Notes In Observance – WCWC 9/24/16: Vampire In Pain

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 9/24/16)

Vampire In Pain 

– The JJ Garrett-Owen Travers match was a great opener, all things considered. After Travers lost in his West Coast Wrestling Connection debut, this seemed to be an “all or nothing” scenario. Luckily, he had the right opponent in Garrett who could always bounce back from a loss. Garrett pranced around like the pretty boy he is while he donned a hilarious “King Of Swag Style” shirt. Travers killed it on the mic again with his pre-taped promo. This guy exudes energy and WCWC has a big star on their hands potentially. Commentator Morty Lipschitz made it known he didn’t care about the match, as he was still upset at last week’s events when he was humiliated when he couldn’t handle Eric Right’s magic tonic. There was a cool cliffhanger early on where Garrett practically German Suplexed Travers out of his soul. Understatement to say he sold that well. The “story” only got better from there as Travers fought back hard with some excitable aerial kicks and got the crowd incredibly into it, as they were amped for the Big Splash finish as Travers pinned Garrett. Haven’t seen the crowd amped like that in a while. To be fair, this was a bigger crowd than usual for a taping, but the energy carries to the television viewer too. Also liked the added “replay” feature so we could get a second look at Travers’ journey to the “W” side of things.

– There was a huge main event in store, as the WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship would be on the line in Six-Man Tag action that pitted Mikey O’Shea/Marcus Malone/Adam Thornstowe against The Wrecking Crew’s “Big” Jack Cunningham/Kassius Koonz/WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Grappler III. The catch here was that whomever scored the pin would be the official Champion. The hype began with a backstage promo from the babyface team, as they each offered something different. Thornstowe drove home the point that it didn’t matter between each of them whom got the pin because they simply wanted to bring the belt back to sacred hands. Malone quoted the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and O’Shea started Thornstowe’s “Oye!” punk chant. A good start to early one of the more unique stipulations we’ve seen over the year.

– The Darin Corbin-“Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews match was a solid follow-up to last week where we saw Matthews get a sudden surprise pin before Corbin took matters into his own hands with a post-match ambush. There was a witty pre-match promo where Corbin bragged about his own “Adrenaline” as he was hopped up on Red Bull since 3 PM that day. The match brought us some more of that great chemistry. Easily the best Matthews match to date, as he hit a loud chop that echoed throughout the venue. Corbin tried to retaliate with his own chop, but pinged the ring post instead. Ouch. More solid work as Corbin posed about the premises and complimented each other’s styles. The best part of it all – a clean finish where the heel got the pin as Corbin hit the Ginger Snap. If that’s not a true rarity in WCWC, we don’t know what is. Good stuff all around, as Corbin presumably “evened things up.” Let’s see where it all leads.

– Excellent in-ring segment with Gangrel, Sinn Bodhi, Jeff Akin, WCWC Tag Team Champions The Bonus Boyz and Kate Carney. The big goal was the announcement where Akin was brought back as sort of a voice of the WCWC Board Of Directors and mentioned that Gangrel/Bodhi would get their “Weapons Match” request in two weeks time, but that it couldn’t be sanctioned and thus, the belts wouldn’t be on the line. This set up a surprise attack by BB on Gangrel/Bodhi, as Gangrel was clocked in the ribs with a foreign object when Carney distracted the faces while atop the apron with said weapon. After a melee that involved the whole roster to separate them, we had an added stipulation by Akin that the BOD issued a “No Contact Order” between the two teams between now and then or else the instigators would be permanently fired. Nice stuff. Our main critique was this – wasn’t the last time Akin was on WCWC TV his “last show” as he was leaving the company? What spawned this unadvertised appearance? Nevertheless, his presence actually made the segment feel bigger. Next, it’ll be interesting to see if they try to push forward this new stipulation. We know it worked well in 2001 with Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the build to their legendary Two-Out-Of-Three Falls match at No Way Out that year. Gangrel sold the ribs to close out what was a great segment that gave us more to look forward to.

– The Gangrel-Royce Isacc$ match was a logical way to keep Gangrel full of momentum while it also revitalized his “Vampire Warrior” spirit with the way he sold the injury throughout the match. While Isaac$ comes off like a big deal with an accolade like being the Paragon Pro Wrestling American Champion, his constant losses don’t translate well to the WCWC faithful. Nothing wrong with the match itself, as it was the good kind of predictable. Gangrel held out until he hit the Impaler DDT at the last second for the win.

– More main event hype this time from The Wrecking Crew in a backstage promo that reminded us that Blanchard truly hated O’Shea/Thornstowe. Blanchard’s “Wally World” vacation joke might’ve been too obscure for others, but we appreciated the idea.

– The WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship Six-Man Tag main event where the person who gets the pin becomes the Champion between Champion G3/Cunningham/Koonz and Malone/O’Shea/Thornstowe raised the stakes for high drama in a great match. Everybody served a purpose here and nobody felt out of place. The bulk of the action revolved around Cunningham/Koonz as they worked over the faces. Also liked the added drama where Cunningham/Koonz bickered when they each tried to get the pinfall as they remembered that a pin by either one of them would take the belt off G3. Eventually, the Champ himself hit the ring to try to reason with his boys before the match broke into a frenzy when Thornstowe was tagged in. Road to the finish couldn’t had gone any better, as O’Shea wiped out Koonz/Cunningham/Malone on the outside, which left G3 alone with Thornstowe, who delivered a sudden Scum Stomp to get the pin and become the new Champion. The crowd was super pumped for this, as were we. Finally, a change in storyline direction and it felt like Thornstowe won the belt the right way in memorable fashion. Easily one of WCWC’s best TV moments of the year and we were also intrigued to see what the follow-up would be on the WC side, with them in full disarray with the Cunningham/Koonz conflict and G3 without a belt now. All in all, stellar episode.






Quick Results 

  • Owen Travers def. JJ Garrett (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall 
  • Darin Corbin def. “Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews via pinfall 
  • Gangrel (w/Sinn Bodhi) def. Royce Isaac$ via pinfall 
  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Whomever Gets The Pin Is The Official Champion – Six-Man Tag – Adam Thornstowe/Mikey O’Shea/Marcus Malone def. Kassius Koonz/”Big” Jack Cunningham/Grappler III (Champion) (w/Jeremy Blanchard) via pinfall; Thornstowe pins G3 to become new Champion 

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