War” would consist of as far as the TNA World Tag Team Championship match between Champions Crazzy Steve/Abyss and Broken Matt Hardy/Brother Nero. Would it be a simple cinematic cutscene like “The Final Deletion” or “Delete Or Decay”? Would it be a “live-action match”? We weren’t sure, but with BFG TNA’s biggest show, the possibilities were endless and they didn’t disappoint. Right from the start, we had a grand entrance from the Broken Hardys, as Reby played an onstage piano and played Matt’s theme song before Nero took the mic and sang his “Obsolete” line. To be honest, it sort of gave us the chills. An interesting start as Decay all turned to Reby and spewed mist at her to render her… obsolete? We’re sorry, we had to. Anyways, some more highlights as we saw Rosemary hit a coast-to-coast on Matt with a trash can. Abyss used a staple gun on Nero for a cringe-worthy spot. At this point, we saw a continuation of what we saw on the go-home episode once Matt/Abyss brawled to the backstage interview set and Nero/Steve went backstage on the other side. This was when some of that “Broken Universe Magic” kicked in. Before we knew it, we saw Steve toss “The Lake Of Reincarnation” (aka water in a mop bucket) on to Nero, which transformed him into “Jeff Hardy’s Friend,” who was a jester with goggles that threw pumpkins all over the place. Rosemary bounced back and forth between Steve and Abyss for extra support. Janice made an appearance again as did a random guy. Hell, even Willow and Vanguard 1 reappeared. This was all so absurdly hilarious, yet well-crafted. They all made their way back into the arena as the crowd popped. Abyss brought in some thumbtacks before we had a nice tease when he kicked out of the Twist Of Fate/Swanton Bomb combo. Abyss then took a Side Effect on a barbed wire board and then an elbow drop when he was sandwiched in between two said boards. Rosemary stopped that pin, but they mistimed it. Luckily, commentary spoke of the Referee being “distracted.” In a great throwback to what we saw on the go-home, this time, Reby made it back out to powerbomb Rosemary through a table, Nero had Steve’s head wrapped in a chair and threw him into the ring post before he was then given a TOF in the ring. Matt took the mic and informed Nero to “indulge in his addiction,” so he took out a huge ladder and set up two adjacent tables below it in the ring. Nero hit a crazy Swanton Bomb which ended the bout and we had new Champions. Well, damn. That’s how you tell a long-term story right there. Just think, they started with Jeff “breaking” Matt as bitter rivals and slowly adjusted them into their own universe as reunited brothers.

– The backstage segment with Lashley showed more of his unabashed confidence headed into the main event with EC3. His logic was good, since he put the fans at fault for “hyping up” his challengers because he’d always win in the end. We felt like this was put out there to throw people off and make them think EC3 would walk out Champ. Felt pretty damn shameful though since Lashley was a killer Champ.

– The TNA Knockouts Championship match between Champion Maria and Kim was Kim’s chance to get her hands on Maria after nine months. We liked how it began as Maria tried to duck out of it with a claim that her injury hadn’t still healed and doctors wouldn’t let her compete, until her assistant Allie unknowingly thwarted her plan and alerted everyone she was fine to wrestle. Oh, that Allie. Anyways, this wasn’t designed to be a clinic, but served its purpose in letting Allie lead to Maria’s downfall as Champ to give Kim her proud moment of “slaying the dragon.” We did like that they threw Miracle down there to try and help his wife as she used her own brace as a weapon, but to no avail. They also used some profanity, as Maria shouted “Fuck you!” at Allie outside and Kim even gave Maria a double middle-finger before she hit the Eat Defeat that ended it all. The post-match angle was a smart way to debut the Cody character, as he came down with Brandi Rhodes when Miracle went on a tirade and claimed they’d “shut the show down.” Big pop and the physicality was light, yet satisfying, as we saw the new faces clear the heel couple from the ring. Likely sets up a future mixed tag, but hopefully, they have higher plans for Cody going forward. Still a solid debut idea. Sometimes we question if they were smart to hype Cody’s debut and just go with that angle unadvertised, but it was better off that way. The people expected him and got him in a big way.

– The No Holds Barred match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship between Champion Lashley and EC3 certainly had the “big fight feel” to it and delivered a nice main event as there were plenty of high-impact spots and false finishes. For one, they opted for an early shock when Lashley speared EC3 in the ring introductions by JB. EC3 continued to take punishment as he suffered a spinebuster on the ramp and another spear. He was given a comeback once he fought out of a sleeper hold and went on to hit two TK3’s, one that was on the steel steps that didn’t go as smoothly as probably planned. The One Percenter was a great near-fall, as many bought into that as the end. After he used the chair and sat Lashley up on the rope, we assumed he was going for a top rope One Percenter and were pleasantly surprised when Lashley hit a spear from the top rope. Did we think that was going to be the finish? Nope. The crowd was shocked to say the least and we were actually happy it went down like that. It got over that Lashley wouldn’t lose the belt to just anybody and besides, it gave EC3 some more chances to win people over in the ultimate chase. Lashley has killed it as the Champ and is one of the reasons besides for the Broken Hardys that TNA has become can’t-miss TV. Seriously – look at Lashley’s main event matches this year. He helped build the main event roster and get them over. If anything, that had us wondering who’d be the one to end Lashley’s reign. Overall, a solid effort as far as the show with more studs than duds.







  • TNA X-Division Championship – DJZ (Champion) def. Trevor Lee via pinfall to retain 
  • 10-Man Bound For Gold Gauntlet – Eli Drake def. Rockstar Spud, Basile Baraka, Baron Dax, Tyrus, Jessie Godderz, Tyrus, Grado, Mahabali Shera and Braxton Sutter to earn a future World Title shot 
  • Moose def. The Miracle via pinfall 
  • TNA Grand Championship – Impact Grand Championship Tournament – Finals – Aron Rex def. Eddie Edwards via split decision to become the inaugural Champion 
  • TNA World Tag Team Championships – “The Great War” – Broken Matt Hardy/Brother Nero (w/Reby) def. Crazzy Steve/Abyss (Champions) (w/Rosemary) via pinfall to become new Champions 
  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Gail Kim def. Maria (w/Allie) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – No Holds Barred – Lashley (Champion) def. Ethan Carter III via pinfall to retain 

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