Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 9/21/16: Bringing The Fight

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/21/16)

Bringing The Fight 

– The opening video took us back to last week when Samoa Joe swerved everybody as he played the “nice guy” to get NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura to agree to a rematch for the belt before he brutalized him without remorse with help from the steel steps. With some ample time before NXT’s next TakeOver special, this was a smart way to prolong things in a way that kept the focus on Joe’s aggression.

– The opening in-ring segment with Joe and NXT General Manager William Regal was excellent. Joe carried around a medical document that explained Nakamura’s extensive injuries as he revealed he wouldn’t need surgery, but would miss six to twelve weeks of action. He used the time as an excuse to wreak havoc, as he threatened Regal to give him Nakamura or strip him of the Title. Regal was good as he stood his ground, even when Joe marched up to his face. Joe’s “ultimatum” to destroy the NXT roster to get to Nakamura felt legitimate, because that’s how great a heel Joe is these days.

– Cedric Alexander on NXT could only mean good things. The guy had received double exposure with his appearance on Raw just days before, so were all in for it. His backstage promo hyped the night’s main event against Andrade “Cien” Almas, as he put over that he scratched and clawed on the independent scene for seven years (is that ever true) and now that he was here, he was eager to prove everybody who criticized him wrong.

– With some recent momentum, Liv Morgan, the blonde tomboyish Jersey girl, called out NXT Women’s Champion Asuka to a fight. Her backstage promo reaffirmed this stance, as she made it known she wasn’t here to bow down to anybody and wanted to show Asuka that the division wasn’t cleared out. Asuka approached her and we knew this would be a thing. It was set official for next week’s show. Nice. At least Morgan was better on the mic here.

– The Austin Aries-Oney Lorcan match was a cool way to indirectly progress the Aries-Hideo Itami feud in that it also made the once-lucky Lorcan also look good. They played up Lorcan’s upset victory over Tye Dillinger earlier in the year as a reason you couldn’t sleep on him, whilst Aries battled critics alike whom claimed he was scared of Itami. The match itself was nice, as Aries pulled out his typical moveset as Lorcan showed lots of fight (and growls) throughout the contest. He even almost put Aries away a few times for another upset tease. Things went back to reality towards the finish, as Aries hit a brainbuster/knee smash combo that led into the Last Chancery to make Lorcan tap out. The post-match angle with Aries and Itami was good, as we saw Aries address why he wasn’t there last week and tried to call Itami a coward, only to retreat when Itami came out and entered the ring where he stood. Irony at its finest.

– Not sure what to think of Dan Matha based on the video package, but he looks like somebody who Vince McMahon would push. He’s bald, muscled and tall. Winning combination. His debut was set to take place in two weeks. We could wait that long.

– The backstage segment with Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa and NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival was filmed after last week’s Cruiserweight Classic finale, as we saw Revival storm the premises as Gargano/Ciampa engaged in an interview that put the CWC over. As you’d expect, things broke down in the parking lot before numerous people broke it up. Kept things going.

– Aliyah and Billie Kay are still green separately, but together, they did an alright job as they kept people interested in the action. Aliyah’s entrance showed full confidence and we dug Kay’s music. The crowd appreciated her Australian background clearly and the action was more even-handed than anything else before it was Kay’s big boot that put Aliyah down for the count. This kept Kay’s recent momentum headed on. Still feels too soon to push her to the top as another contender for Asuka.

– Another Sanity hype video aired. Nothing further than that.

– Just like next week we’d see Asuka-Morgan, we had another women’s bout to look forward to as Mandy addressed her dislike of Ember Moon in a backstage interview. She called her a mix of The Hunger Games and Little Red Riding Hood and promised to make sure “she’d totally eclipse.” No answer from Moon yet, but we could see this happen sooner than later.

– The Alexander-Almas main event happened in the right place, as the crowd loved Alexander. Almas started with plenty of heat and even used it to his advantage as he posed with confidence at points. The two engaged in great chain wrestling right from the get-go. They bounced off each other’s energies. Easily Almas’ best effort to date and that’s no coincidence with Alexander in the ring with him. The two did their thing right to the end where Almas attempted to hit his double knee finisher and fell into the Lumbar Check to give Alexander a necessary win. The post-match interaction between the two saw Almas tease something other than a handshake but it turned into a hearty hug as the two embraced. Let’s see if they keep things with Almas and where he goes from here. Also hard to tell if this was a one-off for Alexander or if we’ll see more of him on NXT in addition to Raw.






Quick Results

  • Austin Aries def. Oney Lorcan via submission 
  • Billie Kay def. Aliyah via pinfall 
  • Cedric Alexander def. Andrade “Cien” Almas via pinfall 

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