Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 9/28/16: Atomicos

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/28/16)


– The opening video mainly focused on the quarrel between Rey Mysterio Jr/Dragon Azteca Jr./Chavo Guerrero Jr., The Worldwide Underground, when Joey Ryan “sold out” Officer Reyes to Dario Cueto and progression of Prince Puma-Mil Muertes feud that began when Vampiro pep-talked Puma to take out the big man.

– The cutscene in the locker room with Cueto, Johnny Mundo and Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Champion Sexy Star was good hype for the “Atomicos” Eight-Person Tag match for later. We learned that Cueto officially booked SS in the match as she’d take on WU with the likes of the Lucha Underground Trios Champions Drago/AeroStar/Fenix. Also included was a solid exchange between Mundo and SS, as he made it known he wanted her belt as he “properly introduced” himself.

– As Puma eyes down Muertes, we liked that he chose Sinestro De La Muerte as his opponent since there was an obvious tie between SDLM and Muertes. Commentary talked up Puma’s darker personality as he sported red colors opposed to his usual yellow and carried himself in a more calculated manner. The two had nice chemistry as they went back-and-forth in the air. Muertes/Catrina came down to the ring towards the end, as Muertes tried to take out Puma but missed. That set up Puma to hit his own finisher on SDLM while he locked eyes with Muertes and then hit the Flatliner to get the pin. Puma didn’t hold back as he dove through the ropes at Muertes and they brawled briefly before Catrina pulled Muertes away. Great progression and good build of Puma.

– The cutscene in Cueto’s office with Cueto and Cortez Castro was Cueto at his finest. While he knew Castro was an undercover cop, Cueto was sympathetic to his face and offered support for the loss of his friend Mr. Cisco and looked to “bring the real killer to justice.” Off in the distance we overheard Ring Announcer Melissa Santos announce Castro’s name as Cueto informed him he gave him the “Match of his Career” and wanted him to dedicate it to Cisco. Nice.

– The Castro-Pentagon Dark match was a big “screw you” from Cueto to Castro as he didn’t exactly mention it. Castro’s facial expressions as he stared at the intense Pentagon were priceless. Pentagon also stared down Vampiro numerous times before and throughout the match. You can see how this one ended, as Castro was finished off and then his arm was broken. The fun continued with Pentagon’s post-match promo, as he said it didn’t matter who won between DA and Guerrero because the outcome would be the same against him. To put some sugar on it, he said he didn’t even respect his own mother. The more despicable they try to make him, the more the people love it.

– The Atomicos match between AeroStar/Drago/Fenix/SS and WU was a thriller from start to end. We know last time WU was in the ring, there was drama between Black and Evans and we saw a taste of that this time, as Evans wasn’t as boisterous with the group as he normally is. We liked the tension as the match began between Mundo/SS, since it tied to the first cutscene. Evans began to revert back to normal once he tagged in Black to avoid fighting Drago, the man he claimed to once “slay.” Fenix put in a great showing here, as he did some crazy stuff that the people ate up. The pace quickened towards the finish, as we saw the heels get the best of SS. Mundo flashed a grin at her defeat, while Taya sold a leg injury on the outside. Couldn’t tell if it was legitimate since it didn’t “fit” with the finish, but she was helped backstage by her stablemates. This vulnerability for SS only makes her stronger in her bigger matches.

– The cutscene with SDLM, Muertes and Catrina was done for shock value since we saw Catrina kill off SDLM as he failed them again for the last time. She sucked his energy out and transferred it to Muertes, as she demanded he do the same thing to Puma. Nice.

– The DA-Guerrero main event with Mysterio as Special Guest Referee wasn’t the best match on the planet, but served its purpose for a simple episode. We knew from the start that they planned to gradually build their way to a DA-Pentagon rematch that wouldn’t have such a lopsided outcome. Also liked how they drew Guerrero’s own disdain for Pentagon as he had broken his arm once to be a barrier for DA, with Mysterio thrown in the middle. Guerrero taunted Mysterio throughout the match for his counting skills. The commentary throughout the match was actually great, as they talked up Guerrero as a premeditative striker and gave him credibility through knowledge of the anatomy from being a veteran. Of course, the match didn’t last long and the finish winded down to physicality when Guerrero slapped Mysterio, who in turn punched him back, which led to DA’s Executioner finisher to get the pin and move on to Pentagon. A nice way to say that Guerrero’s temper got the best of him and turned a bout he was once in control of into a loss. Also liked how Vampiro disagreed with Mysterio’s actions to give another perspective. The post-match 619 by Mysterio on Guerrero sent us off on a happy note.

– But wait, there’s more. The final cutscene with Black Lotus saw her reveal her own group of black-masked men that were out to destroy Pentagon to show him what fear truly looked like. They called themselves the Black Lotus Triad. We love how Pentagon has begun to collect up countless enemies. We’re interested to see where it leads.






Quick Results

  • Prince Puma def. Sinestro De La Muerte via pinfall 
  • Pentagon Dark def. Cortez Castro via pinfall 
  • Atomicos Match – The Worldwide Underground def. Fenix/Drago/AeroStar/Sexy Star via pinfall 
  • Winner Faces Pentagon Dark – Rey Mysterio As Special Guest Referee – Dragon Azteca Jr. def. Chavo Guerrero Jr. via pinfall 

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