Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 9/29/16: The Road To Glory

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/29/16)

The Road To Glory 

– Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has held a tight ship en route to its biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory. With it just three days away, we were left to wonder how the hype machine would finish things off. Were we ever in for a surprise. On top of it, we already had a decently hyped show with the announcement last week of a Lethal Lockdown main event where TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley and Ethan Carter III would each captain teams and whomever won would decide the stipulation of their World Title match to take place at BFG. The opening in-ring segment with Jeremy Borash, EC3 and Lashley had the simple goal to hype the main event as we also found out the Captain’s picks. Predictable, but we liked it since it clashed all the BFG feuds together under one umbrella. Lashey’s team consisted of himself, Drew Galloway, TNA Knockouts Champion Maria and The Miracle. EC3’s team consisted of himself, Aron Rex, Gail Kim and Moose. Afterwards, we had a great promo exchange between EC3 and Lashley. EC3 expressed his need to beat Lashley at BFG because nothing else mattered besides the belt while the bully Champ put over that he was different from the past guys EC3 beat because he could kick his ass. The twist out of this was Lashley’s acceptance of EC3’s challenge to meet him out alone in the cage to be the first two in the main event.

– They’ve begun to take steps with the X-Division in the right direction and it started with the TNA X-Division Championship match between Champion DJZ and Eddie Edwards. Besides the fact that it was hyped a week in advance from a friendly challenge after Edwards saved DJZ from a beatdown by scorned rookies in Trevor Lee/Andrew Everett, they replayed that whole segment from last week again to drive the point home of why we saw this happen. This was treated like the biggest X-Division match yet and that was a good thing. The two had great chemistry as they played off each other’s aerial-friendly styles. Didn’t get a lot of time, but it flew right by anyway, as they winded down to a nice finish where Edwards hesitated for a brief moment to prepare himself to deliver the Boston Knee Party and in turn ran into the ZDT to lose the match. The post-match angle where Everett/Lee beat down the babyfaces was a good continuation of what we saw last week. We imagine a tag match to play out at BFG.

– The backstage segment with Allie and Maria gave hype to Laurel Van Ness’ match as we also saw Maria continue to bully around her assistant. She forced Allie to apologize multiple times for last week and openly compared VN to her and called her “stupid.” We also learned that she wanted Allie to accompany VN to the ring and give in to anything she needed. Allie’s pout face was perfect.

– The empty arena sit-down interviews were a big help for the BFG hype and allowed us to get to know several feuds throughout the show. The first one took place with JB, Miracle and Moose. They laid out the story as Moose looking to prove his doubters wrong as he compared his former friend to one of them. Miracle was great here as he brought up that he paid Moose well to come in and do one job and failed at that. They also promised each other one-way tickets to hell, so there was that. The empty arena helped enhance this some more as it felt personal. We also liked how they got in each other’s faces, as Commentator Josh Mathews had to back away.

– The Madison Rayne-VN match had the clear agenda of a further push of VN while they continued to rain sympathy upon Allie, but this didn’t do all we expected. Rayne tried her best, but some transition issues between moves made it all the more obvious VN was greener than Bruce Banner. The bully tactics by VN were at least funny, as she demanded Allie to pout her with foundation after a rough spot. An easy win for VN as we saw her demand Allie to announce her as the winner twice. Still a lot of work needed in the ring, but at least VN has her character down-pat.

– Lashley continued to kick ass both in the ring and as a manipulative Champ, as he spoke to his team backstage and implored them to take out EC3 with the “Bounty Prize” being a future Title shot against him. The Miracle’e eyes lit up at this, which wasn’t a surprise.

– The in-ring segment with Galloway and Rex did a solid job as far as hype for their TNA Grand Championship match to take place at BFG. The belt on a stand in between the two also helped as a visual aid. Galloway’s heel stance that he was one of the company’s innovators that got them to this point felt logical, while Rex countered it as he mentioned that Galloway was… a piece of “steaming crap.” Right. At least some of his former Damien Sandow persona broke out, but nothing groundbreaking from him there. There were references to “Hallelujah” and stunt doubles, but it didn’t feel all that personal. The physicality/pullaway brawl was a step in the right direction, as Galloway got the last move with a vicious piledriver. We also knew the two would be involved in the main event so there was that too.

– The backstage promo from TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay was another excellent dose of horror from our favorite trio, as they each took turns and talked about how “The Great War” would be beautiful. We also learned that Rosemary would battle Reby in the ring. They followed that with a video package that summed up “The Great War” thus far, right from “Delete Or Decay.” Pretty epic stuff.

– The Rosemary-Reby match did a nice job of storyline advancement while it utilized Reby’s in-ring limitations to the fullest. Reby gunned straight for Rosemary from the get-go, which sold her “angry mother” character and they brawled briefly before Reby was about to hit the Twist Of Fate, which spawned an attempt by Crazzy Steve to distract the Referee, but Rosemary was still caught as she used the mist, which ended it in a disqualification. That didn’t even bother us, as the post-match melee was more memorable than anything. Liked how Brother Nero and Steve brawled around the infamous area where Broken Matt Hardy first became “Broken.” A big highlight was Rosemary’s Side Effect off the apron through a table below.

– The backstage segment with JB, EC3 and Lashley set the table for the main event as we saw the coin toss that’d determine the one-man advantage for Lethal Lockdown. Lashley had the choice and won the toss. Nice, nice.

– The brawl between Decay and The Broken Hardys that stemmed all over the arena was more of that Broken Universe magic, as Nero-Steve wrestled with a chair and Matt-Abyss were in an arena electrical room. Matt drove a ladder into Abyss gut-first numerous times and even bit him, but to no avail, as Abyss grabbed loose wires and electrocuted Matt. Simultaneously, Steve incapacitated Nero with his head caught in the chair. We especially loved that Decay universally got the better of the Hardys here, which made the Champs look strong headed into BFG.

– The Cody hype video aired again, which made sense since BFG was three days away.

– The Empty Arena Sit-Down Interview segment with Maria and Kim was another great clash thanks to Maria’s keen mic work while Kim played the easy protestor to her actions. Kim also touched upon BFG’s importance for her and how this was her chance after nine months to finally get her hands on Maria. A fierce exchange that maybe lacked a little substance, but again, this sold the personal feud.

– Tyrus finally joined us in person on TV, as he spoke about last year’s BFG where he won the Bound For Gold match. He gave perspective on “bad business decisions” that ultimately cost him the chance to hold gold and he looked forward to another shot. Suddenly, Eli Drake appeared and offered Tyrus a job for a good price. Tyrus turned it down and instead offered his aggression only for Drake. Was that just another BFG match made? We thought Tyrus just helped anybody.

– The backstage segment with EC3 and his team saw him pep them up for the big match, as he addressed them all individually about why he was happy to have them. In a cool end, it was Moose who led the team cheer.

– The Lethal Lockdown main event between EC3/Moose/Rex/Kim and Lashley/Galloway/Miracle/Maria was a great match with many instances of momentum swings that played along with the “one man advantage” stipulation. We also seen Lashley send out Miracle instead to be the first to fight EC3 instead of himself, another instance of purposeful cowardice. Rex and Galloway fought a lot and that was nice for what it was. They even managed to fit in the ladies, as Maria refused to enter the match and also had Miracle’s protests of that, until Kim came out next and chased her inside. She never actually did get her hands on her and she chased her backstage. That left things to a three-on-three with a more rapid-fire pace. They also utilized the weapons nicely when the time came for that. The finish was a cool surprise as we saw EC3 lay into Lashley with a kendo stick as he was trapped between the ropes and the cage, only to have it turn upside down when Lashley speared EC3 and then tacked on a chokehold. EC3 got to the rope but the hold couldn’t be broken because there were no DQ’s at this point, so EC3 held on until he was knocked out. We then learned that Lashley chose a No Holds Barred match for BFG. They truly amped it up to 10 in maybe one of TNA’s best go-home shows ever.






Quick Results

  • TNA X-Division Championship – DJZ (Champion) def. Eddie Edwards via pinfall to retain 
  • Laurel Van Ness (w/Allie) def. Madison Rayne via pinfall 
  • Reby (w/Broken Matt Hardy, Brother Nero) def. Rosemary (w/Abyss, Crazzy Steve) via DQ
  • Lethal Lockdown – Ethan Carter II Or Lashley Get To Decide Match Stipulation For Bound For Glory Main Event If Their Team Wins – Lashley/The Miracle/Maria/Drew Galloway def. Aron Rex/Ethan Carter III/Moose/Gail Kim via KO 

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